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December 7 1951
Cambridge Cambs UK
About Me
I read - when I can find my glasses. I write - when I can find the keyboard. I photograph - when I can. I paint - when I can find the time. I walk - when I can't find the car keys. I cycle - ditto. I procrastinate - so I must be a real author. I am passionate about writing, photography and getting outside and doing things, seeing things, experiencing things. Motto: Carpe diem Oh, by the way I work as well.
Type of Writer
Fiction - children's, adult thriller, fantasy Poetry Non-fiction articles If I can sell anything, that's great.
Writing Style
My own.
If it's interesting, then I'm intereseted.
Favorite Genres
Whodunnit, sci-fi, sword and sorcery, and anything that I think is readable
Favorite Books
Mma Ramotswe stories Lots of others
Favorite Authors
Dick Francis Isaac Asimov Pohl Anderson Zenna Henderson Andre Norton JK Rowling Eoin Colfer H Rider Haggard Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and many more
Favorite Poets
Edward Lear more to be added later
Favorite Music
Not classical chamber music
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