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Possibly a mistake, definitely an experiment.

A politics free journal of personal reflections and achievements.

This is my first blog, so any feedback or advice would be appreciated.

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March 21, 2021 at 6:19pm
March 21, 2021 at 6:19pm
Beautiful banner art by minja gifted to me by warpedsanity
I told you I would be bad at this.

Looking back at the last update I did, a lot has happened.

I have my Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Diploma and I'm working on the next level.

You might not be surprised to learn that I'm working from home. I find I miss the long drive and the hour of mental space it gave me.

I have... tidied up "The Love of the Harvest Queen [18+]. I need to work on the ending, but I wanted to get it rounded off and shared.

The shoes and handbag are still only half done and waiting in two separate cupboards.

The young family friend got a girlfriend and disappeared. He broke up with her and re-appeared, then got a new girlfriend, moved in with her, and disappeared again. He has recently tried to get in contact with us. My suspicion is he is recently single. But it's hard to want to talk to someone who ghosts you and then gets passive aggressive when you don't reply to his text message immediately.

Dog was fine. We don't bring her over to the flat nearly as often as we used to. She's getting on now and on medication for her arthritis, but she is still the goodest girl.

We eventually collected every korok seed in Breath of the Wild. We haven't been able to complete the master sword trial though. I then went on to put nearly as many hours into playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Beautiful banner art by minja gifted to me by warpedsanity
And now for new news.

My Darling and I got married in September 2019. I was about to start sending out thank you cards to our guests when we were all sent home last year. So those are still in a box on top of the dresser.

We now have an old friend living with us. He was going to look for work, and then 2020 happened.

We have been playing Dungeons & Dragons with my siblings. I'm currently Dungeon Master, and then we'll probably swap back to my sister's campaign when we get to the end of this first adventure. I am plotting for "book two", but it needs a while more to bake.

Apparently we collect ball joint dolls now. We have three off with artists for body blushing. One is stood upstairs all by his lonesome. Another three are waiting to be shipped. I'm determined for seven will be the final total. As beautiful as we are we just don't have the space and we're supposed to be saving for a home.

I have spent far too much time on reddit. I've stopped following a lot of the subs I used to read because it is bad for me to read people being horrid to each other over the internet.

I really want to get some more writing done and more things uploaded. I haven't done any since my last blog post. I have a few ideas from contest prompts that never got written that I will see if I can pick up again. I might also just try some random Artapana nonsense, because he's always good for that.

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