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Yay! I have my own Blog!
It's not about babbling. It's about sharing, communicating with you through a megaphone. *Delight*
May 6, 2018 at 8:42am
May 6, 2018 at 8:42am

Whenever I listen to this song Something Good from the Sound of Music, I stop and repeat this line, "I must have done something good."

I really wonder why this is happening to me: that when I need help, I receive it at the right time. I remember when I was in elementary I would always dream of owning many story books. I didn't have even one in the house I lived. So I would always go to the library and borrowed books to read. Then, one day, the librarian called me and asked if I could carry a stack of storybooks to my home. If only my eyes could eat, I could have devoured the books all at once.

Then in high school, while everyone else in the class was busy going to one university school to another to get the entrance exams, I only went to one college school and took the entrance exam. I passed and was able to get a full scholarship.

When I wanted to experience tasting different food from various fast food without spending money, an admirer came who would treat the whole office staff every week just to get my attention. My office mate would ask me whatever I wanted, and I'd just simply choose which fast food to order. Then it would become everyone else's choice. Funny!

At the age of 21, I decided to help in the church. I gave up my job and opportunities before me. No money, no other resources, no regular benefactors, but whenever I need a new pair of shoes or a dress or a medicine, I would have it. One day, I asked God if I could watch concerts and stage plays, I never thought He would give it to me. For almost a year, I would always get either a complimentary ticket or someone else would but a ticket for me.

Just last year, I wanted to get a job, at least, a good paying job that I enjoy but not exhausting considering my weak health. The online job was the answer. However, I needed a good working laptop with a bigger RAM, with a working microphone, and with other components needed for the job. Then I got help. I had the laptop given to me by my friends closest to my heart.

"I must have done something good." I don't know. But I'm certain that we are surrounded by good people ready to help, ready to give a boost, ready to give us hope, ready to support in any way they can just for us to live a happy life.

November 28, 2017 at 11:18pm
November 28, 2017 at 11:18pm
Yea, this is what I'm busy with these past weeks. I'm trying to go back to the workforce. It has been, maybe, 17 years since I worked full time in a company.

Back then, although I didn't finish my college degree, I could easily get a job. I was young and I was good in numbers, so the employers could see the potential of a productive and essential employee.

However, my path had to change when I decided to give time for soul-searching, inner healing, and working for the church. Everything was provided like shelter, food, clothing, and medical assistance. I was able to focus on the work assigned to me. But these provisions were from generous people who voluntarily helped us so we could continue with our work.

I had a few part-time jobs though throughout the years of the focused mode in voluntary work. Somehow, it kept me in touch with the mainstream outside my missionary-like life.

January 12, 2016 at 9:44am
January 12, 2016 at 9:44am
Some years ago, someone asked if there was part of my body that I'd like to be changed.

I admitted that, once, I entertained that thought. I was ten or eleven years old back then. I never liked my legs which made me see myself ugly. I told the elders that when I grew up I would have it replaced with a long and skinny legs.

Then I grew up but had forgotten that dream of alteration. Maybe because I was so contented with myself.

How did it happen? Maybe because I enjoyed the appreciation being given to me. Or maybe because I learned to just smile from all the insults some peers threw on me.

But definitely, it was because I found my inner beauty. I did not seek for the surgeon to give me the skinny long legs, but, instead, I sought for wise elders, teachers, holy priests to help me work in sculpting the beautiful me.

What else did I say?

"I love myself so much that I don't want anything to be changed in my body."

And I am proud to say, "I am beautiful!"

January 5, 2016 at 10:09am
January 5, 2016 at 10:09am
I was so excited from the unexpected message I received last night. I couldn't close my eyes and sleep.

I was happy, but why can't I sleep? I thought it was loneliness that can make someone sleepless.

Now, I am thinking it was not any emotion that deprives us of rest. It was the intensity of the emotion that we were feeling at the moment. Not until it subsides we'll have gain access to the nature of sleep again.

Sigh...I hope to zzzzzzzzz...soon. *Sleeping*
October 15, 2014 at 7:54am
October 15, 2014 at 7:54am
Two weeks ago, we received the package sent by Mommy’s friend who lives in New Jersey. She traveled on several countries last month and was excited to share with Mom what she got from those places she visited.

One item that I am most interested in is the saffron. She sent us two kinds of it: one bought in Turkey, a saffron thread, and the other one in Greece, a powdered saffron.

My mind raced on ideas on how to use this new ingredient in my cooking. I first tried the saffron from Turkey. In one of my food experiment, this is what I came up with: Saffron Fried Rice

Food experiment using saffron

The yellow color of the rice was the effect of saffron. I sautéed separately the potato, carrots and onion and then pan grilled the marinated pork [marinade=Lea & Perrins worcestershire sauce, little soy sauce, olive oil, less than a pinch of salt and pepper]. After cooking all the ingredients, I started on the fried rice and then put saffron on it, the cooked vegetables, the remaining marinade and the shredded bok choy (Chinese cabbage). I served it with the chopped grilled pork on top as shown on the photo.

How does it taste? Overall, of course, I'll say exquisite! The taste of saffron is unique. Honestly, right now I am trying to think of other spices to compare it with but its taste is...saffron. But definitely it won't stand out if mixed with too much dried basil or thyme or oregano or even salty flavor. So far, these are "the don't" I've learned from my food experiments with saffron.

Hmmm...while eating, I thought of Indian cuisine. I thought of turmeric and curry because it has some tiny kicks on the tongue but definitely, taste is incomparable. Mom said it's Mediterranean though we haven't tasted such food. The only thing we have in the house are photos of Mediterranean food. Anyway, Mom informed me that the taste would even more stronger if next time I try the powdered saffron from Greece. That is according to the research she got from the net.

Certainly, I’ll try my cooking skill on the powdered saffron next time.

By the way, we ended our meal with Japanese green tea and hazel nut flavored Turkish delight. How I wish I could share these food to all of you.

*Smirk* To taste is to believe. *Bigsmile*
October 8, 2014 at 4:42am
October 8, 2014 at 4:42am
*ExclaimBl* Warning: This is a blabber's account.

How did you find out Writing.Com?

By simply typing the word "writing" in google.

Why did you type the word writing?

It was the result of my desperation in finding a job.

Why were you looking for a job?

Okay, at first I hope to start writing about my life journey (as if it is interesting *Bigsmile*) but I don't know any way on how to start it and so I resorted to finding an online job but there was no good result.

And then?

And then, when I typed in "writing", I read the phrase 'where the writers go to write' and caught by the word FREE in writing.com. I signed up.

What?! I thought you were saying something about the job???

Yup! But It's finished. I am now on my find of writing.com.


I shared my thoughts.

Shared to whom?

In writing.com. I already have my account. Okay? Got it?

After two hours, someone replied encouraging me to post an item and that people in WdC are never brutal but helpful. He's Wayne Foster . He even gave me gift points which at that time doesn't have any meaning to me.

And then?

I don't know how to post one. It took me fourteen days to figure it out.

After posting?

I received feedback from ANN Counselor, Lesbian & Happy ...it was awesome! and another from Wayne Foster stating that I am a writer. I was delighted!

That's all?

I tried browsing on the site until I couldn't find my way back to where I started.

What do you do whenever you get lost?

I would log out and then sign in again. Presto! Back again...along the way, the name ~ Sisco ~ Back! attracted me. I always see his name until in one of the pages he said something like "for those interested in grammar, check out Coursera." Exactly what I was looking for. I am now presently enrolled in some of the courses on that site. Anyway, this is another story.

If that's another story, why did you mention it?

Because of its connection with ~ Sisco ~ Back! . I wonder where I could find him. I would like to thank him. Also, his name is unique and sounds like a good person but at the same time I wonder why his suitcase is blue in color. Well, as I browse more, I noticed those suitcases in yellow. All the more I got mystified.

Did you find him?

Nope. I gave up because the site looks huge to me. What I did instead was read more and review more until I felt the need for an in-depth review of my one and only item. In one of the newsletters that I received, I saw the name The Run-on King PDG Member . His name looks cool and that being a warrior could also mean direct and investigative. Without hesitation, I asked him to review my item.

So, how's the review?

It was helpful. I cried...out of joy in receiving his review because it has depth. I even received correction on my work. More than that, he guided me in utilizing the site. He asked about the reviews I made which at that time was plenty. He helped me do the review with a reviewing template. When I received the template, it looked like a la n g u age f r om an ou t er sp ac e.

He sent you that template but why you're not using it on some of your reviews?

It was a hassle for me to find his mail with a reviewing template every time I review one. You see, I never thought I could save the template somewhere. I couldn't be stopped from reviewing because the good thing about it, was meeting new friends. I've met a lot of authors, enjoyed exchanged conversations, and learned from their works.

By the way, what are we really talking about here?

It's about how I found out writing.com. I am already finished about that.

That's what I noticed.

But I am not finish on how I found out the Paper Doll Gang.

Ah...okaaayy...Please proceed.

Here's what happened. One day, along with his answer on my question, The Run-on King PDG Member sent me a link to "Newbies Academy Registration - OPEN.

Wait! I thought this is about Paper Doll Gang?

Yes, let me finish first. By then, I received a message that someone gifted me an upgraded account which would last until October of this year. I asked myself, "How would I live with this account?" Definitely, I'd like to take advantage of all the features it offers.

Good idea. But how come this time you are mentioning about upgraded account thing?

Because that motivates me to follow the link that was emailed to me. After a few days, I figured out how to post in "Newbies Academy Registration - OPEN. I found ~ Sisco ~ Back! over there! So, the blue case means moderator. I was glad because I could finally thank him about the Coursera link. He acknowledged it and I was warmly welcomed. Angels in my Ear invited me to join the Mentee's Group. I signed up.

I see. Good thing you've finally found ~ Sisco ~ Back! .

I also joined in Angels in my Ear 's group because it's about writing non-fiction. Isn't it what I intended to write? But it was overwhelming for me. So, what I did first was to submit items for newbie's contests until my port has 8 items.

What's the point of mentioning the quantity?

You'll know after this.

One day, I was in the mood of reviewing. I reviewed eight items in a row. After...maybe...two days, ShelleyA~10 years at WDC tagged me in a reviewing group forum.

Now, it's about reviewing eight items...my mind is whirling!

*Smirk* "Is this another mistaken notification?" I asked myself because prior to that I also received notification from Northernwrites which shouldn't be sent to me.

However, when I checked out the group, it is all about reviewing which I am most interested.

I thought your interest was to write? Are we playing boggle here?

Well, because, if I know how to review then I would know how to write. Right? Anyhow, I sent mail to ShelleyA~10 years at WDC telling her that I don't understand why I received the notification but regardless of the reason, I told her my interest in learning how to give good reviews.

What happened next?

Then ShelleyA~10 years at WDC replied if I was signed up to take the review course hosted by PDG. I wasn't.


However, she sent me the link, I emailed Bonnie of my interest. Then Bonnie said that the class will start on Sept. After that, I received a warm welcome from Hannah and then a link from Rhonda where I am enjoying the activities in her playground. Actually, this one is part of it.

Oh, I see!

That's it!

It was when I reviewed 8 more items and my port has 8 items that I received the maybe an accidental notification. Well, wasn't it cool? That's how

The Rockin' Reviewers  (13+)
~Quality reviews given in a positive and encouraging manner
#1630911 by Hannah Away 18-23


My PDG sig



Finally! Now I can read another one. Goodbye! *Bigsmile*

Wait! There's one more. Right now, we are at the end of our reviewing class.

And so?

I am learning so much and this month, the fruit of those lessons are these badges

Merit Badge in Reviewing
[Click For More Info]

Ranked # 32   Public Reviewer  for the month of  September 2014 . For more details, please see  [Link To Item #614925] . and Merit Badge in Reviewing
[Click For More Info]

    This badge celebrates your visually appealing, insightful reviews as selected by me for  [Link To Item #1735780]  Also, please accept this small honorarium for your efforts! Keep up the good work!

Looks the same.

Yes, but if you click the badges, you'll know the difference.

PDG is like a mother to me. Her influence is not obvious from the outside but leaves a good foundation that wherever I go, it reaps unexpected results. *Wink*

That's all for now!

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