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Make Cents out of Your Dollars
What is a budget? Do you budget? Have no idea how to budget? Need to find out about budgets?
Review - MyMoneyCoach
February 22, 2017 at 3:39am
So I decided to review a Canadian budget platform [certainly not my first, but I like to see what is out there]. I find it difficult to use most of these platforms as they all have the same claim to fame 'A Budget That Works For You'. Again they did not disappointment me. The advantages of this one included: - a downloadable excel work sheet - already populated with income and expense - drop down menu for bi-weekly, monthly, annually - auto calculations - auto guideline spend... [Read more]
Insurance - How much are you spending?
February 18, 2017 at 8:13pm
Insurance - How much are you spending? As I can only relate to Canadian standards I often feel that I am on insurance overload. You always have to look ahead for the time that the impossible, unfortunate, devastating things happen in your life to benefit from the hundreds of dollars you pay in month after month, year after year. Let's See - How many of these insurance coverages do you pay for: Tenants Package, Homeowners Insurance, Vehicle Insurance, Business Insurance, Medical Insur... [Read more]
Food - How much are you spending?
February 14, 2017 at 3:31pm
Often I am asked "How is a budget going to fix my problem? What I need is more money!" This is not false - however it is misleading. Everyone needs money as we live in a society where everything has a price. But knowing when you need to spend money and when you don't is revealed by using a budget. It can in fact fix over spending in areas that you perhaps did not even realize that you were spending that much. When we pay for something that is under $10 or even $20 per spe... [Read more]
Remember when
February 12, 2017 at 4:51pm
My thoughts on budgeting reflect my life - for where would I be today had I not had one! There is no way of knowing exactly when I started as I can't remember how long I have kept one. But it has always been there for me, guided me, frustrated me, made me curse, cry, and scream and shout - success. I'm sure some of you will remember as I do being a child and working your chores for the week for that magical quarter that you could take to the corner store and get that fantastic sugar... [Read more]
Ask Yourself - Do You
February 10, 2017 at 9:45pm
Ask Yourself Do You: • Earn an income? • Pay your bills regularly? • Constantly have more bills than income? • Struggle with what is left after your bills are paid? • Work extremely hard at your job to earn that income? • Listen, read, or watch all the latest greatest budget ideas and trends? • Say to yourself “Well I’m glad it works for you!” What are your thoughts on budgeting. Do you use a budget? ... [Read more]

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