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by Chanon
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The Light Worker’s Manual – An Unpublished manuscript

I had the privilege of being best friends with a psychic channel for a period of twelve years when I was much younger. The entity who spoke through her was named Alexander. Alexander and I were friends from another lifetime. When he spoke directly to me through my friend he told me many things and asked me to write everything down. At the end of twelve years my friend moved to another city and we lost touch. I began seriously to write down and arrange everything Alexander had said. The result was this manuscript.

Much of what I have written has already come to pass, and as humanity continues to evolve into the fifth dimension, I find the words spoken by Alexander are indeed the truth.

Perhaps one day this manuscript will be published and will become a Light worker’s Manual.

Live Love, because Love is all there is.

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September 12, 2015 at 8:07pm
September 12, 2015 at 8:07pm
September 5, 2015 at 9:17pm
September 5, 2015 at 9:17pm
Evolution will bring us to this way of life as promised in our religious books. There are many paths but they all lead to enlightenment. There are many religions but there is only one creator, there is only one dream. Whatever you wish to call Him, whatever your religious beliefs, His dream includes you, we are living God’s dream here and now and we will live His dream to its conclusion. That conclusion is enlightenment.

God in His wisdom knew that we, in the fleshy body could not achieve this dream alone, therefore, He gave us the use of the earth’s spiritual hierarchy to act on His behalf, as Guardian Angels. The angels made a contract with God that they would willingly guide us along the path of our evolving consciousness for as long a time as was needed. These angels live in many dimensions and each has their own individual abilities that they use to help us along the way. They have never been in human form, like the Archangels. Some spiritual beings have experienced human form and use their knowledge of humanity to help us along. Guardian angels are light forms; they can sometimes be seen as specks of light in a darkened room.

In the recent past more and more of these guiding angels have shown themselves to humanity and made themselves known to us. Our bookstores are now filled with books about angels and about the author’s experiences in angel sightings. Our television talk shows are booked with individuals who are willing to talk about their encounters with angels and there are many, many more individuals who have seen angels or spiritual beings and are still unwilling to talk about their experiences. In the future angel sightings will be a common topic of conversation. We will become accustomed to seeing our guides and quite willing to talk to them and about them.
September 3, 2015 at 2:04pm
September 3, 2015 at 2:04pm

About thirteen million years ago, give or take a few million, the world of Atlantis was destroyed by a warrior group called the Illuminati or The Dark Ones. Now, we all know that life is eternal, and that we can assume different shapes or construction as we need them. At present, we are in human, physical form, but most of us believe that when the physical form dies, we assume a spiritual form.

At the time of Atlantis we were in a form that was part spiritual and part human. We were a very advanced civilization, generally called an ascended civilization. Our captors were, and still are, a very inhumane civilization. So cruel we can hardly imagine. As their possession, we became their slaves. There are still many among us, and many who support them. Those are the ones on planet earth that own the vast majority of wealth and power. These captors made a contract with the Galactic Federation that they would have control over us for a certain number of millennia. This timing was according to the advanced Mayan Calendar.

Well, we know that the Mayan Calendar ended in December 2012, and with that, our slavery came to an end. Our weak, enslaved, human minds did not know what had happened on the December day. We are just learning. In the bible, this is called The Ascension. Ascension from slavery into the semi-etheric bodies we inhabited on Atlantis.

So what did our slave masters do to us in those millennia? They are now what we know as big corporations that have taken over our every way of life. To name a few; the pharmaceutical companies, who create customers, not cures; the information media tell us only want they want us to know; politics, that lead us into wars, not negotiations; agriculture, Monsanto, who have killed or maimed more than we can count; religion. Yes, religion, the biggest enslaver of all humanity; banking and the New York stock exchange where evil doers are too powerful to incarcerate.

Fortunately we have the Light workers on our side. The Galactic Federation had been working hard over the past few decades to bring about our ascension back to the advanced civilization that we once were. One by one the once mighty will fall as evidenced by recent banking failure in Greece. A new, more honest banking system has begun in (of all places) China and Russia. The world will follow. The Vatican will fall and with it all religion. Socialist politicians are now ready to take on governments.

We, as individuals can all help by concentrating on the love nature of our original self. We were created in love, with love, and to universal love will we return. Christ will not descend on a white cloud and sweep all the good ones into heaven. Rubbish. We are all equal. We have to work with the Galactic Federation to bring universal love to all humanity.
The one place the Dark side cannot control is the internet. That is why Christ’s return was by way of the internet in the year 2000; just as he said he would in the book of history we call the bible. Look up ‘Christ’s Letters’. You will find it all there.

And we once thought the earth was flat. With knowledge comes power.

*information from many sources, including Sheldon Nidle*

August 29, 2015 at 3:10pm
August 29, 2015 at 3:10pm
Intelligence does not bring wisdom. Intelligence comes from the head; wisdom comes from the heart. God speaks through the heart, not through the head. Love comes through the heart not through the head.

There are millions of spiritual beings that have volunteered to assist us who are in the physical body, in the process of gaining enlightenment. We call them Guardian Angels or Spiritual Guides. They are seldom visible but are always accessible through our higher self, although more and more individuals in successive generations are born with the ability to see and communicate with beings in the spiritual realm.

Eventually all children born on earth will have this ability. At that time crime protection and the legal system will no longer be required because we will all ‘see’ and ‘know’ each other’s thoughts intimately and no one would be so bold as to commit crimes against another person. Detection will be immediate; everyone they meet will shun the criminal. The punishment will be too difficult to endure and crime will be unheard of. In time, even traffic lights will be unnecessary since harmony and cooperation will be the way of life. Imagine the stress-free existence we will then enjoy.

August 22, 2015 at 4:10pm
August 22, 2015 at 4:10pm
Those who hold council with many, those who have the ear of many have the perfect opportunity to teach love. Pure love, God’s love and they have an obligation to do so.

Let God’s love be taught throughout the nation, then you will be a leader indeed.

Jesus said, “I have many names.” This refers to His many lifetimes on earth. He also has many names in heaven. Not all call him Jesus. There must be tolerance for those who call him by another name. God is known by many names also but all who call on Him call on Him in love. Love is the binding ingredient that brings us together. All else is intolerance. Do not teach intolerance and call yourself a believer in God. A believer in God knows only love.
August 15, 2015 at 10:01pm
August 15, 2015 at 10:01pm
Jesus said I am a man as any other man. I do not want to be worshipped. I came to earth many times like other men. I was the Son of God just as you are the Son of God. Each of us is created in the image of God; those who have spent many lifetimes on earth are called old souls because we have so much experience in the earth plane. When we have experienced all things, we are wise in the way of the earth and wise in the way of spirit. Then we can be called an old soul. Then we become known as a teacher. Those who say life begins at conception are uninformed; they are not wise, and they are not teachers.

Jesus did not write the book of history. Jesus did not write a book of religion. Jesus taught love. Man teaches religion. Love is the only religion. If one teaches love only then there is no barrier between differing people, there is no difference. The differences one sees are through the teaching of people who are not wise, not through the teaching of love. Politics is based on differences, not on love. Those who truly love do not enter into the divisiveness of politics. Those who truly love stand ready to teach love, teach togetherness, not divisiveness. Those who are wise, those who are old souls do not pit male against female, old against young, black against white. Those who teach love teach nothing other than love, they do not harbor ill will against another soul. God created all souls equal; no one should be loved less than another should.

August 8, 2015 at 9:19pm
August 8, 2015 at 9:19pm
In the future, there will be centers of learning built in areas of high energy. These areas of high energy have always been with us but will be activated as we become more awakened to our own spiritual self.

The centers will be built to specific specifications, which will be made available to certain individuals at the right time. Some centers are already being prepared and many chosen individuals have been drawn to move there. The specifications of the building of these centers have been given to us in both the Old and the New Testament of our bible. Many people will be drawn to live in these places of high energy where the central building of the compound will be the meeting place. People from all over will come to learn, to renew their energy, then return to their homes to live and to teach the ways of universal love. The lessons taught here would be the same lessons that were taught by the teachers of light who have visited earth since the creation of humanity.

Have you noticed stories in the news of large corporations being challenged?
Colgate for putting fluoride in their toothpaste.
Monsanto is being sued by the city of Seattle. You know all the poisons they have made us eat.

One by one the 1% will be brought down. This is the ascension told to us in the bible.
When Atlantis was captured we were made slaves (think about it). As we ascend, we are getting strong enough to fight back with the help of our heavenly friends. Yes it has taken millions of years, but make no mistake about it, our captors are strong and evil beyond our imagination.

New banking systems are being brought forward in China and Russia. Ours have enslaved us until we know no better. Banking, as we know it, began in Ancient Greece. Recently it faltered in the same country.

Pharma has given us millions of drugs but no cures. (Think about it). Do you think there is no cure for cancer, heart, lung, stroke?

As the soul of humanity evolves, we will overcome. There is no doubt about it.

There won't be a big white cloud come to get us. We must do the work, but we have the help of heaven on our side.
In Christ’s Letters he says he will come to us over the internet. He did, did anyone notice? The Internet is the only form of communication our captors cannot change; cannot control. Aside from all the nonsense, there are nuggets of gold – don’t miss them. Even at the time the bible was written, Jesus knew how he would contact us, but he could not use the word Internet. No one would understand. Now we do, and his message is clear. We must evolve in soul and in thought.


August 1, 2015 at 5:14pm
August 1, 2015 at 5:14pm
It is very encouraging to see more and more educators of world status that are now realizing that sharing of wealth, knowledge and resources is the only way to bring about world peace. Many world leaders are being placed in a position where they will experience the truth that violence and wars do not bring peace. Violence and war bring more violence and war.

Childhood educators have learned that corporal punishment does not teach children to cooperate and be peaceful. Through the generations, we have improved our way of childhood education. The same principle applies to nations and countries. Violence and war can never bring peace. Only sharing, caring and an attitude of love thy neighbor will being about the peace between nations and countries that we desire. We cannot force our western standards of government on countries of other continents and expect them not to rebel and demonstrate aggressively against us. We cannot apply our way of justice and business to others and not expect them to revolt. Our way is suitable to our life style and we must accept that they have a way of life that is at the present time suitable to them, all are changing, all are evolving but we must be willing to let others evolve at their own rate as we are evolving in our own style.

Understanding that evolution will not proceed at the same speed universally is very important and very frustrating. We must be tolerant of this fact; we must be cognizant of the fact that all are equal in soul but not in physical life. All physical life will evolve at very different rates of progress. No one-way is better or superior to another way. It is encouraging to see that more and more people of all areas of the world and of all levels of education are coming to realize these facts. When this way of thinking becomes the way of the majority, we will see nations and countries blending together in peace and harmony, willing to help each other evolve rather than cause violence and war to bring about the opposite result for which we strive. God never condones violence and power struggles; He knows that the best method to create peace is to be peaceful.

July 25, 2015 at 2:45pm
July 25, 2015 at 2:45pm
Our corporations are merging to create even bigger corporations. Our businesses are using profit as a goal to success. The individual worker trying to take care of his/her family is being used and abused to achieve that profit. The worker is working, not so much for him/herself but for the profit of the business or corporation. Individual workers are expendable in order to achieve material benefit for the business. Real success is equality of all individuals. The boss is only the boss because of fortunate circumstances, because he or she was born into the right family and was able to take advantage of education and circumstances. On a soul level, all are equal.

Our religious organizations have also lost tack of their original purpose. Although they are leading many in the right direction, there is so much more, that they could do to fulfill the dream. If competition in religion were eliminated, there would be less definition in their title. Basically there is a universal belief that there is one God, therefore there could be a coming together of all separate faiths and focus on the true meaning of their existence. God did not create religion; religion is fabricated, God created perfection in love, not division and competition.

July 18, 2015 at 9:03pm
July 18, 2015 at 9:03pm
The destruction of our rain forests and old growth forests are a prime example of our unwillingness to let nature take care of the planet and in so doing, take care of humanity. We need the forests to survive. Governments that are unwilling to stand up to big business must, and will be brought down. God’s dream was for us to help each other, regardless of where we live on the planet.

We are all needed in this dream of evolution; we are very much a part of the entire dream. Whether we are in spirit form or in physical form, we are each an intricate part of the plan. In most cases, we do not know or understand our roll in the plan when we come into our physical bodies, but it will be revealed to us at a time that is appropriate. Those who are taken back home into spirit have a roll in the dream of evolution that is better served in spirit than in matter; and those of us who remain in physical matter serve our roll most appropriately in our present form. All are needed and all are important. God’s plan always moves forward in divine right order.

Earth is the environment that is our teaching ground. We see people of the world come together in compassion when there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake, flood, and fire or even in cases of medical emergencies such as Cancer or HIV/AIDS. These emergencies are given to us as learning experiences to restore our soul nature, which is compassion and universal love. Another lesson for us is to share our knowledge of building codes that can better withstand the earthquakes and other disasters. The cost of construction of such buildings is not realistic in poorer nations now but the equal distribution of wealth will solve this problem.

Some countries have the knowledge required to build structures that are more resistant to earth tremors. The sharing of knowledge, wealth, food and all other material things that will bring equality to our fellow earth traveler is a step forward in our own evolution. The hoarding of knowledge, wealth, food and material possessions will delay our progress. Hoarding will not open the gates to the creation of a heavenly earth. Sharing and equality will move us as individuals and as a planet into the universal love situation that we desire and deserve.

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