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by Dragon
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Nothing official here; just come chill!

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Welcome to my little Den! Here you'll find all sorts of things- mostly blog challenges, but mixed in, you'll see:

*Bulletp* Lots of pink
*Bulletp* A good mix of fangirl *Starstruck*
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*Bulletp* some family stories Those might be private, but you'll see a fair bit about me *Wink*
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September 8, 2019 at 12:07am
September 8, 2019 at 12:07am
LA Devotee- Panic at the Disco (Brandon Urie is part of Panic at the Disco)

You probably figured out (if you know Brandon Urie is from PATD) that this last song would be Panic at the Disco, but not which song. *Laugh*

I live in LA, and granted, I haven’t actually been to most of the places listed in the song, but this is a fun song to sing along. *Laugh* It’s kinda rock-ish and it allows you to kinda scream or sing louder, which is great for hyping up or cheering up. I don’t quite get the horoscope references, and honestly, reading more into the lyrics now, they don't actually make much sense to me. *Rolling*

BUT I do really like the song. I probably can't really tell you why, because that's just me. *Rolleyes* It's so catchy, and also... the "always on the hunt for a little more time"-- yes, that is absolutely me because I have 3 jobs (and it's 8:38 right now PST, which makes it 11:38 WDC time on September 7th, which is about 22 minutes from when this activity closes *Rolling*) and my work-life balance is completely out of skew, to where I am out of the house for 12+ hours at a time, whether it be for school or work. *Crazy* Like, today, I left the house before 7, for 7:30 barre class. Then I had Chinese School from 9-12, and work from 12:45-7. I stayed a little bit to talk with the other leaders at the store about bringing Mom to barre tomorrow, (which she has now bailed on *Facepalm*) and about school and life and such. *Laugh*

The first time I heard the song, I was like "oooh, this is catchy" *Laugh* And then I kept listening to it and it got stuck in my head a few times, and here we are now. *Ha*

I also got distracted and signed up for barre for 2 weeks in advance, which means that this entry is now late, but whatever. *Laugh* *Rolleyes* I was looking for instructors that I liked, and there was a lady on the schedule whom I haven't taken a class with for a while, and I did like her classes, so I signed up for her because it was a time I'm actually not at school or work. *Laugh*

September 7, 2019 at 11:34pm
September 7, 2019 at 11:34pm

Me- Taylor Swift, Brendan Urie

I don’t know if it’s considered allowed or not to use the same main artist twice in a row, but I mean they're pretty different songs and it's definitely more representative of what I've been listening to lately. *Angelic*
Brendan Urie flies around, on an umbrella, like Mary Poppins at the BBMAs. What more can anyone ask for? *Rolling* To be completely honest, I've always envisioned flying on an umbrella after Mary Poppins and Nanny McPhee did what they did. *Laugh* In elementary school, I used to think it was possible and always wish I could. *Rolling*
Also, I watched he and Taylor perform this at the Billboard Awards- they killed it! As a matter of fact, I’m gonna link that performance at the bottom. *Bigsmile*
This song is a fun one- it’s somewhat different from Taylor’s “You broke up with me and this is about you” songs, and I like that the color theme is so pastel and 50s-esque. Also, when I did my nails to celebrate Lover’s drop, they were the longest-lasting ombre I’ve done, which probably says something about the song, the colors, and the album. O:- )
It’s also like a boyfriend/girlfriend proposal in a song, in the sense that “this is why you should pick ME to be your BF/GF.” *Laugh*
Another reason this song/video is awesome, is maybe my life is sort of evolving alongside Taylor Swift's music- last time with her reputation album, I was totally all "yes, let's go get revenge on everyone and be all "Look What You Made Me Do" to the people I didn't like. Now that I'm at lululemon, it's like "you can go take your negativity somewhere else because I don't think fueling this fire is worth my time." *Laugh*
I also love the “Hey, kids, spelling is FUN!” part. *Rolling* I never actually realized “awesome” had a “me” in it until the song pointed it out. So, whenever you’re feeling down, remember, “can’t spell awesome without ‘me’” *Bigsmile*

The BBMA performance:

September 7, 2019 at 1:55am
September 7, 2019 at 1:55am

End Game- Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Future

If you didn’t know that I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan by now, 1. now you do, and 2. do you really know me? *Laugh* With that said, I mentioned in the previous post that yes, it did feel like cheating to use Perfect and End Game because Jeff already used it as an example, but really, how else am I supposed to incorporate Taylor Swift into this mix? *Laugh* Once you see my final 2 songs, I do challenge you to come up with an alternative path. If you succeed (and by succeed, I mean it has to actually be something I would listen to *Laugh*) maybe I’ll send you something. *Smirk* *Laugh*

I did go to the reputation tour at the Rose Bowl last year- Uncle got the tickets as my birthday present- but he did it in a really weird way, that the way I reacted to his request was so far from what he (and Mom) thought my reaction would be, that he was super confused. *Rolling* He called me when Mom and I were at lunch, and he’s like “Hey, Dragon, can you get me 3 tickets to the Taylor Swift concert?” *Rolling* I mean, yeah, it’s nice he was paying for the tickets and everything but his execution needed some… I don’t know, work? *Laugh* I mean, for me it felt a little random. *Rolling* According to Mom, I think they were expecting more of a “*Shock2* YES OMG YES YES YES” as opposed to a “*Confused* okay, yeah, sure.” *Laugh*

End Game is probably actually one of my higher-ranked favorite songs from reputation, and probably from Taylor Swift in general- I’m not one to really listen to rap music, but I do actually really like the rapping/rap-like cadence of Ed Sheeran’s part- and I love how Taylor’s part goes into rapping and then melts into song. I think that Ed Sheeran’s British-ness comes out really well and goes well with the song- like when he says “beautiful”- you’re not getting the “t” sound, but more of a guttural, “eh” sound in its place and it makes it really fun to sing along to in the car. *Laugh*
September 6, 2019 at 6:13pm
September 6, 2019 at 6:13pm

Perfect- Ed Sheeran and Beyonce

I'm admittedly not a huge Beyonce fan. It was apparently her birthday the other day (Wednesday- I took a 6 am barre class and the instructor was like "according to another instructor, it's Beyonce's birthday today, so we're going to be playing all Beyonce songs today" *Facepalm*) I knew about 3 songs. *Rolling* Halo, Single Ladies, and one more I don't remember what it was. *Rolling*

Okay, it's now 10 pm and I wrote a whole entry on this about 7 hours ago on my phone, which I could swear I saved, but it apparently didn't, so now I'm rushing to write this and I'm not pleased. *Rolleyes*

I feel like it's somewhat cheating to be using this song because Jeff used it in the example, but I'm thinking that once we get to day 7, you'll see why I chose this and what the logic there was. *Laugh*

I do like Ed Sheeran's music, for the most part. I remember being fascinated with A-team when it first came out, and really liking that song, which is interesting because when you think about that song and compare it to his current music, that's not at all what it's like now. I'm thinking more specifically along the lines of Galway Girl and Nancy Mulligan- I'm pretty sure I mentioned somewhere that I now have a Pandora Premium, but when I was on Pandora Plus, Ed Sheeran's songs came up every now and then, and another one of his songs I liked was "What do I know".

As for this song specifically, I liked the non-Beyonce version better. (As said, not a huge Beyonce fan) I remember hearing the version with her in it, at the grocery store when I was at uni, and thinking "okay I like this song and I can kinda tell it's Ed Sheeran- actually, I know it's Ed Sheeran, but who's the woman?" so I opened Shazam to see, and lo and behold, it was Beyonce. *Laugh* I won't say she did a bad job with the song- she didn't. I just don't like her enough to say I liked her being in the song as well. As a matter of fact, I'm somewhat surprised that she would duet with Ed Sheeran, of all people. Ed Sheeran seems so much more down-to-earth and practical, and the image Beyonce gives out is totally opposite- high class, somewhat diva-ish, and untouchable, essentially. I'm guessing that's why people call her the queen. *Laugh*

September 6, 2019 at 6:08pm
September 6, 2019 at 6:08pm

Jumpin' Jumpin'- Destiny's Child: Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams

I've been getting rather into 90s music stuffs recently, especially female 90s music. I had Pandora Plus for about a year and half, which let me have ad-free and offline music listening, but it was radio-based, so while I got to help customize my own stations, I didn't get to decide what songs I wanted to listen to. Somehow, lots of 90s stuff started coming up, and I was like "this isn't bad". *Laugh* That was also before I learned that I could change the song from my steering wheel, as opposed to reaching over to the opposite side of the screen to press next. *Think* I've just gotten Pandora Premium, so now I can have my own playlists too. *Ha*

I chose this song because I think it might be one of my favorite Destiny's Child songs- I feel like Say My Name is people's go-to song if they think of Destiny's Child. I also like this song because it's not all about "woe is me, my boyfriend broke up with me and I'm writing a song about this" *Laugh* It's all about having fun with your girlfriends, and with my recent schedule, that's definitely something that I haven't done in a while. *Think* Owlz and I are in the process of figuring out when she's at her internship at the same time I'm at work at lululemon because they're almost across the street from each other and we could easily hang out at the mall either before or after our work. *Laugh*

Going back to the song, it's also a fun car song... it puts me in a good mood and I've been in a weird place recently where I don't like any of the music on my stations *Laugh* Honestly, it's probably because of the traffic I drive through- it took me 20 minutes to get to barre this morning (should take about 10) because I hit every. single. red. light. *Irritated* And I was stalled by a long pickup truck towing something behind it, that I wasn't sure what it was trying to do, blocking both sides of the road. *Facepalm* And then I got stuck behind a real truck. *Rant* Which, resulted in me being late to class. *Rolleyes*
September 6, 2019 at 5:53pm
September 6, 2019 at 5:53pm

In the Air Tonight- Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem, Boy George, Guy Sebastian

Let's just preface this with OMG it's Kelly Rowland, Delta Goodrem, AND Guy Sebastian all on one stage. *Inlove* *Laugh* Yes, I am a big fan of all three. I like Destiny's Child (hint, hint for Day 3 *Angelic* *Laugh*), I love Delta (should be obvious by now) and Guy Sebastian also has a pretty amazing voice. *Laugh*
And no, I'm not much of a Boy George fan, if only because he's a class-A jerk. *Laugh*

This song.... The visual effects of the video make it for me. It was a tossup between this one and "I'm every woman"- between Delta and Kelly, and I chose this one only because the visual effects are *Shock*. The way they organized the song- there's so much anticipation, and the electricity and static in the background just keep hyping it up. *Laugh* I also find it amusing how Boy George looks like he's possessed. *Rolling*
I also briefly considered "Hello" for Day 1, but I preferred Bang Bang for its upbeatness.

I'll be the first to admit I don't fully comprehend what's happening in the video- it looks like quantum physics or something (maybe Kittiara will understand and be able to better explain it from her philosophy studies? *Laugh*)
I'll also admit there was way too much buildup to where I felt a bit disappointed in the sense of "that's it?" once the performance was over. *Laugh* I was hoping for a bit more, yes, but the combination of these superstars is purely awesome. *Laugh* Last season, they had Joe Jonas and did Heroes, which was okayish. *Laugh* I do think it would've fun had they done something like "Cake by the Ocean"- they have the Jo Bro, might as well, right?

I also did not watch most of this season's Voice AU. Usually I keep up on Youtube, but Nathan, from the original Hi-5 cast had done a blind audition and made it through to the knockout rounds, where Delta made a really big mistake of not choosing him, which angered the majority of the Australian public, including me. *Rolling* So I stopped watching. *Think* Even one of the original Wiggles (the blue one) was saying she'd made a mistake and should've saved him. Here's a link to Nathan's audition:

September 6, 2019 at 5:35pm
September 6, 2019 at 5:35pm

Bang Bang- Jessie J, Delta, Ricky Martin, Madden Bros

Well, I figured I’d start this out with a bang. *Laugh* I also didn’t think I’d be doing this, because this was HARD. *Think* But I finally figured out my 7 songs- thanks to some unstated stuff in the rules I think. *Laugh* And thanks to The Voice AU for always having a revolving door when it comes to their judges, because without that, I don’t think this would be possible. *Pthb*

I’m just gonna preface this with I LOVE watching the judges perform. They always take a song, spin it on its head, or just blow it out of the park. I could’ve easily done all seven songs as Voice judge covers, but I’d also be missing lots of other songs that I really liked. *Laugh* So I won’t, but just a preview, tomorrow’s song is also a Voice cover. *Whistle* I almost started out with one that had Kylie Minogue in it, but Delta is kinda key in the next link, so I can't really do that unless I go really roundabout, and that would involve more than 7 songs. *Facepalm*

I like this song in particular, mostly because it kinda got me more into Jessie J and Ariana Grande. They both have phenomenal voices, and are super cool artists. Also, I like the Just Dance video’s choreography of it. It’s super fun and challenging, which is just up my alley. *Laugh* And it’s dance, which I can hardly pass up. *Whistle* Come to think of it, though, I haven't actually heard this one in barre class yet- considering it's so up-tempo and "let's go!"-y. *Laugh*

This performance in particular though, I didn’t choose just because it has 5 people singing it and that meant I had more to work with. *Laugh* I also chose it because of how they performed. Delta and Ricky Martin were really having a blast with the song, and I loved how the Madden brothers were also really enjoying their rapping. *Laugh* As for Jessie J, she just has an amazing voice. *Bigsmile* I probably could also go on a Jessie J binge, but that wouldn't once more mean you're not getting everything. *Laugh*
August 25, 2019 at 7:43pm
August 25, 2019 at 7:43pm
Who has been the best friend you've had in life? Tell us the story of how you met. Are you still friends with them? If not, why?

Owlz is definitely my best friend. *Smile* I met her in 6th grade- we had math together, and we met through a mutual friend. Going into 6th grade, I was growing apart from my former “best friend” in elementary school, who was slowly turning her attention towards things I was decidedly not that into- makeup, boys, boy bands... and competition. As in, everything was becoming a competition of who did better- and I usually won, which wasn’t pleasant for her. *Laugh*

Anyways, in 6th grade, we had this thing called A/B days, where you would have PE every other day, and an elective class during PE time on the days you didn’t have PE. There was this girl who was in my PE and elective class, and also in my 3rd period science class- I don’t remember how we ended up friends, but we did, and Owlz was also her friend. Owlz, as I mentioned, was in my math class, which was 4th period (how I remember these details, beats me *Laugh*) and since lunch is right after 4th period, I guess I ended up finding them and sitting with them... eventually I ended up in their group- there were 6 of us, and the other girls were all friendly enough, so I stuck around. None of them were from my elementary school, though, and they all knew each other!

As for Owlz, we were never super close until high school/after high school, I guess? I mean, we did group projects together for science in 7th grade- we had the same science class and therefore made some cell models together and she hosted sleepovers for our group, but I don’t remember being as close to her back then as I am now. We also carpooled in 9th grade when sis took 0 period Chinese at the rival high school across the hill and there were late starts on Wednesdays, which would leave me stranded at school for an hour or so while teachers had their meetings *Think*. Mom would also pick her up every now and then in middle school and take her back to her place, since it was so close to school. So Mom would drop off sis at 0 period, I’d go to Owlz’s place to hang for a bit, and then her mom or brother would take us to school.

Post-(HS) graduation, she’s really the only friend I constantly keep in touch with- ironically, Sis didn’t like that first girl who introduced me to everyone else because she also had a younger who she found pretty annoying, and therefore, treated my sister similarly... now, though, she and sis are pretty close friends and I’ve lost contact with her. I tried to reconnect over Christmas since I’d just gotten back from Owlz’s and Sis has just gotten back from the girl’s place, but I don’t think the other girl was too interested in hanging because I invited her out 3 times, and got rejected all three times. *Laugh*

I am definitely still friends with Owlz- I’m grateful for her friendship as well. She’s one of the few people who know how stuff works in my family and extended family/the religious org (Through explanation and just hanging out) and since she’s a MFT (Marriage/Family Therapy) person/intern/pre-professional/grad student, I can always rely on her when I want to talk/need to talk. *Laugh* I’ve also brought her to barre with me [this past Tuesday, because Monday was her bday and we wanted to hang out and celebrate (which I did by inviting her to barre with me! *Rolling* In my defense, I also gave her a pack of goodies and a marshmallow plushie from the Hershey store in NYC *Laugh*) I brought her to the nice instructor’s class (she’s probably one of the best there in my opinion, though the evening instructor is definitely growing on me too)] and she is the only person I’ve taken there so far. Mom keeps saying she wants to try, but either the times don’t work for her, she’s off somewhere, or she hurt herself. *Facepalm**Laugh*

So yeah, that’s pretty much the story of me and Owlz- from 6th grade through now. *Bigsmile*
July 24, 2019 at 9:21pm
July 24, 2019 at 9:21pm
Write about a fear you experienced as a child that you have since overcome.

My first reaction here is to say, "I wasn't actually scared of much as a child," because I really can't think of anything I was scared of. *Laugh* BUT, upon further reflection, I suppose I got over my abandonment issues? *Laugh* They weren't necessarily abandonment issues, but I'd cry every time I got dropped off at preschool. *Laugh* That stopped in kindergarten, though, and I think it also stopped when Sis started going to school with me?
Other than that, yeah, I was a pretty outgoing and bold child. *Laugh* Sis was the timid one who liked to take things slow. Me? I went headfirst into everything and I'd get scrapes, bruises, and cuts everywhere. *Laugh* I'll call them my battle scars of physical development. *Rolling*
That also means that there isn't much to write about for this entry, unfortunately. *Think* *Laugh*
July 24, 2019 at 9:14pm
July 24, 2019 at 9:14pm
Share three pieces of advice you’ve received through your life that you wish you had heard earlier.

Y'all probably thought I gave up.... I almost did, considering my head hurt so much at one point when I was staring at a screen all day. But I've been better these past couple days so I thought I'd try catching up. *Laugh*

So advice 1:
To be actually good at anything, there are 3 factors- talent, passion, and some luck.
For some people, talent is born. My cousin was born naturally talented at the piano. He has the passion for it. And luck comes in to play with biology- he has large hands to cover over an octave on the piano. *Laugh* As for me, I didn't quite have the talent, I had some passion (which fizzled out with Mom's helicoptoring) and not much luck biologically. Sis, on the other hand, had the talent, did NOT have the passion, and definitely has larger hands than I do. *Rolleyes*
She also had the talent and passion for tennis. Luck, not so much. Being Asian, we're not as long-limbed, so our reach isn't that far, which is definitely a detriment to her. *Laugh* I had some talent for tennis- apparently, I was good at "social tennis," according to this coach from after-school tennis in 6th grade. And even then, Mom didn't get the hint that, "tennis isn't the sport for Dragon" *Laugh* We struggled another 4 years before I eventually quit and moved into dance. *Pthb*
In her freshman year of high school, Sis had to take PE Dance for half a year when her tennis was out of season. The teacher wrote in her yearbook, "you're a great athlete". Subliminal message: Stick to sports, not dance. *Rolling* According to sis, she (Sis) would make a grimace-frown-like face whenever she was turning. *Laugh* Painful for all parties. *Laugh* I would say I had a semi-talent for dance, which was definitely something I had to work very hard to achieve. I got lucky in the sense that the beginner's class I was in only had 2 students (including me) and since the other kid was in, like, 3rd grade, she sometimes wouldn't show, which gave me private lessons for the price of a group class. Therefore, I progressed quite quickly through the levels and the instructor sent me to level 4 in about 2-3 months. *Bigsmile*

Advice 2:
It's okay to use a knife and fork to eat everything.
It's so much easier, and cleaner! *Laugh* Sure, you'll get weird stares, but at least you won't have greasy hands the rest of the day.

Advice 3:
Dreams may be far-fetched, but they're never dumb.
This one is actually a lesson I learned from Jumpstart last year. Since day 1 of Hi-5's inception, I'd sworn up and down to myself that one day, that would be me up on that stage, performing with the cast- singing and dancing with little kids. In 6th grade computer class, I actually started looking into what it took to become an entertainment figure in Australia. I was dead-set on it! And since nothing else truly interested or excited me the way Hi-5 did, I always thought it'd be a natural choice for me to enter showbiz. *Laugh* Except, as we grew up, you could pretty much tell Mom wasn't all for showbiz. I had a classmate whose father owned the Staples Center, which is where American Idol was filmed at the time. I remember mentioning it to Mom, and also asking her something along the lines of why we didn't go out to concerts, and she probably said something along the lines of "because it's full of negative energy," but using more Buddhist and Chinese terminology. *Think* Like, my classmates were going to see the Jonas Brothers (wasn't too interested) or Hannah Montana (definitely would've wanted to see), and in middle school, Taylor Swift was definitely all the rage.
So yeah, that kinda put a nix into my dreams of becoming the next Hi-5 cast member, but after doing Jumpstart, and figuring out what I was doing with my schooling and life and such, I realized I could take all this knowledge and experience and apply it in a different way- as an educational consultant. So after Jumpstart was over, I had said if I got the chance to become some sort of educational consultant for the show, OMG would I take it. *Laugh*
For now, I'm teaching preschool and Mommy & Me music classes around the area, which, honestly, isn't too far of a grasp from what I was saying I would've liked to do for Hi-5. *Laugh* Dreams evolve as you evolve- so never let them go, because one day, it may turn into the next great thing you do. *Bigsmile*

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