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Invisible matters of the mind turned real into the written word.
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February 11, 2021 at 7:30pm
February 11, 2021 at 7:30pm
haunting revelations
wild vision steals reality.

feelings wrestle
unwilling to let go.

blur together.

Fragments of my past
reclaim time and space.

a parody lost and found
From someone else’s dream

inspired by a 48 hour media Youtube video prompt
February 11, 2021 at 11:06am
February 11, 2021 at 11:06am
“Make a wish.” I close my eyes, lips kissing the words on my breath. A copper penny warms my hand. Released, it spins, winks, flashes sparkles in the air. I hear it drop bouncing, announcing its echoing presence down the rocky shaft. A single deadening splash and the moment is over.

It is time to make my wish come true. It is a beautiful blue sky and sunny day. I am dressed to kill in a micro bikini, lathered in suntan lotion and wearing five inch stiletto high heels. All my weapons are on display.

“There you are. I brought you a present.” A deep male bass voice announces. There is a healthy amount of lustful hope exhibited on display.

“Yes. Do you like what you see?” I turn, finger beckoning, curves arching in sensual want and need. I am so ready for this. My current potential conquest arrives on time, stripping off his clothes to show off his hunger. It ignites a hot passion in my breasts and lower stomach. “All present, and accounted for.”

He dangles a diamond necklace before him, advancing, humming some mindless song. Dark brown eyes and curly hair, strong chin and muscles equal an Adonis in modern proportions. “Ooh, for me? Come put it on me.”

I stand, arching, wiggling backward, spreading my legs for balance, feeling his hands tease the weight around my throat. My hot pulse races to the brush of his tender lips. Perfection like this can last but a moment.

I am equal to the task of preservation. My hands comb through his magnificent mane of lustrous brown thick thatch, stroke, release, stroke to his groans. He yields as I pull his head down between my breasts, smothering him there.

One needle like stiletto teases between his legs, punctures his thigh. What majestic strength is inspired by my surprise. His arms reach to crush me but I am not there. The wishing well is.

My perfect moment ends perfectly as my new love sacrifices himself to it, diving headfirst, his screams echoing, bouncing off the rocks, until I hear that deadly single splash and silence.

His gift will be a memento secretly worn, caressed alone in my bed, in remembrance of wish fulfillment of a perfect moment as I pleasure myself to completion.

The well draws me to it. I find myself naked, making ready, the necklace caressing my skin. I am standing beside my bed, fingers playing, stroking my pulse there when an irresistible impulse makes me pause.

My next conscious moment, I am leaning over my wishing well, reliving the perfect moment. There is an awakening as if called from a dream. My heart pounding, cold sweat drenches me. Hands shake, fingers clench on the lip of stone before me. It is all I can do to stop from plunging head long in. "The perfect moment won't be perfect until I am a part of it", I hear myself say out loud.

It is getting harder to resist. In wild desperation, I flirt with another spawn of Adonis, entrap him in my allure. We meet together in mirror of the perfect moment before. The promise of a kiss when I tell him to close his eyes, lean forward to taste my lips, a single splash and this perfect moment too, is gone.

The weight of jewelry around my neck is heavier, but I must wear both necklaces or may go insane with my need for more perfection.

"Make a wish," I hear myself say, eyes close. I was wrong. Earth has no place for perfection, but I know how to get it. I make ready. I have to do this right.

There is Adonis with his present, walking towards me. I have to fall for him, as he falls for me.

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