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A metaphor for my take on life and how it affects me.

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August 3, 2019 at 1:58pm
August 3, 2019 at 1:58pm
It seems like the days slip by without my sitting down to jot down my thoughts. Can't believe that we are into August already, blink an eye and it will be Fall.

I've had numerous Doctor appointments last month, with two more to come, in August and September. So far I'm firing on all cylinders, and I'm very grateful! I'm now walking 2 miles daily and riding the bike for 30 min.

My youngest son is getting married, for the second time, in Las Vegas at the end of the month. We were concerned with the heat but now they're having an invasion of grasshoppers. I'm hoping that will be cleaned up by the time we get there and all we'll need to worry about is the heat. My wife and I used to be accustomed to the heat when we lived-in Needles, but Apple Valley is somewhat milder. Here's hoping we don't MELT!

Two days after we get back from Las Vegas my wife heads back to Yuma, Az where she will cross the border and go back to the dentist who did her upper dentures and have the bottoms put in. She'll be glad to get it over with.

We've been talking about taking some kind of vacation, besides Vegas, to get away and enjoy the ocean, not sure if it will be San Diego, Oxnard or Santa Barbara. We'll be gone for 3 or 4 days just enough to help us relax. A change of scenery is due and I'm going to look forward to it.

Life is Good

July 15, 2019 at 5:18pm
July 15, 2019 at 5:18pm
My blood test was completed this morning with 5 vials drawn. Pulmonary Function Test tomorrow and Cardiac Doctor appointment on Thursday, then two more Doctor appointments on Monday. I would like to say my calendar is clear but I have another Doctor appointment in August and September. I'm keeping the economy going with Doctor visits alone.

When we moved into our home two years ago we purchased a new stove. Since that time my wife decided she didn't care for it, so we bought another stove and the old one is in my garage. I put it up for sale on "Offer Up" and have had 2 inquiries, I've now reduced the price twice in an attempt to get some movement. I also posted it on My Neighborhood and no response from this app. Not sure what I will do if I can't sell it, maybe take it to the Thrift Store where my wife volunteers.

The summer heat is upon us, it's 101 outside and will go up another degree or two before it starts to go back down. I'm not complaining these last few months have been wonderful and looking at Weather.com it looks like our temps will be in the 90's for the next week or two. For the High Desert you can't beat it.

So much for todays writings.

Life is Good
July 13, 2019 at 1:42pm
July 13, 2019 at 1:42pm
It takes more than a small effort to sit down and write in this blog. Prior to my heart attack and bypass surgery, I could write a blog with no problem. Now I seem to be hesitant to put words to paper even though I have a plethora of things I could write about.

I've been spending a lot of time reading these last two months and not doing anything that is productive. I've no excuse for this laziness and wish I could change and do something constructive. My wife never sits, she is always on the move and I feel ashamed that I don't have that same mentality, but I don't and I'm sure I never will!

I had a scare yesterday when I got the results from CT I had for my shoulder. I was told I had a mass or tumor next to my lung, I was given a Dr's name and told to give him a call and set up an appointment and have the mass removed. Needless to say my mind went to the big C word and I wasn't sure what to do. I had a copy of the CT report and after discussing it with my wife, I stoped by my Primary Dr. and had them make a copy of the CT for their records and then went to my Cardiologist and did the same. The Dr. was there and he was handed my report and he said "what's this?" I told him "it was the report from my CT and the Orthopedic Dr said I had a tumor and needed to have it removed." The Cardiologist said "this is fatty tissue bound together and nothing to worry about. You don't need surgery unless you want cosmetic surgery!"

So what do I do? I will wait, I have blood work on Monday, a Pulmonary Function Test on Tuesday, and appointment on Thursday with the Cardiologist to go over the result of the blood work and check my pace maker to see if I've had any A-Fib episodes. I meet with my urologist on the following Monday along with my Primary Physician later the same day. Will this ever end? I must admit I'm getting a little tired of all these doctor appointments and not knowing for sure what's going on!

I'm going to a memorial in a couple of hours for a gentleman from my church. He had been in a convalescent hospital for over a year. I stopped by to see him a couple of times when I was down visiting my mother. The service is being held at my church and lunch will be provided afterwords.

I think this is enough of my woes to last awhile.

Life is Good
July 10, 2019 at 7:34pm
July 10, 2019 at 7:34pm
Have you ever felt like you're a pin cushion? I know when I was in the hospital I was poked a lot, but here lately I've had a quite a few blood draws for various doctors and reasons.

I had a nuclear CT where they put some type of potion in me that burned at the injection site and made me feel like I needed to go to the bathroom.

Two days later I had a nuclear Stress Test, and they kept adding shots into the catheter while I was walking on the treadmill.

I'm scheduled to have a Pulmonary Function Test next Tuesday. I'm hoping that the end of test and blood work is near.

I planned to take care of a leaking faucet outside. We had pipe laid from the main to the backyard to water our grass instead of using what comes through the house that is regulated. When I had this done I had them put in two faucets (after my wife requested one of them to be moved). He used a 3/4 inch galvanized pipe to come up from the T. This pipe had a leak, and I figured I could fix it with little or no trouble. WRONG! The job took me three hours and I had to wrap the threads with plumbers tape several times before I was able to get the leak stopped.

After completing that project I got cleaned up because my wife and I had an appointment at the DMV in Victorville. My wife was renewing hers and we both wanted to get new licenses that are required by 2020. You must provide your birth certificate, social security card and two bills addressed to you. The place was busy but we managed to move through the process with little or no trouble. It was nice to get it completed and have it behind us.

Life is Good

July 5, 2019 at 11:51am
July 5, 2019 at 11:51am
What the hell does that mean? Hello from the other side of What? I don't know, it was a catchy title and I used it.

According to the note on my blog links section, I haven't written a blog in 4 months. Where does the time go when you're having fun? Out the door I guess because I haven't been sitting doing nothing for four months. I check in on WDC and look at the newsfeed, but I haven't been moved to sit down and put my thoughts on paper.

I've been seeing a lot of doctors and trying to get my health up to par. My cardiologist told me I was bleeding internally after reading my last blood test. I scheduled a colonoscopy and endoscopy and nothing was found. I've been put on iron in an effort to get my blood count up. I've had my right arm begin to hurt and I was afraid I was having the frozen shoulder in that arm like I had in my left. Not the case the orthopedic doctor says it's bone on bone causing the problem and I've been going to Physical Therapy twice a week. He had me do a CT of my shoulder since I can no longer do a MRI account of my pacemaker. I due to see my urologist in a few days to see if my prostate cancer has come back. Getting older and having your body fall apart isn't any fun. I'm thankful all of this didn't happen earlier in my life, like what happened to my father.

Wife went to Mexico last week and had all her upper teeth pulled and dentures put in. So she's recovering and eating soft foods till things get better. Then she'll go down and have some of lowers pulled and have bridges put in, so that shouldn't be as bad.

My youngest son (43) is getting married for the second time in Las Vegas in the latter part of August, and we've made arrangements for a hotel and a show. Of course I'm picking up the tab for 8 seeing the show and dinner, and 5 for rooms. Family you have to love them, and I do!

We're getting ready to head for Costco and pick up what we need, and a few other items. That seems to be the case at least with us. $$$ keeping the economy moving is my object.

Life is Good

March 19, 2019 at 6:38pm
March 19, 2019 at 6:38pm
Every time I think I'm getting ahead or bouncing back, Wham, you take a nose dive!

Here I was moving along (at what I thought was) a good pace of recovery, when next thing I know my stomach is cramping and I can no longer go to the bathroom. This went on for 5 days until I finally went to Urgent Care on Saturday. I had continued to hope, the over the counter medication I was taking would kick in, instead it just kicked my butt. It had gotten to the point I didn't want to go on. My wife and I talked about it, and we weren't sure what a doctor would suggest or do. She thought they might give me an X-ray and see what was the problem.

I was fortunate to have only two people in front of me at Urgent Care, so my wait wasn't very long. After completing all the necessary paper work I was taken into a room to wait for the doctor. The Doctor came in, she was a nice Oriental woman, and asked what's up? So I explained my situation and how bad my discomfort was, and she asked some more questions. Then she told me, "you need to take Prune Juice and take two Colace a day for 3 days." I was stunned, I had been expecting more. She also told me to "eat steamed cabbage and fish, sushi preferable if I liked it." She continued to tell me that westerners don't think much about what they're eating, because things like meat, milk and cheese bind you up. She suggested I discontinue using milk and cheese for 6 weeks.

I knew Prune Juice was a laxative but I had never drank it before. I can't say I was looking forward to it, but I stopped at the store and bought a bottle along with a bottle of Colace. She didn't tell me how much Prune Juice I should drink so that was up to me. I added ice to a glass and poured, I was surprised and happy that I didn't find the taste to be offensive. I drank 4 glass of the juice and took 2 pills as instructed. I continued the next day with only three glasses of the juice and low and behold on the following day things began to move. Hallelujah! My stomach has continued to be a pain but now with things flowing it's improving. I figure it will take to the end of the week before I'm back to normal.

During this ordeal I continued to eat small amounts, like 2 eggs and 1 piece of toast, a PBJ sandwich, or sometimes I wouldn't eat at all. So I lost several pounds, not the way I intended but I'll take it. I've been sleeping in my Lazy-boy recliner ever since my pace maker was put in. So my nights haven't seen much sleep, but I've high hopes this will improve in the coming days.

Life goes on, this was a bump in the road, and my recovery will continue. Looking forward getting back on the road in my daily walks with my dog Gracie. The bike sits in the bedroom waiting for me to climb aboard and take it for a spin to nowhere!

Life Is Good

March 13, 2019 at 11:59am
March 13, 2019 at 11:59am
Several post back I said "I would try to be more involved with WDC". The last two days I have reviewed several writings and have enjoyed giving feedback. I do my best to keep it positive and informative about my take on what was written. I forgot how good it feels to express my thoughts about someone else's work.

The weather person got it correct concerning our forecast. The sun is out and (at the moment) the wind is not very strong though it has been projected to be gusting pretty good. I checked the Thermometer when I came in to write and it was reading 38. I hope to see it reach 42 or 3 before I take Gracie out for our walk.

I dusted off the bike yesterday and rode for 45 min. It felt good and hope to make it a daily habit also. If I don't watch out I might get healthy or make that healthier! My wife tells me we're going on the strait and narrow (whatever that means) for the next month or two. Salads, Lean Cuisine, and all the other healthy foods that fit into the category.

I've done pretty good with the sweet stuff, since I'm type 2 diabetic. We have been eating sugar free cookies for quite awhile and they don't taste bad. I have stayed away from the chocolates but my daughter brought over some candy she was given from her employer. I've dabbled some and my wife brought home some soft chocolate chip cookies and I fell over the cliff. I par took more than I should have and my morning finger stick showed that I've been bad. What can I say I'm human and easily fall off the cliff.

Life Is Good
March 12, 2019 at 10:17am
March 12, 2019 at 10:17am
This is Tuesday and actually I came home on Saturday. I'm a little behind but what the hay! Things went well and all systems are go, at least that's what I've been told.

My hospital stay was good, the nurses in pre-op, operating room, recovery, and in room were fantastic. Polite, friendly, and always trying to find out if I needed any assistance. Can't ask for much more, if I did I'd be a winer!

I came home with a splint on my left arm, more as a reminder not to lift it up or make any movements that would pull the wires out. That would require the procedure to be repeated, and I don't want that. I was told it would take two weeks for the wires to cement in place but they would prefer if I extended that to a month. Be careful and use common since when using your left arm. No Golf for sure, but I can drive at the end of this week.

It rained last night and I believe it may bring the season to a close, at least according to weather.com. They don't show the chance of rain for the rest of the month. I was ok'd to walk and ride my bike, so it looks like after today I will hit the streets and take a ride to nowhere on my bike. Actually I'm looking forward to it and I'm sure Gracie is also.

I feel good with a minor pain now and then in my left shoulder, but Extra Strength Tylenol has taken care of it with no problems. In fact since the surgery I've only taken the Tylenol, the heavier pain killers knock me for a loop. I do my best to stay away from them. It was the same with my bypass surgery, once the first week was over.

Life Is Good

March 8, 2019 at 7:01am
March 8, 2019 at 7:01am
This is the day my pacemaker will be installed, implanted, or placed in my body to help regulate my heart.

I've been wearing a heart monitor and was able to take it off this morning when I got up. It was uncomfortable and I'm glad it is no longer on my body. The device has changed since the last time I wore one. This model did not have any wires associated with it, but the location and the sticky backing made it feel out of place, but it did work since I was notified when a anomaly happened and now I'm getting a pacemaker.

When I left the doctors office I was under the impression I would spend the night, but after speaking with a nurse at the Hospital about my impending arrival she told me the doctor was showing it as an out patient procedure. So I will be coming home this evening provided no issues arise.

My problem this morning is I can't have any food or drink prior to my arrival (I'm scheduled for 11:30 am) and that's a long time away. I guess I'm fasting today till after the procedure. I probably should do it more often and maybe I'll see some of this weight disappear.

I haven't done anything to speak of since last Monday, and hopefully that will end today. Sitting around the house when the sun is shinning leaves a lot to be desired.

Life is Good
March 7, 2019 at 4:26pm
March 7, 2019 at 4:26pm
I've been thinking about WDC and wondering why I quit writing for awhile, and the reasons behind my decision.

I was somewhat involved on a minor scale with WDC in 2017. I was blogging at least every other day and submitting blogs to Blog City Prompt and Blogging Circle of Friends. I would review different writings and wrote a story or two myself.

In April of 2018 I had a heart attack and then had triple bypass surgery. After my initial rebound from surgery I found myself not wanting to write or participate on WDC any longer. I deleted all of my files where my writing was stored, and discontinued writing my blog. I let my membership expire and stayed away from this site. Not sure where this came from, but I couldn't make myself sit down at the computer or participate in this forum.

The strange thing is I had lots of things to write about, like my stay at the hospital, my recovery and physical therapy. I had the time but no desire!

I believe most of my problem comes from not wanting to be tied down spending a lot of time in front of the computer. I remember writing in my blog, "there's more to life than spending hours upon hours sitting in front of a computer."

To be involved requires time and participation and that allows you to meet new people and gives you the feeling of belonging. We all write for different reasons and to be able to bare your soul (maybe if you have the guts) for someone else to look and respond takes some fortitude. It's fun or can be fun if you learn to participate. Take the TIME to get involved!

I'm hoping, I can come out of my self imposed shell and begin to live and write again.

Life Is Good

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