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May 30
Chelsea, MI
About Me
Why would you care? Really, this whole focus on the author, including meetings at book signings, on-line sites, anything, just strikes me as stupid. What do I care if a talented (or untalented) writer is a sweetheart or an insufferable idiot; I'm interested in the work. So, why have I put my location here? Because I'm hoping to find or found an in-person critique group. Will I care what kind of people they are? NO. I want to know what they like in literature, to compare with my taste.
Type of Writer
Um, I don't understand the question, look at my work, decide for yourself, maybe?
Writing Style
Funny and irritable, frequently in the same piece.
Struck poetical by a response to a review.
Rated: E
~224 Words
Satire, Writing.Com
Type: Poetry
Updated 13 years ago
If you got a review from me, this might explain why I wasn't all sweetness and light.
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~335 Words
Opinion, Experience, Writing
Type: Essay
Updated 15 years ago
Blogging from a natural-born ranter.
Rated: 18+
35 Entries
Biographical, Comedy, Experience
Type: Journal/Blog
Updated 6 years ago
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    Should there be an option which would refuse to accept ratings without a review?
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    Do you write for publication? What markets? Use market guides? Which ones?
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    Make a corruption-proof wish, and corrupt somebody else's wish.
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    Real deleted scenes or imaginary?
    Rated: E · Business · #1895765
    Robert Heinlein was a genius "Life is precarious, eat dessert first". He also wrote these:
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