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June 17
About Me
I'm a grumpy old fart with a pretty stout heart. My thoughts may be funny, if so, send me money! I like to play tap on my keyboard machine, I'll send you a story, a poem, a dream! With hundreds of topics with which to peruse, you may want to read everyone that I use! Besides writing stories, an artist I be, with friends worldwide, seven hundred & three! So give me a nod, a poke, or your blessing, but with my own head, THOW SHALL NOT BE MESSING! :)
Type of Writer
Poems, short stories, instructional articles.
Writing Style
Mostly poetic satire.
art, music, science, dance, movies, inventing, hiking, nature, comedy, video games, yard sales
Website / Homepage
My Blog
Group Memberships
myoats.com ratemydrawings.com
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Link
Favorite Genres
comedy, fantasy, science fiction, mythology, psychology, scary
Favorite Books
Books written by: Edgar Rice Burroughs, E.A. Poe, Louis L'Amour, Alfred Hitchcock, O. Henry, Charles Dickens, Hemingway, Shakespeare and almost any ancient book on Scientific theory's IE: Pythagoras etc..
Favorite Authors
Edgar Rice Burroughs, E.A. Poe, Louis L'Amour, Alfred Hitchcock, O. Henry, Charles Dickens, Abraham(Hicks) Ramtha, Shakespeare, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Pythagoras.
Favorite Poets
Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, Emily Dickinson, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, E. E. Cummings, Walt Whitman, William Wordsworth, Allen Ginsberg
Favorite Quote
"To thine own self be true" W.Shakespeare
Favorite Music
Classical,(Handel, Tchaikovsky, Bach, Beethoven, Holst) etc.. Rock,(Most Classic) Contemporary classical (Andreas Vollenweider, David Arkenstone, Enigma, Enya, Jonn Serrie, Chris Spheeris, Isao Tomita, Vangelis, Paul Winter, Yanni)
Favorite Movies
Most Science fiction, Most situation comedy's, some horror (but with more suspense than gore) Most Science and Nature documentaries.
Favorite Shows
British Comedy, antiques roadshow, reality competitions, Monty Python, America's Funniest home Videos, Old scary black and white shows IE: Twilight Zone, One Step Beyond, The Outer Limits. American sit coms. Seinfeld, Men Behaving Badly, etc..
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