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What if the white pigeon didn't stepin to guide him?
          A gentle sound of something soft falling woke me up. To my surprise a cute white pigeon flew in sat beside me muttering in a low voice something ;I can't understand it though a few words here and there hinted me she's warning me to runaway from there to save my life!
          I woke up fully, shivering remembering the horrible torture I underwent. What if one of the guards who tortured has appeared in the guise of the pigeon?. No,it can't be , if t's so ,why then is she hinting me to escape from here? . Am I at a loss unable to guess the truth? .......I wipe my eyes and look at it ,"yes it's the same pigeon that gently hopped on to the table and woke me up from the slumber!
          "Hey , what are u mumbling, say it clear". ..." Do u want me try to escape? But how? All routes are locked" I expected clarity from her .
         Hopping onto floor she pulled the mattress aside, scratching floor, said " break the floor here , to get a hidden hatch opening in to escape tunnel".
Flew back out of the ventilator.
          I am tied to a chair with hemp ropes also my hands and legs are tied back, a handkerchief tied across my mouth lose makes it difficult for me to talk or shout. I understood I am captured and kept in a cell. Sharp sun rays from ventilator indicates it's some time around morning.Shadow of moving legs of people who pass by seen cast on wall opposite the ventilator indicates the cell is underground . Faint sounds of people outside the ventilator Indicates the cell is located in a busy place where people move around. I understand I am held captive and none is seen around . A set of four chairs around a table,a telephone,lots of empty liquor bottles, hint me I am watched all time by security guards, drinking liquor and playing cards.
          A loud bang opens up the hidden hatch in the floor opening into a poorly lit tunnel pigeon told about . I tried to remove the knots which tied my hands and legs using my teeth; after a lot of efforts my hands got free , soon the legs and body got untied . I slipped into the tunnel and closed the hatch , pulled the mattress back as I got into the tunnel. It's dark all over,it's so narrow that one person only could move in, that too only by crawling.I crawled finding way out. After some distance a faint light appeared and I began crawling fast towards it . As I approached it a huge boulder slid aside to open into a huge palace decorated all a around with a central dais where a king sat on a throne and his audience were were seated on either side . A large number of guards were positioned at critical locations. I was drenched with sweat,mud patches, torn clothes ; frightened sensing danger, I withdrew my neck inside to crawl back to but my legs were caught and I was dragged out,and a security guard pointed gun to my forehead. For a moment I lost hopes of survival. I was taken to the king suspecting me to be an enemy.One of them , the same guy who tortured me yesterday began to yell " you mutt , don't you know you can't escape once you get caught by us? "...." Our emperor will decide your punishment"......... " I am sure you get hanged"..
         The leader of security guards briefed the king " My lord this human was trying to intrude into our territory suspiciously. Our guards tried their best by interrogation but he never gave any thing about himself or the purpose behind intrusion. He deserves hanging in public . We need your orders"
          But the king ordered"remove his shackles and allow him to speak. He appears to be an innocent good person. Give him water to drink."
          I smiled with a sigh relief and put on courage to speak.
          " Hey you human, tell us who you are, what profession you pursue , and why did you intrude into our territory?"..... " Tell us truth, you may be pardoned if we are convinced you are innocent . Any lies will be criminal and you will be punished as a criminal" king said watching me with suspicion.
          "My lord, I am a scientist doing research to find herbal cure to cancer. To obtain a rare herb our team were searching in the forest on the hills. I accidentally fell into a deep creak . That's my memory and when I woke up and realized I was kept in an underground cell tied to a chair. I was frightened and tired, unable to speak. Fear of extracting information of my research forced me to keep mum in spite of torture. I am an innocent human without any ill will or intentions of spying. I pray my lord exonerate my intrusion and pardon me" I pleaded.
         His council of ministers were suspicious, recommended in a chorus " we suggest he be kept under surveillance for a few days before we decide"
          The king called his favorite pet ,the cute white pigeon , asked her opinion "Hey my darling, you heard us all , tell me what I should do".
         She flew onto dais reached out the throne, sat on king's shoulder, said" Yes my lord, I heard every one here. He's innocent , I only guided him to reach you when I saw he was kept in captivity and tortured. Poor guy, deserves a better deal. I suggest he be freed blindfolded out of our territory."
         "Yes my darling, I too feel he should be freed" "we don't torture any one without knowing his/her intentions , he is an innocent stranger I trust his statement"
the king declared his verdict " he should be freed blind folded out of our territory"
          I woke up when my wife shook me out of deep slumber, to find it was all a drama in dream! *BigSmile*


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