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Rated: E · Book · Action/Adventure · #2242469
All my adventures down the rabbit hole...
This is a story that begins.

And it's a story that might end.

You see a rabbit and you see a hole...

But you don't know where it goes.

Whether it is blue or red.

The matrix is where it said.

So jump in that hole.

So you'll know how this mystery ends.
February 17, 2021 at 8:49am
February 17, 2021 at 8:49am
"Stir the soup!" The cook shouted. "Stir and don't let it burn!"

"Ok, ok, I will." I sighed.

I stirred until the soup started to thicken. I stopped stirring and secretly added garlic, ginger, tumeric, carrots, and salt to the soup. I hope she won't notice.

"The soup is thickening," I said. "Can I stop stirring?"

"Yes, pass the pepper!" She yelled.

I grabbed the pepper and gave it to her. The cook poured the whole container into the soup. I looked at her in shock. I can't believe someone would put a whole lot of one spice in a pot of soup.

"Uh...um...Isn't that too much pepper?" I asked, trying to come back from the dead.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN TOO MUCH?" The cook screamed.

The cook's scream lifted me up the air.

"Nothing," I mumbled. "I hope no one gets a heart attack."

"What was that?" The cook asked.

"I said nothing," I said.

"Good." The Chef smiled. "Now clean the dishes!"

I groaned. Doing the dishes at home was sometimes a nuisance, but this was now pure torture. I started them anyway as I knew she was going to scream again.

It took me 5 hours to complete the dishes. When I finished, the cook said, "Come here and taste this!"

I didn't know whether I was going to be worried about food poisoning or the terrible stench the pot gave. I took a spoonful of the soup and tasted it. To my surprise, it didn't taste like burnt socks or toads. Instead, it tasted like my dad's homemade chicken soup.

"It tastes good!" I smiled.

"Thanks!" The cook smiled back.

"Can I add a few ingredients?" I asked.

"You may only add one." The cook sternly said. "Make sure it's not poisonous or the queen will have your head!"

"Okay," I replied.

I looked around the kitchen in search of cumin. It wasn't around.

"Don't you have any cumin spice?" I asked.

The cook looked at me in confusion.

"No, we don't have any cumin." The cook replied. "Try looking around the herb pots."

"Ok," I said as I looked around.

I didn't find any cumin, but I found basil, so I decided to add this leaf instead. I picked a few of this leaf and added them to the soup.

"The soup should be finished within a couple of hours." The cook said.

"Ok," I said.

I sat in a chair next to the pot. Nearby, I saw a Cheshire cat with the widest smile I've ever seen. I believe I know this one...

(Word Count: 429 words)

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