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Psalm 90:10, "The length of our days is seventy years—or eighty if we are strong....
Three Score and Ten the Introduction,

Well here we go, After 50 years I am going to take another attempt at writing. The first time was the Palmer writers correspondence school in 1969. The writing will be not a book that will be written with the idea of being published, But will be a writing of thoughts unencumbered by possible publishing and monetary gain. This writing will be a hybrid of Journal and Reminisce. It is important to me that the writings are my true thoughts at the time, not influenced by any factor. The writing will try to explain how a 70 year old white, male USA citizen now relates to today's world. Is every oldest generation lost in their own world, that they aged into? What do I see, and feel as I age farther. I know I am not normal as in what this world today would consider normal. But I hope I am in the ball park writing the thoughts of a 70 year old. I hope for you to learn to know who I am, As I search for Who I am at 70+ This work will carry on until I am no longer able to think or write. This will be done on a nearly daily writing interwoven with a life's reminiscing. This writing has been in the planning for 10 plus years. and I have now made it to this starting point. This writing is dedicated to My Wife The Kitten, My family, My grand children, Lukas, Levi, Luis, Lydia and Sonora Pearl. I thank you God that you have allowed me to have your Three Score and Ten Time.
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January 20, 2021 at 1:11pm
January 20, 2021 at 1:11pm

I am not in the best mood today for writing, but it is good therapy for me. I thought I needed to do so before I went out again to deal with snow. The shoveling of snow can also be therapy as is weeding. I listed some items for sale yesterday and will again later today. My internet sales have dried up lately. All I can do is list more items hoping they are the right items to list.
The little dog was not feeling well yesterday. He seems like he pulls a muscle and does not walk on all fours. We give him a anti inflammatory pain pill and he does better. His legs are short and steps are difficult for him. I carry him when I can down the outside steps, hoping that will help. I am still sorting sheet music. I hope to be done with it this week.
I am going to try a new place to ice fish tomorrow if it is not too windy. I used to summer fish it but have not in years. It is a small lake that had winter kill a number of years ago. I have read that they are catching decent fish there now. We shall see. It is about 1.5 hours away, not a trip I like doing. We had Crappies yesterday, Always good eating.
Wishing you a Blessed Day

PROMPT January 19th

Do you like things to be carefully planned or do you prefer to just go with the flow?

A good question to write on, I need to be prepared with the T's crossed, the I's dotted and the ducks all in a row. I always have an agenda. I have plan A, Backed up with plan B, with maybe a plan C. I do not try to go with the flow of the herd. I have always walked my own path with God's guidance for me. I have framed and hung on our stairway wall a Abe Lincoln Quote, "I will study and be Ready and maybe my chance will come" I look at life as a Chess Game with my opponent being the so called Power Brokers that set the agenda for the herd. I like our cat will not be herded. I will work to protect my Independence and Privacy. I hope and pray for the best situations, But plan for the possibility of the worst situations.
January 18, 2021 at 12:42pm
January 18, 2021 at 12:42pm
I had planned to write last evening, but it did not happen. I had a few bids on the auction to watch and protect, auction was over about 8:00. And I had come back from Ice Fishing about 5:00, Just dark.
The fishing sure has been tough for me, But I did manage a good meal of fish this time. It is supposed to get cold here shortly for a couple of days. I have not been using the portable shacks here. They are getting hard for me to pull in the snow. Every year they seem to get heavier. I keep them up north. I do use a sled with runners and a good seat down here, Much easier to pull. But if the weather is real cold I will just stay home.
At any rate I got tired and didn't write. Today we are going to order the new carpet for our main bedroom. The carpet there now is about 25-30 years old and is doing the job, but is looking tough. We have been in this house going on 24 years. The wife picked out a medium green color to match the wall paper. There is not much selection of colors in todays carpets. Every thing is a blauh neutral color.
Later I will work on a couple of sale listings and continue on with the sheet music sorting. I hope to get done with the sheet music this week so I can start a new project.
Have a Blessed Week

PROMPT January 17th

What do you do to escape or distract yourself from negative thoughts and emotions? How do you take your mind off something you don’t want to think about?

That is a easy prompt, I go fishing. There is a lot I do not want to think about these days. So I need to fish a lot. It helps that I like to eat fish. Doing an outside activity hopefully with some sun also helps. In the summer there is also a garden to get away into. I need to stay busy.
I think I have come up with an idea for going to bed, In stead of thinking about tomorrow and what needs to happen, I think about what I did accomplish today. That hopefully gives me satisfaction upon sleep.

PROMPT January 16th

In your entry today, write about something you overheard while eavesdropping on a conversation you were not a part of.

To answer this, I do not have much opportunity to over hear conversations of others. And if I happen to hear something, I keep my mouth shut to others. I have little regard for gossip.
January 14, 2021 at 9:47pm
January 14, 2021 at 9:47pm
We came back for the north a day early trying to outrun a snow storm. Which we did. It was raining here earlier and know some snow but not the amount of snow coming in the north woods. I will need to shovel some here in the morning.
As for the fishing, It was a very nice day on the ice Wednesday. I had to go by my self as my brother was fixing his permanent ice shack. He was moving it to a new location and the roof blew off into the road almost hitting him. His helper was driving ahead of him with the shack. He got a good laugh telling me about it.
But back to the fishing, It was terrible, One small crappie. So I did not get skunked. I am glad the wife did not want to go along. When she goes and she does once in awhile on a nice day I want her to catch fish, it makes for a lot nicer day.
This will be short this evening. I get tired out driving back from the north. I seems like all is good here. Luna the cat was glad to see us.
Have a restful evening
January 11, 2021 at 10:02pm
January 11, 2021 at 10:02pm
It is time I put some words to paper, or should I say to screen. We will be leaving for the north in the morning. I like to be there well before dark. We go up about once a month in the winter months if I can get into the driveway. We will check things over, Do some, a lot of reading. No Computer up there. So it is a good break from the turmoil. And I will fish with my brother. I caught a few gills yesterday down here, Just enough for Potato fish soup.

Why, You may ask would a sane person sit out in the cold for hours with a pole in your hand and trying to catch a fish. I ask myself the same question. I will attempt to answer that question. On the surface it is good exercise, Good fresh air and at times vitamin D sun. It helps with the winter blues, at least for me. Getting out and doing something is important. another on the surface factor is I Like to eat Fish. A Good clean healthy food.

But under the surface there is more to fishing, at least for me. It is a down time, a get away from the everyday situations. When I fish every thought that does not focus on the fish is gone. There is a peace with a fish focus. It is emptying your mind of all the clutter so you can reabsorb when you come back to your day job. It is an excitement of the possibilities, A bigger fish, A new lake to try, A new bait to test out, It is hope and optimism. Fishing is a rejuvenation of life.
I always say the hardest cast to take is the last one. I often wonder will I know when take that very last cast. A fisherman truly does not want to know.

Have blessed Week
January 8, 2021 at 10:37pm
January 8, 2021 at 10:37pm

Sorry I have been slow to return here to write. I went ice fishing a couple of days, Returned here each day, But very tired, and did I mention the lack of fish. It was bad. But was really bad was yesterday after fishing I got stuck with the van.
I went to this lake for the first time did knowing what to expect. Went to the landing road and it looked unplowed but drive able. As I went along I noticed I was going down hill at a good slope. With still a snow covered road. There was no place to turn around to go back so I drove to the parking lot and landing, about a mile. I went and fished but I had a worry in the back of my head, So I quite early while there were many other guys fishing and It was not dark yet. And as considered possible I could not go anywhere. I kept going through the snow to a layer of ice on the asphalt parking lot. I use my ice chisel and small plastic ice fishing shovel to get turned facing the right direction. Two big young guys tried to push me but I could not get going. I was getting worried by now. Then a fellow from Montana stopped and had a Come Along Strap and big Four Wheel Drive. We pulled me with no problem up part of the hill we unconnected he drove of and I just sat there spinning. He backed up and reconnected and pulled me all the way to the main road with no problem.

After many a Thank You, He drove off and I drove off. and I Thanked God a kind person was there to help and did so. There is at least two lessons to be learned here. One do not drive a van on an unplowed unknown road. And two to have a pull strap in you vehicle, Which I do know. I hope I never have to use it.

So then after all of that I still came home with no fish. I had one nice gill which I gave to another party of three that had four fish for the whole day. It looks like a nice lake to fish in the spring with the kayak for crappies.
To night I give Thanks, It could have been a much worse situation. have a Blessed Evening
January 4, 2021 at 6:41pm
January 4, 2021 at 6:41pm

I will now fill you in on yesterdays fish trip. I went close by about 50 minutes away, a smaller shallow like. It was full of people, being a Sunday. There was good ice and the snow was not a problem. It was cloudy and cold but not terrible. What was terrible was the fishing. I didn't get skunked but brought home only two small fish. The rest were mostly potato chips, meaning potato chip size. I will not return there this winter. But tomorrow is another trip to a different lake and hopefully better results.

What was the worse is I hurt my eyes. Like a novice I ran off with out a hat with a brim. The brightness on the snow was hard for me too look at. Then straining to see the fish locator light did not help. Then when I left it was fog and freezing fog which made a glare which made driving difficult. So today I am wearing flip over light protection on my glasses. Lesson learned, I hope. But us old dogs do not always learn the fastest. But anyway On To,

PROMPT January 3rd

If you had a portal that would instantly transport you to one specific place on Earth whenever you wanted, where would you want to go? You can use the portal as often as you want, but it will only transport you to the one location you choose and then back again to where you came from.

This is a easy prompt for me. Zurich Switzerland is the answer. I have some family there I can visit. And I will be able to rent a car and drive to Vienna Austria, Innsbruck, Salzburg, and Munich, I would also travel to and in the Prattigau Valley my heritage home where family yet remains. I have hopes of making one more trip there one day.

If you are chasing to find happiness, You will never catch it, Happiness needs to be found in the NOW Moment.
January 2, 2021 at 7:39pm
January 2, 2021 at 7:39pm

Well I did it, I took down the 2020 calendar from the library door. it always feels like the final close down to the past year. Next it will be the old year paper work and taxes. I closed up the curtains on the Christmas room. That will now rest until July if I can remember to light up for the 4th. Did a few clean up details, and had to deal with snow. I listened to some older music, Does Phil Harris ring a bell with any of you. I have a habit of when I sort sheet music I listen to some of the music I am sorting. It is easy to do on the internet. What has happened to the music of today?

Tomorrow I am hope to do some Ice Fishing down here. It looks like it will be a decent day. I did not bring the shelter down here from up north at this time, only a open sled. But that looks like it will work tomorrow. Going out and ice fishing gives me a lift at this time of year. I will let you know how it all works out.

I wanted to write on the prompt from January one, "What’s something GOOD that happened in 2020?"

I had to stop and give this good thought since last evening. It is normally easier for me to find a silver lining in things, 2020 is tough. I think the question is dealing with the bigger picture for the year. Not me or my families personal year, which was satisfactory, No real downers.

One silver lining I see was people may have rediscovered home life and it's rewards. The finding of pleasure, satisfaction in a good job done well at your home. Maybe I hope more houses became homes with the owners own personalities.
I hope and suspect that many people became closer to God. That he indeed walks with them. That God walking with them is the difference between Hope and Despair in a rough year.

I think at least some people have come to realize that our news media and social media set our cultural social agenda, and what and how it is discussed. It is in there perceived interest to make a news narrative, not just report the news. Their show of what they want and the length they will go to achieve it should have been apparent to many. That new awareness is a good thing going into 2021.

I saw more interest in outdoor endeavors, Spending time with God's nature, More exercise. more healthy activities. I hope there was a renewed serious awareness of health issues.

If there can be silver linings for the year 2020 I can have positive optimism for the year 2021, and I do.
December 31, 2020 at 11:27pm
December 31, 2020 at 11:27pm

It's December 31, New Years Eve and I sit here with the wife. We got cleaned up to end the year with no place to go. I finished my Do List for the last time this year. I and We made out our major goals list for 2021. It is not near as long as last year, and I wanted it that way. I am getting to the point I just do not want to deal with things any more then I have to. I only want to take in the world around me, Smell the Roses, Count the stars, Walk in the rain, Watch the garden grow, Smell a fresh plowed field and roll in the soil. I love God's creation, this earth and all of it's workings. It is a miracle. I am still a Little Boy and still the farmer I always wanted to be.
I want to hug and kiss the wife, Pet the Little dog and have the Big cat on my lap. Go fishing with the Grandsons and give the Granddaughters a hard time. I pray this year I will be able to do those things. That I will not get bogged down into every day details.

My review of 2020, I am always troubled writing this review. It is like watching a close friend pass away. It is like writing an obituary. As troubling as the old year was I will miss 2020. It will never come my way again. It is gone forever. For us 2020 was productive, We got a lot accomplished because our options were limited. We could not travel as we would have. We could stay focused. The garden was very satisfactory. We did most items on the yearly Goals List. I did more fishing and caught some fish. We stayed healthy. Our family stayed healthy and I think financially secure. God blessed us once again this year and I am Thankful.

But I do feel very guilty, So many have lost so much this year of 2020. I hate the thought of people losing a livelihood for them and there family. And I am of the persuasion that government can not fix everything. Only God with our help can fix our cultural difficulties. So this evening I pray that those who have lost so much can soon recover from this virus onslaught. That they and there families can once again be self sustaining. I am sorry this has happened to you. I pray that 2021 will be the beginning of your recovery. I pray for God's Blessings for everyone in 2021.
December 30, 2020 at 2:39pm
December 30, 2020 at 2:39pm

What do you know it is not late evening and I am writing this Blog. I have been absent from writing for a few days now. I do not know where the days go too. It seems we are always going to bed. How can that be? Today we are digging out of our 6+ inches of snow. It is a combination job Snow blower and shovel. First off this morning I need to shovel a spot and access for the Little Dog. He has work to do outside and wants a grass covered area. he has little legs of about 6 inches and he doesn't get around in deep snow. That done I started the sidewalk, I am glad I do not have a corner lot just a over size frontage on the highway with a lot of vehicle and foot traffic. At one time I had a massive amount of sidewalk and parking lot to remove snow from. Luck that was 25 years ago. We still have a lot of area to remove show from. So now I need to go slow, when I get tired I quit for awhile. So now I quit and can write the blog.

That last couple of days I have been working on Old Vintage Sheet music, Repairing, Sleeving and Boarding. Yesterday it was Patriotic and World War 1 music. They sure did some Great Propaganda Art Work. Some will need to go, I can not keep it all. But I do not know where yet.

Yes, We are ticking down to years end. I normally write out a review of the current year and goals for the coming year. But I have one day remaining. A lot can happen in one day. Writing tomorrow will be a priority.

But for today now It is back to the shovel for me. I hope you are done shoveling and you are resting. Have a Blessed Day
December 26, 2020 at 9:42pm
December 26, 2020 at 9:42pm

It's the day after Christmas and all is well. Christmas day was different this year. The wife did not do a meal. We had no family visit. She did a desert and a Vegetable and we went the youngest daughters house about 1.75 hours drive away. It was good they made Duck and dressing. It was my wife and I and my daughter and Son in Law. We took the little Biscuit along. The two dogs got along good, No problem, But we did have two begging dogs. After dinner she connected to the Zoom thingy, and gifts were opened with my other daughters and Grandkids over Zoom. It was nice. but I am nervous about a live internet camera on in the house. I won't have it in our home. I want to keep our home private, No prying eyes, No Big Brother. We left just in time to get on the freeway before dark. I do not like to drive at night with close two way traffic. As for next year Christmas we will wait and see, But I can see us going to one of the daughters again. Our house is Just now too small for 16-18 people. The grandkids are getting to be adult size. The more important is the wife next year will be 69 and she is little and a bit frail. Doing a big meal for all is hard on her. but as I always Say "We Shall See".

Today we rested some, No busyness. I did sort out some Sheet Music. I may have not mention before but Saturday is our Sabbath. We do try to make the day different then the rest of the week. We try to honor God and his creation on that day. We try to rest, But rest is hard for me, not being busy. So I am sure we are not the best Sabbath keepers, but we do not forget The Sabbath either. I hope you have a Blessed evening and New Week.

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