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You are what you write. Illusion and Reality...I reside in between. Where are you?
UNDERSTAND THAT REDIRECTING CIVILIZATION is a major undertaking. You can write volumes about it and who will listen? But the energy that goes for that purpose cannot be withdrawn. You know that.

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June 5, 2015 at 1:05pm
June 5, 2015 at 1:05pm
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Imagine a long coat, imagine the pocket of that coat, imagine what is inside the pocket... oooohh noooo...
You are being followed aggressively...keep in mind all of the above details what are they going to discover when they get to you and grab your pocket.

All the street lights were burned out as I entered the neighborhood. I had the address, but house numbers proved impossible to see in the darkness. I think Billy told me the third or fourth house, but I couldn’t remember which side of the street. Looking back toward the main boulevard, a haven of bright lights, I saw two figures very briefly as they disappeared into the murky shadows.

A light rain joined the breeze that tormented the dry branches over my head. Pulling my long coat tighter, I kept moving. I could hear footsteps of someone running. Sounded like more than one person, and heading toward me. I passed the third house on the left. I had to be close to the safe house. But which one? I couldn’t see a light anywhere.

Then I saw it! Just a dark blue LED, blinking slowly. On the other side of the street. I start running across the wet pavement. Too fast. I slip, tripping on the curb. I try to stand, but one of my pursurers hits me hard. I sprawl across the sidewalk, just fifty feet from the blinking light. Rough hands yank at my coat. The fabric tears, an ugly ripping sound. A foot pushes me down hard into the concrete.

A gutteral voice in my ear warns, “Move again and I’ll knock you out.” His hands frantically searching through all my pockets. “Ah! I feel it!” He just shreds the side of the coat and pulls the inside pocket open. “Got it!” he yells to the other person whose feet were on both sided of my head. Five seconds later, they’re gone, running back the way they’d come.

Slowly I find my balance and stand, wiping the grit off my face. I reach inside my shirt where the key to the bank box is safely carried. Crazy guys, they are gonna be so upset when they find out the key they so viciously stole from me would only open the meter box in my garage.

Beside the blue light, the door to the safe house opens and I slip inside, sliding the bolts behind me. I’ll send a signal for a car to pick me up and I’m out of this mission for a few days. The money in the bank box will get me far away. I certainly will have to go shopping for a new coat. I loved that coat.

Keep your pockets safe...>>>iggy
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June 4, 2015 at 12:16pm
June 4, 2015 at 12:16pm
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Prompt: What books do you plan on reading this summer?

The Circle of Sorcerers by Brian Kittrell

City of Rogues: Book i

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan

Harbinger of Doom by Glenn G. Thater

The Soulkeepers by G.R. Ching

Tanaquill by Akalle (Read it once, read again)

These books are free on Kindle. Great for retired person’s budgets!

We don’t have a real book store in Belize. Hoping to get over to Orange Walk one of these days. A store called the Boundry has a wall of used paperbacks. I just hope it’s still there.

Happy reading all...>>>iggy *Boat*

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June 3, 2015 at 7:20pm
June 3, 2015 at 7:20pm
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Prompt: Life is strange.

No bright and shiny things here. Just something to maybe think about:

Besides residue from earlier processing, the MMR vaccine contains contains the following ingredients: MSG, animal products, and the antibiotic neomycin. The MMR vaccine also contains human protein that has been genetically modified.

There are three different live attenuated viruses- rubivirus (measles), parotitis (mumps), and rubeola (rubella or German measles). That’s why it’s called MMR.

INGREDIENTS: Sucrose, hydrolized gelatin, urea, sodium chloride, sorbitol, monosodium L-glutamate, sodium phosphate, human albumin sodium bicarbonate, potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, residual components of MRC-5 cells (including DNA and protein), neomycin, bovine serum albumin, other buffer and media ingredients, sodium phosphate dibasic, potassium phosphate monobasic, potassium phosphate dibasic.

This affects a great many people, especially children. I think it requires research and trying to find the scientific-medical truth of it. Not propaganda paid for by the manufacturers. There’s a lot more to learn, some of it has religious issues.

Follow the money...and listen to the SILENCE.

Peace and Love...>>>iggy *Boat*
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June 2, 2015 at 5:13pm
June 2, 2015 at 5:13pm
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Prompt: “When you’re awake, you know you’re awake. But when you aren’t, you don’t know you aren’t. The question is, how do you know you exist?”by Maria Popova in Brain Pickings /\ Write whatever you wish about this, through any form, style, genre, fiction, non-fiction or poetry.

I am...when I am asleep,
Sometimes more alive and full of power,
I am...when I dream of home,
I have lived many places in my dreams.

I am...visiting often to my homes of dream,
Familar sameness rich with memories,
I am...when I dream of paths and trails,
I always find my way to that same place.

I am...when I am flying,
Lifting free of ground and floors,
I am...when I jump to air uplifted
Soaring over miles of endless carpet colors.

I am...there in that place I work,
Knowing faces of friends and their stories,
I am...familiar to all and loved by some
Always planner, teacher, designer, solver.

I am...because I know.
Sleeping dreaming waking same,
The self of me is me the self who...
is as I am.

We are one.

Peace and love...>>>iggy

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June 1, 2015 at 12:52pm
June 1, 2015 at 12:52pm
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Blog City Prompt: May 31 is Walt Whitman’s birthday. One can’t say much because his words are too good.

“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.”

It feels really dumb to ask someone, “How are you?” when you know they are not well or feeling bad. And then if they tell you all about it---you asked for it.

“The poet judges not as a judge judges but as the sun falling around a helpless thing.”

Yes, warm the subject, illuminate it, expand the values, see what is underneath.

Walt Whitman also said:
"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you,""I exist as I am, that is enough."If any thing is sacred, the human body is sacred."

He means always look for the positive, and respect and take care of yourself.

Also, his best advice:
“Re-examine all you have been told. Dismiss what insults your soul.”

One of my very favorite writers...>>>iggy

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May 30, 2015 at 10:37am
May 30, 2015 at 10:37am
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Blog City Prompt:
Everyone at one point in their life has a difficult conversations, some go well - some not so well. Think about a conversation you've had that you really wish you could have a do over? Tell us about it what you would do different?

There were a couple conversations in my life... ...but I would never write about them. The persons involved are still alive and the hurt and pain too great. Enough said about that.

What do they call it? Hindsight? My characters always feel victorious if they get to really tell somebody off. Maybe they’ll feel bad about it later, maybe even apologize. But deep down, they loved the moment!

Then there are those situations where a person should be called out for cheating or lying to have an advantage, but no one does. There is no conversation. Not enough proof, too political, families involved. You know, just like our government and politicians who get by with unbelievable actions---that for ordinary people could result in fines, prison, etc.

Too often the result is SILENCE to keep their job or position. For others the gift of MONEY is all that is required. As in headlines today, sometimes it is millions. I think there is a lot of cleaning up to do and some significant conversations.

Who is going to initiate those important conversations? Will you vote for them?
Who can you trust. The ‘do over’ part has already past.

Sorry, I’m ranting...>>>iggy

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May 29, 2015 at 8:30am
May 29, 2015 at 8:30am
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>>>What do you think is necessary to turn your blog into a published book?
My blog is uneven because I’m responding to outside prompts. Some topics I can write about, others are not so hot or require a lot of research, or time that I don’t have. That is not the contents of a book. Maybe out of ten years of daily blogging, there would be enough good ones to assemble, who know?

>>>Do you need to base your blog on one topic or theme?
Books are intended for others to read. One topic could be really boring unless it contained vital information or continually fascinating antidotes. Then you have the diary or journal of a famous person.

>>>Or have random entries like we do with here in the group?
Random entries from a group of very different individuals might be interesting. Amusing, human interest books are very common. However, a collection of writings from folks struggling in this crazy world could have value.

>>> Do you think we will see blogs published as books in the future?
Absolutely. Publishers only have so many submissions every year. A good blog book would have as much chance of being selected as any other book idea.
You know, Blog World, The Best of Blog City, Amazing Blogs, Blog Survival.

Blogs are the new diaries, the new journals---electronic, digital, instantly available. Will our society drown in blogs and FaceBook entries? Probably, until something new comes along.

Write on...>>>iggy *Boat*

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May 28, 2015 at 10:14am
May 28, 2015 at 10:14am
Blog City Prompt: "A person who has not done one half a day's work by ten o'clock runs a chance of leaving the other half undone." Emily Bronte Do you agree?

Maybe in Emily Bronte’s world, but let’s talk about this...

My usual wake-up time is four AM. I drink a bottle of clean water and if I have an Internet signal I check the news to make sure the world is still out there, and look at the weather for the Caribbean. Then I check WDC for new blog prompts and any email that’s come in.

Moving on, it’s write a review or go through one I’ve received for Knights of Sparrow. And at the moment there are SIX, yes six) reviewers each sending me a review for another chapter. They see missing quotes, commas and typos that I don’t see. They have questions about logic or phrasing, or just dumb sentences. They get a reply for the review. Then I correct and re-edit the chapter for the master file, make a coded version to post into my portfolio, and post that, which will then be updated on the WYRM review board. Somewhere in there a new blog post gets written. Some are easy, some take a lot of thought. Blogging is an our-of-my-box release from novel writing and I am learning to love it. (Like now, it’s eight AM, and I’m writing this blog.)

This entire lovely scheme blows apart with visitors, emergency at the Marina, Internet not working, or someone’s computer breaks down or blows up. New sailboats arriving sometimes need help docking.

So that usually gets me to about nine AM and some coffee and breakfast. After that short break, I’m back with more review re-edits or really moving on to work on new chapters of Knights of Sparrow---research, planning, maps, outlines---Once I know basically everything about the scene, I can write it. That process takes me into fantasy land of my book and I’m gone. The writing can take one hour or the rest of the day until about four PM. If there is lunch, then there is a nap for about thirty minutes. Sometimes I dream a better solution to the scene.

See, being retired, I can work as a writer as long as I want. No matter how long I work, I still feel that the other half is undone---especially writing. To get away from it, there is a long walk during the sunset hour with friends. We catch up on all the day’s events and gossip. The trade winds are blowing, the skies are beautiful. With darkness check the moon, check Venus. Dinner is finished by seven PM, which means check the news and read someone else’s writing. Boring stories put me to sleep. Perchance to dream...

Peace and Love...>>>iggy *Boat*

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May 27, 2015 at 1:35pm
May 27, 2015 at 1:35pm
Blog City Prompt: It is a dark night and you see a white glowing angel. What do you think it means?

Dusty wings glow stronger from the reflective power of the tiny particles.
Angel bodies and faces glow naturally, but the wing feathers only reflect.

This is a big problem if the angel wants to make a brilliant splash.

You’ve heard the expression, ‘Angel Dust’?
Well, the crew of Earth Angels have a real problem with dust supply.
Some resort to using talcum powder, which is great for a few wing flaps.
That’s probably why so few believers ever get to see a glowing Angel.

Otherwise you have to wait and hope to see Justin Bieber in a rather difficult-to-fly costume, but the wings are great!

Happy Angel Dust...>>>iggy *Boat*
May 26, 2015 at 9:31am
May 26, 2015 at 9:31am
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Blog City Prompt: Some people apologize for everything, whether an apology is needed or not. When and under which conditions, do you think, an apology should be necessary?

It seems to me that the people who really should apologize, rarely do. Admitting a mistake and being responsible for their actions and behavior is not a concept they were brought up with. However understanding that, it is possible to forgive them without the apology, knowing that you will never trust them again, and move on.

I also notice that many people make excuses or blame something or someone for their mistake. So admitting a mistake is difficult, let alone ever getting to an apology.

Sad, in Belize we run into many young and older folks who cannot read. Their speaking is good, but written instructions are not understood although they pretend that they can read. Many mistakes happen and people think they’re lazy or sloppy, but it is just a lack of education. Again they cannot admit this terrible lack.

For me it is rare to meet an insecure person who apologizes all the time.

What I do notice is all the disclaimers at the beginning of reviews. THAT IS NOT NECESSARY. If a reviewer is not sure about grammar or structure, don’t say more than maybe they should check an item. What is important are the reviewer’s personal reactions to the story or poem. And after reading, what their understanding is about the characters or story. For the writer, that information is very valuable. Especially it it’s a point that is not understood or confusing. Writers really need that information.

But apologizing before you review is very negative. If it’s your reaction, stand by it. You should not be mean or sarcastic---just honest, and hope the opinion helps. You can give honest criticism and hopefully praise from your point of view. Also I use a dictionary and reference books on writing when I’m not sure.

WRITE ON! >>>iggy *Boat*

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