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Wow! *Bigsmile**Heart*

"Note: Looking for an "after auct..."
*Flowerr*l It is the 100th anniversary of the WW1!

Gathering in Ypres to celebrate, in Flanders Fields, where the famous poem was written by Canadian John McCrae. *Salute*


"Note: In Flanders Fields {xlink:h..."


Peace and blessings everyone. *Heart*
Don't you love early presents? My WDC anniversary is coming up in December and...

Look what arrived in my port yesterday....*Shock2*

Fairy Dream Wishes  (E)
Much to muse about
#2169178 by eyestar-Thanks Jody!

What an thrilling and unexpected surprise! My first shop! Had no idea!

Thanks to my mentor, friend and power chick Maryann for this generous and unique gift! *Heartp* She is an honourary *Fairy* in my book. She got me good this time.*Laugh* You rock Maryann! Thanks a bunch!
And a cool shop it is! CONGRATULATIONS
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*Snow1* ahhh! Woke up to snow!! anyone want to build a snow man? *Facepalm**Snowman*
Not ready,,nope, not ready for winter yet!

*Rolleyes* Not me! *Bigsmile*
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Ugh. Me too. I don't want to build a snowman. I want to buy a blowtorch.
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That song is now in my head.
*Whistle* *Cow*

"Note: With NaNo approaching, I thoug..."

Bid....famous WDC authors are offering their gift of books! *Heart*
You never know when that signed copy will be worth some serious money one day! Not that you'd ever sell it, of course. *Bigsmile*
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*Fairy2* Hey all. I am still typing with one hand so... not doing much! Catching up with the fab stiff that is happening and had to go bid here:
SuperPower Animals Auction for Charity  (13+)
An auction to benefit WdC SuperPowers Reviewers Group and The Livestock Conservancy.
#2168281 by RememberAllWhoFellToProtectUs

so many generous packages....and going for way too cheap! Join me in thrilling the donators...show them some appreciation..bid higher. *Heart* I am going to bid against 🌜 HuntersMoon and Choconut ~ NaNoing. Go Purple! . *Bigsmile*

keep on having fun what ever you do!
Hope you're healing up and will soon be back to being Two Handed! I remember the frustration well from back in 2010!

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Thank you so much for the plug! *Heart* Yes, indeed. Most things are still quite the bargain...under 75% of value.
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*Chicken**Pumpkin2* *Leafr* Happy Thanksgiving Weekend
fellow Canadians! *Countryca*
Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone else...
Happy Thanksgiving Canadians!!!
Happy Thanksgiving, Canadian cousins. One of my Mohican ancestors lived both in the Ohio Valley wilderness and what is known as Brantford, on the Canadian side of the Lakes. So, it seems fitting to enjoy your celebration today.
*Heartv* STILL TIME!!

Prince Challenge Writing Contest 2018   (ASR)
In honor of Prince who died 2 years ago, I am having a Prince Challenge Writing Contest.
#2154498 by Princess Megan Snow Rose
*Balloonb**Cakeb* THANKS for a SPECTACULAR PARTY everyone *Heartv*

and Congrats The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress on making cyberspace hisotry yet again. Thanks for all you be and do. *Starstruck**Genielamp**Wand**Fairy2*

Now join me is singing as loud as you can........so our echo can be heard through all of cyberspace!

I'm singing🎶🎵🎙♩
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Hey! Have you seen this?? Yummy!
Who knew?*Think*

The WDC Cookbook  (E)
A place for all WDC members to share recipes
#2154434 by Dragon

Well I am sure some of you did. *Laugh* There are entries... Lucky I won the
"Angel Roulette Wings

or I would still not know about it. *Fairy*

Last day to spin the wheel. Hop to it! *Rabbit2*
Alice In The Wonderland ☮ Only the creator knows for sure. but it is a great way to introduce how interactives work...and organizes foods in categories easily as if you put in a dessert, you set desserts as your key topics for next authors. Easy reference I think. And as interactive, it is easy to do. *Smile* so why NOT interactive. LOL
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Alice In The Wonderland ☮ I thought it’s the easiest way to have everything organized in one place AND have anyone submit a recipe if they want to! *Bigsmile*
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Yes, if it was a regular item, others couldn't add. If it was a forum, there would be no organization to it. I think an interactive was the best choice. So glad I was reminded of this! *Bigsmile*
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*Delight* This is Awesome. Pass it on to your gray and black case friends!

*Shock2* 9 more tickets by midnight so Lornda can draw for one last exclusive MB! *Delight*

WdC's 18th MB Bash  (E)
Every 18th person wins an exclusive MB ~Closed
#2164386 by Lornda

*Genielamp*who is feeling lucky at the last hours of WDC 18th Party Bash?*Wand*