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by Chanon
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The Light Worker’s Manual – An Unpublished manuscript

I had the privilege of being best friends with a psychic channel for a period of twelve years when I was much younger. The entity who spoke through her was named Alexander. Alexander and I were friends from another lifetime. When he spoke directly to me through my friend he told me many things and asked me to write everything down. At the end of twelve years my friend moved to another city and we lost touch. I began seriously to write down and arrange everything Alexander had said. The result was this manuscript.

Much of what I have written has already come to pass, and as humanity continues to evolve into the fifth dimension, I find the words spoken by Alexander are indeed the truth.

Perhaps one day this manuscript will be published and will become a Light worker’s Manual.

Live Love, because Love is all there is.

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November 12, 2016 at 2:32pm
November 12, 2016 at 2:32pm

Power, what is power? Power is the ability of the mind to focus on the task it wants to accomplish. The human mind has unlimited power. In general, we use only about ten percent of the potential power of the mind. During a period of deep meditation, the mind may ‘see’ thing that are not visible with normal sight. There is much to see in our world that is not possible to see with our physical eyes.

Sometimes it is difficult to explain in words what is seen in the mind’s eye. Visions may come with words or description or seemingly with no message at all. Our language can hardly find the vocabulary to describe the pictures and messages that the mind’s eye can see.

Visions may be of the future, past, present or they may present a fact of which we were previously unaware. Just as dreams may come with or without a message that the physical mind can understand. There may be a message that is only understood at a later time. In visions, there is no time element and perhaps no sequence of events. In other words, the entire picture and the entire message may be presented in an instant. Then when one tries to explain the vision it is difficult to place the events in a linear time-related sequence.

I had such an experience on the day of the election in the United States earlier this week. I was in my upstairs hallway when suddenly I felt a little weak and dizzy; I grabbed the banister and saw a blue fire. This fire was located in the Northern Pacific. This went on for about some sconds I think, and then it went away. Then a pink fire came into my vision, also located in the same area.

I use a blue fire to heal myself and others. I had read that the Black Hats had planned a false flag distraction on Election Day but the Light-workers of the world had thwarted it. Perhaps I was one of those who helped. I hope so. It seemed to be a man-made tsunami.

November 5, 2016 at 12:33pm
November 5, 2016 at 12:33pm
Sometimes our lessons become obvious. When we have paid heed to our lessons, the opportunities to learn become stronger and stronger. When we have been given several opportunities to realize the lesson and we are still not listening, our teachers will present a situation so obvious that even the hardest heads cannot miss the lesson we are being given.

In some cases, we can be given a fortune in wealth but if we do not use it wisely, we will lose it. We see this happening repeatedly until the individual finally learns how to manage the money he has been given. If there is no sign of improvement, of course, the individual could be taken back into spirit to start again.

October 29, 2016 at 3:55pm
October 29, 2016 at 3:55pm
My computer has an illness and won't let me stay on the internet for more than a few minutes -- if I'm lucky. Don't worry, it's not catching.

Live in Love
October 15, 2016 at 8:55pm
October 15, 2016 at 8:55pm
We tend to apply too much value on money and material things. It is true that we need currency to survive in the world today. What we need to do is separate our needs from our wants and think about sharing some of our wealth. It is not necessary to fund every charity that comes calling. It would be best if we would share within our own family and extended family. After that to choose one or two charities that we feel are worthy and contribute whatever we can. It is not necessary to give to the point of leaving ourselves short but when our needs are taken care of and our family is provided for, there may be enough to share with the needy.

As we have said before when we start with ourselves, the effect will be felt in an ever-growing circle around us. Whether it is love, kindness, tenderness or money, the goodness will spread. That is all we ask of anyone, to show love and kindness to those we are close to. Let your guides and helpers in spirit form do the work they are prepared to do. When we do the physical work, it makes it easier for them to do the non-physical work. Trust and it shall be done. That is their promise.
October 8, 2016 at 7:32pm
October 8, 2016 at 7:32pm
Good Qualities to Live By
Kindness is a good quality to possess in the evolution of the soul. In most cases, showing kindness will result in a kindness being returned to the individual. When kind deeds are given freely, the result is often a kinder gentler community.

However, a show of kindness does not always bring the desired results. There are still at this time a majority of individuals who view a kind person as a weak person. The result then becomes the kindness brings just the opposite effect. Some individuals still fear a gentle kind individual because they themselves are not kind and gentle. Such people tend to fear what they do not understand. When they do not understand, they feel they must destroy the one who shows them kindness.

We must show our gentle nature with discernment until we are sure it will not be used against us. It is not in our nature to turn down a request but in order to preserve our own gentleness; we must learn to say no to individuals that are likely to harm us.

The world is not yet ready for the highly evolved individuals in our midst. It is then in our own best interests to conduct our lives in such a way as to protect our gentle nature from being destroyed by those who are uninitiated. It is a delicate balance and in some ways, it is like living with a secret that we cannot yet reveal. Rest assured the time will come when we will be able to reveal the secret and live up to our true potential as evolved souls. The glory will be ours.

October 1, 2016 at 10:57pm
October 1, 2016 at 10:57pm
Some of our thoughts from our childhood that have attracted illness to us are deep rooted in our sub-conscious mind. They are indeed the truth to us. It is very difficult then, to dislodge the truth, as we are accustomed to it. It has been our truth for a very long time. It is deeply embedded in our minds.

Perhaps we feel helpless to change our minds about our condition. Perhaps we feel unworthy or guilty. We must then remember that every event in our life is a lesson contributing to our evolution. There is no need to feel guilty or unworthy when we are here to experience these lessons.

Remember that what was truth to our childhood mind is not necessarily the truth as we look at it with an adult mind. Each soul that God created is equal in the mind of God. We must understand this truth from the bottom of our heart and mind. All are equal; no one is better than another is whether they are smarter, prettier, and stronger, etc. each soul has exactly the correct attributes to improve their own evolution. All are equal. Every piece of the puzzle fits perfectly to complete the whole picture. Each piece is equally important whether a soul is a homeless panhandler on the street or a king in a mansion. The plan of evolution could not proceed without each important piece.

Remember, in the next lifetime, those positions may be reversed. The king may be the homeless panhandler and the panhandler may be the king.

Such is the progress of evolution, that when we all reach the ultimate position of heaven we will all have had the experience of being every position known to humanity.

When we attract an illness that stems from a child’s lack of understanding we have the opportunity to delve into our childhood thoughts and correct them perhaps in the mature mind of an adult we can discern the actual misunderstanding that attracted the illness to us in the first place. Then we may be able to lessen the effects of the illness or eliminate it altogether with spiritual healing.

In some cases where the parent or parents were destitute and did not have the means to take care of their children they had a sense of helplessness. Some children then absorbed this feeling of helplessness and brought the helpless attitude into adulthood. As adults they have no way of knowing that their feelings of helplessness is not their own but that of the parents. For these individuals it is necessary to change the thoughts of the subconscious mind to thoughts of self-worth and self-value to replace the feelings of helplessness. Self-healing is seldom a quick fix like taking a pill and feeling better the next day. Self-healing is a process just as the onset of the condition took a long time to mature; the healing also may take a while to be complete. The first step is to recognize and acknowledge the problem. If the onset of the problem was a feeling of helplessness, then we must work to build up our self worth and value.

Feelings of self-worth are important in all self-healing. When individuals do not value themselves, it is the beginning of an attraction of an illness or condition. The weakest cells will be affected first.

It is very important to give our cells the proper amount of clean fresh water so they can do the work they were meant to do to avoid illness. That is to communicate with each other to keep the organs functioning. When the cells do not get the fresh water, they require they must work as best they can with the fluids that are available to them. In time the water in the body, if it not replenished, becomes heavy with toxins and sludge. If there is not fresh water, the toxins that are being held in the cells will bring illness and disease. Fresh water is a very important ingredient in good health as is a good mental attitude.

September 26, 2016 at 6:59pm
September 26, 2016 at 6:59pm
From the manuscript I have been blogging for the last five or six years, I know that country borders will be removed within my lifetime. I know that in the area where the United States is now, there will be located a worldwide judicial system. So we know that the United States will be no more. It has not been a Republic for about forty years when it became a Corporation run by a very evil group.

It will be very interesting to find out what will happen on Friday, September 30. That is the end of the U.S. fiscal year, and we know that China will not bail them out of debt this year, because China has switched to non-Petro Dollars – non U.S. dollars, as have many other countries. We know that China does not recognise Obama as President of the U.S. As we witnessed Obama’s arrival at the G 20 meetings which took place in China recently, Mr. Obama was ushered out of his plane through the back door, and there was no red carpet awaiting him and his entourage. Could there be a greater embarrassment in front of the world? I think not.

Mr. Obama has cautioned the citizens of the U.S. three times in the last few months to be prepared, and to stock up on groceries and cash to last 3 to 4 weeks while the banking system undergoes a complete renovation. NASARA will become the law of the country, and very shortly after that will spread over every country on the planet. NASARA was passed when Bill Clinton was president but never enacted. You might want to Google that – it is much too long to go into here.

Swords to plowshares? Peace on Earth, as promised?

Or maybe I am completely wrong – we shall see on Friday.

Oh yes, the elections will be postponed until beginning of January, 2017.

p.s. I wrote this before the presidential debate Monday evening.

September 24, 2016 at 6:37pm
September 24, 2016 at 6:37pm
We see a situation that often occurs in the life of an only child; the child receives all the attention from the adults in the family. A child with all the attention focused on them will possibly have a difficult adjustment to make when, as an adult, they must share the attention in a roll as a spouse or parent. When attention must be shared with a spouse and children, the adjustment is sometimes too difficult and the mind will attract a medical condition or accident to bring the attention back to them. Such an adult is hardly ever able to attract enough attention to them because their need is so great, and so the condition takes control.

There are many ways such as these where the mind will attract attention to the body in the form of an illness. The symptoms may be treated but the condition is often permanent unless there is a spiritual awakening and the cause is found.

These conditions are quite different from the ones mentioned elsewhere when a soul volunteers to come to earth with a medical condition in order to teach compassion and to teach the medical community lessons to enhance medical technology.

There are of course, other reasons for the onset of illness. The children who are born into poverty and famine are most likely to bear the burden of their impoverished lives. Those who grow to adulthood are likely to experience a variety of conditions that are the result of lack of human compassion. These conditions will be eliminated as humanity evolves to a higher level of awareness.

September 17, 2016 at 6:35pm
September 17, 2016 at 6:35pm
Let us explain a little about illness in the human form. We see much illness and wish to explain how it happens and how an individual is able to help them. Any illness will present itself in the weakest area of the body. If the cells in an organ are weakened, that organ will be the first affected by an illness.

We bring illness to ourselves usually by the power of the mind when we compare ourselves to others. Very often, this comparison begins at a very young age when our parents compare us to our siblings. It may be that the first-born child is a much-cherished child and treated as such. Now let us say there is a second child born. Suddenly life changes dramatically for the older child. The child with a child’s method of reasoning cannot comprehend or understand why their life has changed.

Suddenly the baby is the cherished jewel in the family. The first child feels helpless and abandoned; they only want their old status back. It never happens so they may attract an illness in order to get the attention they crave and deserve. The illness or medical condition may stay with them for their entire life. They may never know why they cannot get help for their medical problems. If they are told that the condition started in their mind, they are unlikely to believe it. This scenario may repeat itself as more children are born.

When parents are not aware of how some illness begins, they simply cannot avoid the onset of the condition in their children.

September 10, 2016 at 6:46pm
September 10, 2016 at 6:46pm
Children born into future generations will have more psychic ability than we do or the generations before us. The ability to see and hear other world beings will be normal for them. They will bring with them memories of the civilization of Lemuria, when all beings were semi-ethereal. That is, they could move about with just thoughts. They could communicate by thought transference. They could heal and do all manor of surgery with only their mind.

Future generations will bring back these memories and they will be accepted as normal. We have been taught to scorn those with these gifts now. Yet, it is perfectly acceptable to acknowledge that our bible was written by prophets and seers. Somewhere along the way, prophets became the objects of scorn. In the near future, they will once again be held in high esteem, as they should be.

It is our natural state of being fully alive when all our senses are functioning. The individual who cannot fully utilize their full spectrum of senses is limited in knowledge and power. We shall soon all return to normal as evolution moves forward. Blessed be the children for they shall lead us.

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