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February 3, 2021 at 10:28am
February 3, 2021 at 10:28am
“There’s one in every family” Margaret Sweeny had tried shrugging off cousin Ed. He wasn’t going to shrug.

“Thanks. I thought we were a rarer breed. “You’re doing it wrong. Not getting any benefit at all.” The freak workout coach said. He took the shrug as part of her home exercise routine, began manipulating her torso and grunting like a pig.

The private room in his club’s one-way see through window revealed the freakshow going on down below. Sweat glistened bodies twisted in the gripes of robotic exercise machines making the cracks of bones and pain felt sighs turn the scene into that of a torture chamber gone made. “You’re getting a little fatty tissue here, darling.” Ed pinched her agonized flesh.

“Don’t touch me,” Margaret grabbed one of Ed’s fingers traveling where it did not belong. She could snap it in two like a twig if she wanted and she did. Knowing she could, gave her something to relish. Ed’s slapping her butt like he owned it had her beginning to see red.

He’d gotten her alone by offering a free month membership and a promise to whip her into shape. Margaret’s sister’s promise to come along for protection evaporated at the last moment. “Ed called. Said he wanted to see you in the flesh and on time. Creep. I’m not going near him. Make him stay away. Said get your butt over there or he’d be coming to our home. I am so out of here.”

Surprise, surprise. There was Ed come to escort Margaret, as her sister opened their door. There had been no time to make excuses, no time to gather her things. She’d been driven to the outer edge of exasperation, listening to her cousin talk shop about the disadvantages of Pilates and Weight Watchers as he drove her to where he worked. “Are we done, yet?”

“Not until we see it hurts,” Ed grinned, hands roaming again. “No pain, no gain.”

It was almost an instinctive reaction to feeling her personal space being invaded. An elbow to Ed’s jaw rose him up on his toes. The follow-through with her straightened fingers to his widening eyes had been barely restrained. “Sorry. Martial arts lessons. You O.K?”

“Damn near blinded me,” Ed’s hands retreated, rubbing his injuries in place.

It distracted Margaret from his knee wedging itself into her crotch. Pain shot up through her like a hot thermometer exploding in her head. The reflection in his tear streaming eyes revealed they were both seeing red. His eyes were bloodshot. Good. “A little exercise will do you good Ed.”

So Ed had some training, too. The past year’s martial arts lessons had taught her body to deal with a higher threshold of pain than one kick to a woman’s nether parts induced. She grabbed the offending knee, felt for appropriate nerve endings behind the ball socket and squeezed. “How you like that move?”

Tingling fire erupted and flowed up through Ed’s sciatic nerve to his waist. “Are we having fun, yet?”

Margaret found herself becoming his dancing partner. Ed clung to her like a leach, arms pinning her own to her sides. He was heavy enough to anchor her against the wall behind her. With no other weapon available, she bit his nose, grinding her teeth as he screamed.

Red flared everywhere Ed could see drowning his eyes from any other vision. He’d never felt pain so intense. His cousin was attempting to eat him alive. He felt an orgasm attempting to release itself in his pants. “Bitch, you want it? Take it.”

He felt warm blood streaming down into his mouth. Ed’s hands acted on their own, getting busy twisting Margaret’s nipples off. It was her turn to give an open mouthed undulating scream. Pain launched her on tiptoes, arms flailing to find purchase of anything at all. “Son of a whore.” Margaret gargled and spit blood into Ed’s red rimmed eyes.

His martial arts were really good. “She devil,” Ed gasped, hanging on fast, stripping and tearing at her clothing and skin.

Endorphins, natural pain killers kicked in. Margaret had no problem finding Ed’s poking penis thrusting at her. Fingernails dug in, scratched deeper, lower and jerked him up by his balls. He was wearing nothing inside his shorts, nothing but red spreading wounded streaming blood coating the inside of his thighs. “Come again?” She felt a soaring redness engulf her, making her ready to rip him apart.

“How’d it go?” Margaret’s sister sounded concerned at the sight of her bruised and battered body hanging limply from one of their kitchen’s chairs.

“Quite the workout,” Margaret groaned a weary smile into place. She spit out a tiny piece of Ed’s ear onto the floor. “Taught me a thing or two but he’s not the man he thought he was.”

“Yeah,. He called me from the hospital. Said you’d made him a firm believer in women’s lib.” Margaret’s sister sank down onto another chair, began massaging painkiller lotion onto her shoulders.

“That right?” Red flashed in Margerate’s eyes. “Guess I taught him a lesson while he taught me one. He say I made him a new man?”

“Well, no,” her sister snickered, “When he heals what’s left, he’s going to Sweden for a sex change and more martial arts training. He’s modifying his exercise routine along with himself Says he’ll meet you and show what he’s got when Ed becomes Edwina when he returns.”

Margaret laughed out loud, “Funny how things work out. I’ve been offered his old position but had to say no. Guess it’s time to tell you.”

“What? Why’s your suitcase packed there by the door?” Margaret’s sister eyed her warely, “You’re not running away and leaving me to face Edwina’s return alone, are you?”

“Nope,” Margaret winced a little as she arose. “Maybe Edwina and I will meet up early. Didn’t know I’m a dyke and already had plans for my own sex change.”

Seeing red was independent of lifestyle in the family but did add a certain color.

Margaret’s sister’s cheeks blushed red as she helped pack things up. “I hope you two can patch things up after you meet.”

“One of us is certainly going to need it.” Margaret growled, seeing red.

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