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This is my blog for junior year!

Thanks to Legerdemain for the image and divider. Check out more of her work at "Leger's Shop [18+].

"Rebel against this culture that sees everything as temporary and that ultimately believes that you are incapable of responsibility, that you are incapable of true love." - Pope Francis


Welcome to my blog for junior year!


I was going to have this be really long and explanatory but that would be a waste of time. So, I'll keep it to a point. Teen culture is currently screwed up. I'm going to resist the temptation to join and see if I can turn things around for the better. How? Beats me.


"Love like I'm not scared"


That's a song lyric but I think it's a good place to start. I think that's what I'll try my best to do. Be the example. Try my best to be kind and loving to everyone. Do my best to not hate people mean to me. Maybe I'll make a difference.


This IS NOT a promise to be perfect. I'm a teenager, and I'm human. I'm not perfect. I will screw up. This IS a promise to try my best.


*Cross1*If you are offended by talk of faith in God you probably don't want to read this. I've given you fair warning.*Cross1*


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September 2, 2014 at 9:24pm
September 2, 2014 at 9:24pm
Okay T-minus twenty five minutes and counting til I have to go back to homework.

"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: Prompt: Think back on the month of August 2014. Find a moment, one moment, that stands out in your memory - be it good, bad, or a little bit of both. Share it with us.
         Um... [forgets most of August].
         Wow, I've suddenly forgotten everything that happened in August.
         I don't know. I could do July. Does July count? August was kinda non-eventful (aside from going back to school.)
         Okay I'm changing this, July, it's July.
         So, July 24th, last night of camp. I was walking out of the chapel after service and all of the sudden felt that I needed to have my depression prayed for. I had had a depression attack earlier that day. So I went back in to find Matt or Sabrina, the two leaders who knew basically my full story with depression. I couldn't find Matt, and Sabrina was babbling tongues, so I needed to find someone else. I see Alex. He's this guy in my grade, and he's super spiritual. He's totally trustworthy too. So I go to him and explain everything, about what has happened to me, about how I have to take a pill, the whole nine yards. And I ask that he would pray for me, to pray that I wouldn't let competition get the better of me again (which is what triggered the attack) and he looked me straight in the eye and said, "I'm going to pray for more than that, I'm going to pray that you don't have to take that pill anymore."
         There's my moment. I was so touched. I felt so loved. I would've never in a million years thought to ask to not have to be on the pill anymore. I was so touched I started crying.
         And then, it gets better. Alex looks up and starts calling people from all across the room to pray for me. Matt reenters and joins, Sabrina too. So it's not just one guy praying, there's at least fifteen. Now, it was pretty powerful. It's the best feeling in the world to have fifteen people praying over you. I was crying and crying and heaving and heaving. You could feel the power in the air around me. Others told me (without me telling them how much power I felt) that they could feel the power as well. I'm still on the pill, but now I know that if I come off it I can trace it back to this event.
And, now, for the list.
14 People Who Made My July 'Moment' Possible


*Cross2*Pastor Adam


         The last one's kind of a given, but give me a break I could barely see anything. Now, keep in mind that I didn't even know some of these people. Some were my sister's friends. Here, I'll mark it so it's easier to understand. Leaders, Friends, Didn't Know, Sister's Friends. It was an awesome experience. I've since then become better friends with Eliza. All the rest of my friends/leaders have been mentioned before in various blog entries. Maybe I should make like an item dedicated to profiles of my friends, with blog entries they are referred to in linked. Would that be a good idea?
I've only got seven minutes left til homework time so I'm just going to do the Blog City Prompt. Hopefully I'll be able to write more tomorrow.
September 1, 2014 at 1:02pm
September 1, 2014 at 1:02pm
Day 1 of the LIST. LET'S GO!!!!

"Blogging Circle of Friends [E] Prompt: Labor Day - Let the following quote inspire you to write something labor (any type of labor you want) or Labor Day. "All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Labor is a thing
Must be done for things to work
But we all need rest.

Labor is a thing
No matter how small or large
But necessary

Labor is a thing
Important for all people
Without it we die.

There's my haiku thingy for the day.


"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: "A life - Its the stuff that happens while you wait for moments that never come." Comment, expound, elaborate, reiterate or contemplate.
         While we are waiting for things that never come. You know, I was actually reading in the Bible a couple weeks ago and found a verse that basically sounds like a reiteration of this quote (or technically vice versa." It's in Hebrews 11.
These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.
-Hebrews 11:39-40

         I'm not going to say anything about that really, cause I don't want my blog to become a book of sermons. But that's what it made me think of.
         I think that this quote is very true. When we're young, we're waiting to be older. I remember three days after I turned seven I wanted to be eight. Now I'm waiting to be college aged. To be in college. To be done with high school. But these moments will come.
         Now as far as moments that never come, you can't actually say that. I mean, you won't know what moments will come and what moments won't. So therefore, you're actually waiting for moments that you don't know if they come. But that's what hope is for, isn't it. Even if they never come, you were hoping they would. And that's never a waste of time.
         And, time for the list.
         Okay, so let's think.
         Ugh Mitchopolis this one's really hard to be comedic and that's my strength.
         Okay forget comedic this one's hard in general.
         Okay, I got it!
14 Moments You Shouldn't Waste Your Time Hoping For
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Have Your 100th Child
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Are Struck By An Asteroid and Become a Superhero
*Horseshoe*The Moment Your Girlfriend And Wife Find Out About Each Other and They're Both Okay With It
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Jump Off a Roof And Magically Float In The Air
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Discover a New Element
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Put Your Foot On The Moon
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Travel Back In Time To Fix Your Most Regretted Mistake
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Eat A Large Amount Of Food and Don't Throw Up
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Are Declared The Sexiest Man/Woman Alive
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Discover You Are Able To Use The Force
*Horseshoe*The Moment The Doctor Appears And Takes You On A Cool Journey (sorry lizco252)
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Meet Your Vampire/Werewolf Lover
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Wake Up And Find Out You Have Switched Bodies With Your Idol
*Horseshoe*The Moment You Discover You Can Turn Invisible

         I'm sorry, those things just probably aren't going to happen to you. I hope I haven't crushed too many dreams.


         So, to ensure that I don't run out of things to say over the next two weeks, I'm going to limit myself to one or two stories per blog.
         I love the birthday week. It's one of my favorites. Totally going to participate in stuff. Especially excited about "Wdc 14th Birthday Masquerade Party [13+]. Love being Stupid Caesar. So much fun.
         I have other things to do today. I had an All State Practice Audition this morning. Mr J told us to leave our ties at school on Thursday after the formal dress day because we would need them. Well, I did not want to do formal dress again. So, here's what I ended up wearing.
1) Gray Shorts (they fit in the dress code)
2) Dark Blue Muscle Shirt
3) Blue Black and White Plaid Button Down
4) My Black, Neon Green, And White Ski Socks
5) My Purple Flower Patterned Tie
         Why did I wear this? It's something I would normally wear, plus a tie. The tie did not match at all but everything else does. Still wearing it. Not the tie though. Too itchy.
         I don't actually have a ton of stuff to talk about. It's been a pretty calm weekend. LifeGroup starts on Wednesday! So excited! I finally get to do something with real in person people outside of school and Sunday night youth group!
         I'm sure I'll have more stuff to write about tomorrow, but that's it for now.


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August 29, 2014 at 11:16pm
August 29, 2014 at 11:16pm
And so my weekly blog entry begins...


"Blogging Circle of Friends [E] Prompt: There is an error message on your laptop/computer that will not close after you visited a secret government website. What does it say?
Let me start by saying... what the heck am I doing on a government website? A secret one, nonetheless! I hate politics. Why would I look at anything government-related.
Okay, but error messages, I can totally understand. I've had to deal with them for most of today. I went to my grandparents' after school and their computer has the worst pop up ads I've ever seen. They have like no antivirus software so a large majority of my afternoon was spent getting them some. My grandpa asked "How do you know about this? Did you learn it in school?" and I'm like "I'm just kinda wingin' it." I knew to install what I have on my computer, avast antivirus. I wanted to get CCleaner but I had to run a couple avast things first and then my mom came to pick me up.
So anyways, this message probably says "Error: you've viewed secret government documents. Self destruct in 3... 2... 1..."


"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: An admired mentor asks for help covering up a scandal. Did she say scandal? What is it?

Okay I'm not a great theoretical person. As you all probably know by now. So, I'll try my best.
So, let's start by finding an admired mentor. Of mine? Of someone else? Mentor? Oh, gosh. Okay, so let's see. Scandal would imply that it's a famous person. So maybe I don't know Oprah? Given that I'd maybe, maybe be able to recognize Oprah she'd first have to explain to me who she is. Fun fact I used to get my Aunt Megan and Oprah confused (yes I have an adopted aunt of African descent.)
So then for whatever reason Oprah has decided to choose some random sixteen-year-old to help cover up a scandal which is what? She had a stomach reduction surgery and that's the real reason she lost weight? I wouldn't know how to cover that.
Maybe it's just that she secretly hates reading. Well I wouldn't know how to do that either.
So let's assume that Oprah isn't her real name, that her real name is Louise and she hates it. She's in danger of having her real name revealed and so as a result she's decided to choose some random no name teenager to figure out how to cover it up. Well, I'd burn her birth certificate and get her family to leave for Nepal. Then no one would know.
And we can cross publicist off my list of potential careers. *Laugh*
And, as a practice event for "BLOG CITY presents: The LIST [E] let's make a list of fourteen careers that I probably won't have.
14 Careers That I Probably Won't Have
*No* Publicist
*No* Politician
*No* President
*No* Journalist
*No* Professional Dancer
*No* Model
*No* Professional Singer
*No* Defensive Basketball Player
*No* Football Coach
*No* Catholic Bishop
*No* Actor
*No* Chemist
*No* Astronaut
*No* Diplomat
Carol St. Ann have I done this right? I mean it doesn't directly relate to the prompt but it relates to my answer.


Should I be concerned that as I'm typing the arrow for my mouse is moving to the left across the screen. I feel like that should be indicative of something. Okay I just moved it it's fine now.
So, stuff has happened. It has continued to rain, which actually makes me very happy. I rain around outside for about a minute in the pouring rain. It felt good.
So, I was super duper busy last week. I ended up spending eight hours on a two-minute-that-ended-up-being-four-minute critic video on Ella Minnow Pea.   However, I feel that mine is the best in the class. And I may or may not have watched everyone else's solely for the purpose of determining that mine was in fact the best. Mine was the most professional and probably the most convincing. I didn't really try for humor. The frustrating thing was that each of us only had to watch seven, and only like three people from the class watched mine. I think everyone watched the exact same seven. And given I worked eight freaking hours on it I would've liked more people to watch it.
And then I had my first APUSH paper due, on whether or not it mattered who discovered America. This was significantly easier than the critic video. I haven't had it graded yet. I also had my first APUSH test that day, which my teacher had assured us we were all going to fail. Class average was a 76. I got a 73. Guess it's more studying for me. *Rolleyes*
I also got a 97 on my second Bio test of the year. Super happy about that. Since I usually do really bad in science. However, I'm determined this year will be different for a number of reasons.
1) I'm tired of having science bring down my GPA
2) I'm actually super interested in genetics, so I want to learn about that.
3) I have this strange desire to go to medical school even though I don't want to be a doctor, just to experience it. Don't ask me why I don't know.
So there's that. We're on molecular biology which Matt says isn't very interesting. I hope we get on to bigger and cooler stuff. I'd like to try creating a new plant by cross-pollinating two plants. I've wanted to do that since I was like ten.
Speaking of Matt, I discovered what a cadaver is. I had heard the phrase "walking cadaver" before, but I didn't know what it meant. So apparently a cadaver is a dead body that's been embalmed in formaldehyde and drained of all blood and is dissected for medical school. I'm completely repelled/drawn to this idea. There's like half of me that's like "that sounds awesome" and then the other half is like "that's totally disgusting."
But I guess when it comes down to the nail no one really enjoys being in close proximity to a dead body. Unless you're a necrophiliac. Which I think fits the 13+ rating of this blog since I haven't described it, and I know about it and I'm only sixteen.
So anyways, cadavers. I was initially picturing like a youngish person in like their thirties or forties. Well, Matt's cadaver (whom I have christened Iola- long story) is apparently the youngest in his class and is 52.
So not only is it a dead body, it is an old dead body.
And then yesterday I was texting Matt and he's talking about how much he has to study and he tells me that they have a dissection guide and then they have to memorize what they learned or something and then he gave me some phrase that's probably Latin to google and I looked it up and there I saw pictures of cadavers.
I did not realize that when you embalm the body, you embalm it. It no longer looks like a human body. It looks like all dried up and stuff. So whatever vampiric-type image I had in my head for a cadaver actually is an old, wrinkled, dry dead shadow of a living thing.
Speaking of vampires in my free time what I've been doing is going on Wikipedia to this page   and starting in the 1930's working my way through every single horror film that Wikipedia has on archive. I'm currently in 1977. I've been going at it for like a month. I've covered forty years of cinema in thirty days. Talk about not having a life.
It's kind of interesting to watch the themes of the films progress. In the 1930s/1940s it's the age of the Universal Monsters, and then 1950s/1960s we get the horror of science, and then in 1970s there's like an explosion of the more X-rated things. Suddenly we go from like nothing being acceptable to everything you can think of being acceptable. There are some movies that I even question why they were even conceived as an idea, one in 1975 which I am not going to link because it DEFINITELY does not fit the rating of this blog entry in particular comes to mind.
I played my solo in "Symphonic Dance No 3" for the first time today. My solo duet. Except it was a solo today because Jay is in zero hour. Mr J said I did a really good job.
For you Catholic people yesterday was the Mass of the Holy Spirit which means I had to dress up in my pinkish-purple dress shirt and purple tie. I hate that dress clothes are so boring. If you look out over the commons on formal dress days it's like a sea of blue, black, and white. So I try to spice it up a bit with the brightest colored shirt I can find. Which is currently a bright pink/purple like that one color that guys aren't supposed to know the name of.
I found it mildly amusing that in the Mass I discovered that they were using the exact same pamphlets from last year, it was probably literally the exact same ones because they collect them at the end. And they read the exact same readings and sang the exact same songs. Ah well. That's not how my church does it, but it's always interesting to see how other churches do it.
I finished the next story in my series I'm writing for that guy from camp. Sent it out to the concerned parties (six people) and showed it to my grandma so I think I'm set. I'm keeping these hush-hush, cause they might be good enough to publish. Or I hope I can. I don't know.
Well it's almost time for this blogging day to be over, so Guten night.

August 22, 2014 at 5:29pm
August 22, 2014 at 5:29pm
Ugh so busy. I finally have time to do stuff.


"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: Your younger self is about to be offered your first job. What would you tell yourself knowing what you know now?

         Well, I guess technically my first job was at BCOF. It is a job in every sense of the word except I don't get paid. So, for now, seeing as I've never had another, BCOF will have to serve the purpose.
         I know that the one thing I was not expecting when I applied to be an activities leader at BCOF was that I would end up in the position I am in now. I don't know what I would tell myself. I think I'd warn myself that what starts out as a commitment-free thing would turn into something that I'd be taking responsibility for. Thankfully, other leaders Prosperous Snow Lyn and Char 🌈|Reviewing| have helped me by lightening my work load to one prompt a week, which I send out tonight. And I will not forget that it's ELEVEN o clock WDC time which is TEN o clock my time. And I WILL comment this time. I've really gotten slammed with homework this past week, and it started on Saturday. I've been so busy all I've really had time to do on WDC is check emails. The only productive thing I've done is have some correspondence with lazymarionette about setting up a FUNDRAISER activity that I HIGHLY recommend all BCOF members should check out. I was about to put this in the new "Newsfeed Highlights" feature when I realized that BCOF-ers have to get the ball rolling. It is a WDC-wide activity (or will be after the ball rolls). It's based on the ALS ice bucket challenge, except you challenge your friends to do writing-related stuff. Except, the catch is you have to be nominated to do a challenge in order to challenge other people. This rule does not apply to BCOF members. So BCOF members have to challenge a lot of other non-members to do things. That gives me an idea...
Oh but I'm getting off topic. I was going to talk about how the first thing I did at BCOF was Assistant Leader, where I sent out birthday emails and invited bloggers to join BCOF. Then I got promoted to Public Relations Leader, which basically included the same stuff except I also sent out two prompts. This was when the founder, blainecindy left me and ohsoquiet (then Carmela) and Natechia dos Reis in charge for the summer. Eventually, blainecindy's health declined and she went on a really long hiatus, transferring ownership of the group to ohsoquiet and head leadership jointly to me and her. Natechia dos Reis also left due to health issues, and so we got Lyn to replace her as Assistant Leader. Carmela and I both fused our jobs so we each did a hybrid of what we had done before, I started helping her with activities, for example. Then blainecindy came back and started "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] and then I became City Planner (activities leader, the original job I had applied for at BCOF) for that and I create activities for you guys. Eventually, ohsoquiet decided to retire as a leader because of schoolwork and such (which I completely understand- especially now) and transferred the group back to blainecindy to hold in safe keeping for me, and I became the leader of the group with Lyn. Then blainecindy left and transferred all "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] items to Lyn and all "Blogging Circle of Friends [E] items to me. Luckily, I was on a premium six-month upgrade from The StoryMaster and so I had enough space. I wouldn't have if I didn't. Now I'm back to upgraded and Lyn has most of the items in her port, with myself retaining the group itself and the welcome letter and the sign up survey. And that's how I got where I am.
Oh I just realized I forgot to link that activity I was talking about. Here it is:
 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2005278 by Not Available.


"Blogging Circle of Friends [E] Prompt: You wake up and everyone in your family is gone. There's a post it on the kitchen counter. What does it say?

Well it's probably a Saturday morning in summer. Both my siblings are at baseball games, and this note tells me that they won't be home before lunch and there's food in the fridge. This happens a lot.


         Okay so people have been wondering how school has been going for me, and I've been way to busy to answer. It's going okay. I'm doing great in band. I lead breathing exercises most of the time. And I find it kind of funny that Jay actually seems a little annoyed every time I do breathing exercises or sit in first chair. Well, I always do in regular hour band, because he's not there. And technically, that's where I'm supposed to sit anyways, because I'm first flute for the only song that we're playing right now. It sounds really cool.

         And yes, I do have a duet solo. I think. Mr J told me I did and it sounds like I do but I don't recall seeing it in the music. I should go check that right now. Be right back. Oh I see now. So the part where there's only flute playing is the solo, but it's not marked solo. The reason it's a duet solo is because Jay and I are the only flutes, and since there are only flutes playing there, and there's only two of us, it is a duet. Whatever. It still counts! *Laugh*
         I saw my band teacher at the store after church because the store is in his neighborhood (he lives close to my church) . He told my mom that I was doing great and that he received an email from my private instructor praising me. I think I'm definitely going to make All State this year. Even though we have a really hard and fast excerpt in addition to our two etudes.
         The rest of my classes are just kinda meh. I mean, I find myself looking forward to band/community period (depending on the day) and lunch, and then leaving. However, I do sometimes look forward to APUSH. And I think once my English teacher gets back I'll enjoy that class more. APUSH is definitely a challenging class. But my teacher has that sharp sarcastic sense of humor I enjoy. So his class is fun.
         Man it is pouring outside. I am really glad that it wasn't when I was walking home.
         Matt started medical school this week. He's gone to a party like every single night. *Envy* I'm debating going to medical school solely for that purpose. Matt tells me that after this week it's going to be like the complete opposite. I know he's right. I still want the parties.
         But then there's this other part of me that hates the way the whole "friend" thing works. I hate how you put time into becoming good friends with someone, and then you change schools or jobs or move somewhere else and you lose all your friends and have to start all over again. Sometimes you don't even have to change schools. It feels almost like wasted time, but it's not. It's just frustrating, especially for someone like me who sucks at making friends. I mean I guess there's nothing that's actually like technically wrong with the way it works. You get to meet a bunch of new people. It just is not my preferred way of how it would work.
         I've also decided I don't need or want any friends at my school. I have friends outside of it who I do most of the stuff with anyways. I mean as long as I don't have enemies I think I'm fine. And I don't have enemies.
I'm mildly worried I'm going to lose this blog entry due to lightning so I'm going to save it now and continue writing. So if any of the people I tagged come across this I'm not done yet, and anyone who intends to comment don't until I say it's done.
         I had a bad day in Biology yesterday. It actually started during lunch. See, I had a sectional the first half of lunch, so I didn't hear the starting bell for lunch. After I finished the sectional, I went to eat my lunch. I was so intent on what I was reading, I set the rest of my functions on autopilot. My autopilot doesn't always understand things correctly or think about them logically.
         Okay the pressure in my room just changed dramatically. It sounds like all the lightning is directly above my house. I'm goingto shut this down and continue later.
         Okay I just changed to my iPad. Hopefully there won't be a ton of error. E lightning is still crashing. I'm not even kidding I'm seeing the flash and hearing it like at almost the exact same time. I powered off my computer and came downstairs. My ipad keyboard ain't working so I've got to use the one in the screen.
         Okay so autopilot. My autopilot hears a bell and assumes it is the start lunch bell. Five minutes later it hears another bell. My autopilot notices something is wrong, and gets my attention.
         The weather radio is just now going off. Little late. Oh crap there's hail. Be right back.
         Okay it's only pea sized. Good. So anyways, I look at my iPads clock and it is 11:45, exactly when my Biology class starts. The disadvantage of eating alone in a practice room secluded from the commons: if you don't notice the bell you're out of luck. The first bell I heard was the end lunch bell. The second was the start Biology bell. Thankfully, Mr J was in the band room and he's very understanding and forgiving and grants us a lot of band room liberties. Including free passes for being late. I still got a bit chewed out by my teacher, and then of course when the next bad thing happened. I was supposed to either download or print off and bring to class a review guide. I did what I thought was downloading it onto my iPad. Apparently what I did was not considered downloading. And so I got a zero on an easy ten points. And then we had to do a lab and Ben ditched me again and I ended up with the guy who tried to do his scientific experiment on alkahest ( "Alkahest ). Who had about as much an understanding of the microscope as I did. Basically, we made it through the lab mostly by my application of logic. I still have stuff to do for the lab which I can do at home.
         And that's how my most recent bio class went.
         There's a look into my school life for you. I really wish I could wear like a contact lens camera and record everything that happens to me in a typical day at school. Cause I'm one of those people who is always going to assume that I have it the worst of the people I know (for instance I was talking to one of my friends Nathan about school starting and I said I didn't have a lot of friends at school and he said "Yeah me neither but at least I have Alex." Alex is another of our friends who goes to school with Nathan. I almost said "At least you have Alex." But decided against it. Ever since then I've wanted someone else to go through my school life with my eye view but not my thought process and judge how good or bad I have it at school. Maybe I don't have it as bad as I thought. I mean bad as in like socially. I know I'm way better off as opposed to a bunch of other people in almost every other sense. And I'm grateful for that. Don't mistake that.
         Maybe I can have my own Freaky Friday. *Laugh*. It's really a pain to type mL on an iPad.
         Char 🌈|Reviewing| I did the ice bucket challenge. I realized after Bailey did hers that no one was going to specifically call me out, because she was the last of the people that would've challenged me. And so I took advantage of the fact that I was technically already challenged by the leaders. I challenged my adult friends Mo and Randy to do the ice bucket challenge, and then I also challenged all the juniors in band that have an instagram to come to my youth group. That was the original purpose, if you'll remember from "Worship, Leaders, Camp, Ice, Flute, Spanish, Biology, Gauss . To invite people to youth group. How did it feel? I had to do it twice. The first time it was too quiet and I couldn't upload it because it wasn't compatible for some stupid reason. So I had to do it again an hour later. By then it was dusk. It had been like ninety degrees when I did it the first time. But the second time it was super cold.
         Okay a fire truck just went down our street. It is still raining and thundering but not as bad. We are apparently under a flash flood warning til 7:45
         I think I've told enough stories for now. I could tell a lot more but I think I'll wait for later entries. Peace!
August 15, 2014 at 8:29pm
August 15, 2014 at 8:29pm
{[Pre-Prompt Statement]}


"Blogging Circle of Friends [E] Prompt: Prompt: You are on a long flight when you reach into the pocket of the seat, you discover a handwritten note that clearly was addressed to you, but how? And what does it say?

Okay, so I'm going to make this quick. I don't fly often. In fact I've flown twice and I only remember the second time. But, I'll try to make this as logical as possible. If this were to happen, it'd have to be mid flight, probably after I went to use the restroom or something. From here, there's two ways this could split:
A) I'm on a plane with a group of friends, and some girl professes her undying love for me but is too shy to actually say anything to me, especially in front of her friends. In this situation, I'm not sure what I'd do. It'd depend on the girl. And that would be so awkward if I didn't like her in that way. I could pretend I didn't get the note. But that'd be awful mean.
B) I'm on a plane full of strangers, except for one old friend who has an empty seat next to him/her, and this note invites me to come sit with them and catch up.
I'm not great with theoretical situations.


"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: Hi, you were hired by Yelp, to write a restaurant review about an amazing restaurant in your city. Give us some examples of things you liked and disliked in your review. Convince us this is the place to go.

Ugh if there's one thing I'm bad at it's convincing people to do things. The best restaurant I've been to that's unique to my city is Romeo's. It's this Mexican place. Well I think it's unique to the area. I've never seen it anywhere else, though. Anyways they have a nice theme and great food and a good atmosphere and amazing hot sauce and fast service. It's a sit down restaurant but you can get through in like twenty minutes.


I'm so so tired. And I'm coming down from my high in "Invalid Entry and starting to think the things that I hoped for in that will not come true. They're really high goals as it is, and I'm starting to wonder if my social situation will even change when I get older, or if I'll still have the same handicaps I do now. I realized that ultimately I just have a really hard time relating to people my age, even if I like them. I have my older friends, but by the time I'm there age they'll be older with families of their own. And I'll be happy for them. But I'll be missing out on the stuff I was hoping for.
Ugh. I don't want to go back to that. I don't want to go back to this mindset. Why am I? God, help me to stay positive and not slip back into the depressed negativity I've been in. Amen.
I felt a need to do that. I don't know why. I follow my impulses more now, so apologies if I offended you.
Man school has drained me. I feel completely devoid of energy. I will however muster up enough to finish this. There are some stories I want to tell.
So Char 🌈|Reviewing| asked about common sense the other day. I discovered something else that I feel was a case of lacking common sense.
One of the things I need to work on is patience. Luckily, I've had plenty of opportunities to practice it. Like today.
Our first homework assignment in Biology was to create an experiment to test an advertiser's claim. We didn't have to enact it, just plan it. Well, anyways, it didn't have to be a real advertisement. Unfortunately, someone took that to the extreme.
We were paired into pairs to critique each others' experiments. And I suck at doing pairings. Ben from "Worship, Leaders, Camp, Ice, Flute, Spanish, Biology, Gauss had a different partner and everyone else paired up. Which I means I got stuck with this one kid who I'm sure is great in some area that I have yet to observe. I'm like, okay, maybe he's great at biology.
Before you read the next paragraph I want you to start counting how many times you smirk or chuckle at the ridiculous of what happened to me. Let me know.
His experiment is to test whether or not a fictional advertised philosopher's stone actually raises people from the dead.
And he hasn't finished it.
So let's start with some simple facts about philosopher's stone. It's a legendary material that can transmutate any metal into gold. It also has certain healing and life-extending properties (if it were to exist.)
I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt and not call him wrong about the raising the dead right away, so I waited until after school to research it. I knew about philosopher's stone (alkahest) before and knew it was a legendary material able to turn metal into gold. I looked it up. I didn't know about the life-extending properties but nowhere does it say it can raise humans from the dead. It does say something about dead plants being revitalized. Those aren't humans.
So, there's problem one. Well, let's make it problem two since problem one is obviously the idea to use a magical device for a scientific experiment. But, I figured, I guess as long as it's like an actual experiment it doesn't matter what it tests. So I start asking him questions that I think would help him write the experiment (since he didn't have it finished.)
"So how are you going to test this?"
"I'm going to get a bunch of people who have lost someone and see who it works for."
So I don't know if you know anything about science, but there has to be two groups, a controlled group and an experimental group. The control is the normal group. The experiment is the one that has the change. So I point out that'd he have to divide the people into two groups, one who doesn't use the alkahest and one who does. He agrees. Then I start to ask him about the people he's planning on resurrecting (it's good to eliminate variables in a scientific experiment.)
"How old were the people when they died?"
"About thirty."
"How long have they been dead?"
"Doesn't matter."
It does. It so matters. I mean, we're delving into a world of nonsensical zombism, but I think it'd probably be easier to resurrect someone who's been dead for two weeks as opposed to someone who's been dead two centuries.
So I switch to another question.
"What is the gender of the people you're trying to resurrect?"
"Doesn't matter."
It does. What if females are easier to resurrect than males? Vice versa?
At this point our teacher informed us critiquing session was over because the bell was about to ring. He said to make changes if we needed to and turn it in on Tuesday. I realized that we had never gotten a chance to critique mine. My partner told me I needed to change stuff and I say "What specifically?" and he goes "Add more detail."
My experiment is to test whether an acne cream works by using three groups of fifteen year old boys with large amounts of acne on their faces. I think I'll be fine. I think he might've just said that because he didn't know what to suggest but didn't want me to get away perfect. Who knows?
I had a long driving lesson with my dad today. He finally let me drive on main roads as opposed to neighborhood streets. Apparently I need to slow down more before I stop and turn faster but not too fast. I thought I did fine. And then, of course, (I do this once per lesson) I mixed up my left and my right. My dad told me to go left and I went right. That won't be a problem when I'm driving on my own though, because I'll know which way I want to go and won't have to think of the name, I can just turn on the signal.
I'm tired. This has taken me like an hour to write cause I keep getting interrupted.
Still haven't done the ice bucket thing. I'm going to have to do it at Lifegroup when it starts in September, because that'll probably be the easiest thing for me. I feel like whenever I try to do something like this organized by my family it gets screwed up. And it's not just me. My sister already did it at a friend's house.
Until tomorrow,
August 14, 2014 at 7:52pm
August 14, 2014 at 7:52pm
I'm going to take a minute to explain what this is. This is me giving up. I'm not going to be fighting for friendships, social experiences, or acceptance at school anymore. I don't need it. I have it elsewhere. This is me giving up on trying to fit in with the crowd.
And... as long as I'm not going to fit... I may as well go backwards, right? *Bigsmile*


"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise [E] Prompt: Which fictional character have you fallen for?

Well I think this is meant to be in the romantic sense. Hm. Well, I don't really spend a lot of time thinking daydreaming about characters that can't love me back, but I guess I'd probably have to choose Lauren Bannister.
She's from this book series I read. She's smart, strong, funny, and faith-filled. She's been through so much and she's a cool character. She's sixteen and currently dead in transit. What I mean is she's about to be resurrected. She died at the end of the last book but they're taking her to a resurrection place that takes too long to explain and she should be good as new at the start of the next book.


"Blogging Circle of Friends [E] Prompt: Talk about some common sense things you feel every person should know.

I really don't know. I lack almost all common sense and I can't think of anything right at the moment. Don't throw someone out the window. Unless you're inspiring them. Then it's okay.
I just had inspiration for common sense. I had to go eat dinner while writing this. It's a busy night, so MickeyD's. I know their chicken isn't like real but it tastes good so I eat it. So anyways, I always get honey mustard to dip them in.
Well, guess what happened when I looked in the bag?
There was no honey mustard. There was, however, honey.
I know of no person that dips their chicken nuggets in honey. And I think that even if there is any doubt in your mind if this person is ordering honey or honey mustard, it would be more logical to choose the honey mustard to send with the chicken nuggets, as opposed to honey.


         So this is day one of school part two. I have half my classes on A days and half on B days. Today was my first day with all my B day classes.
         I had AP English first. That was fun. We got to play around with this app called TellaGami. We got the AP Wifi set up for our iPads. AP English gets their own Wifi. It's exclusive to them and since less people use it it's faster. That is going to be a fun class except for the part where I have to write expository. Ironically, I suck at expository writing.
         Then was Community Period, which is basically study hall for the whole school. Except bandies have a pass to go to the band room every day. Even if there isn't band. Which there usually is in Community Period. But today there wasn't. And so I just hung out and played Geometry Dash on my iPad. A sophomore named Dolan watched me. He wanted to give it a try. I put him on level one. It's a super hard game. He couldn't get past it and it frustrated him.
         Dolan seems pretty nice. He's probably the closest to me belief-wise at my school. He goes to a church similar to mine.
         Then I had to go to lunch. We had a junior meeting which was basically just most of the juniors in band sitting together in a practice room eating lunch.
         But! The speaker from "Worship, Leaders, Camp, Ice, Flute, Spanish, Biology, Gauss responded to my story during lunch! He loved it. We had an email conversation about it and he thought it was great. I'm really excited. I'm almost done with the second one too. The speaker said he might even adapt it or use it at some point, but he'd let me know. Cool.
         I was also iMessaging Matt during the "meeting." His first thing says something about mowing. I thought he meant moving at first because I know he's moving into a new house this week for medical school. But then I realized he meant mowing. I responded "wait it's possible to text while mowing?" and then he said "No, I'm stopping everytime." So he apparently was. He's also texted me while driving before which I have of course scolded him for. He probably does it all the time but if he gets killed in a car accident because he was texting me I'd never forgive myself.
         I don't know what I'd do if Matt died. I'm just going to shove that into a small corner of my mind that I can't find for now.
         And have you ever realized how many emojis Apple has? I mean there are so many of them it's ridiculous. I mean, some of them may have some practical use, but do we really need a smoking cigarette, a gun, a bomb, a shady looking pill, and a needle filled with red liquid? Or every single phase of the moon? And then two more moon emojis!
         Oh well. It's emojis.
         Then we moved on to CST, and we have to do a service thing for that. I think I'm going to help at the First Presbyterian Church food pantry. It meets on a relatively convenient night for me and it's apparently staffed by old ladies. I have yet to meet an old lady that doesn't like me. I have yet to meet a lady older than me that doesn't like me, to be honest.
         And finally APUSH. AP US History. I think that's going to be a fun class. My teacher seems really funny. He had us write our names on the seating chart and I was where he started. First, I didn't know where to put my name because when he pointed it out to me I was looking for a pencil. And then I passed it to my left. After it got back somewhere he suddenly looked at me and said "You passed it to the side?" "Yes." "Well, it would've made more sense to pass it behind you, but whatever." *Laugh*
         See what I said about common sense earlier?
         Oh so I found out the problem with that piccolo. It's missing a pad, so the air leaks and every single note sounds like a C. Mr J is getting it fixed.
         I walked home today. I got about halfway and realized I had forgotten my iPad's keyboard. I had to walk all the way back and by the time I get there, I'm just like "Forget it, Jay can I have a ride home?"
         And he gives me one. And then I sat down and did some Bio homework and worked on my story. And then I wrote this blog entry.

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