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Taking the opportunity of Birthday Week to wish you a HAPPY WdC-21 and say 'Thanks for all you do for "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group!
Congratulations on the Quill HM for "Eyestar in Wonderland, and also for "He died a thousand times. Way to go! *Bigsmile*

Get Well Very Soon Mona.... Lots of *Heart*

Magic Words Contest   (13+)
A fantasy short story contest. Fantastic Prizes. Open TBA
#1871010 by a E Weatherwax

is Now open!
Haven't thought about using ephemeral and zest and flap together in one fantasy story. What a picture to imagine! *Think*

*Sleeping* now I know why I feel like napping today.

"Note: National Napping Day You may not know it..."
*Crown**Heart**Rabbit2*Congratulations to all of us who survived Wonderland so far...and I made it with two days to spare! *Crazy*

Merit Badge in Queen Alice
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  "To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said,
⁠'I've a sceptre in hand, I've a crown on my head;
⁠Let the Looking-Glass creatures, whatever they be,
⁠Come and dine with the Red Queen, the White Queen, and me!'"  

Thank you for being a part of  [Link To Item #wonderland]  and    CONGRATULATIONS    on your crown for completing the journey!

I hope many more wonderful adventures await you in your future writings! 
Check out our fantastic nonsensical feats!

"Adventures in Wonderland"   by KingsSideCastle
"Wonderland blog"   by Haunted Sox
"Wonderland 2021"   by QueenNormaJean livs inOctoPrep
"Wonderland Adventures"   by hullabaloo22
"Curiouser and Curiouser"   by Rhyssa
"Falling Down the Rabbit Hole Again!"   by eyestar~hiatus offline

We all sit at the Tea Table with the Red and White Queen waiting for our fellow white pawns to get to the last chess square! We all have a marvelous time! *Teap**Cupcakev* We even got to have some of the Queen of Heart's stolen tarts. *Whistle**Wink*

Thanks iKïyå§amaCabre for another grand adventure. *Heart*

Congratulations on winning another crown
climbing back out of Wonderland.
It's been real, and it's been fun. But has it been real fun?! You bet your sweet tart it has!

*Crown* Queen NormaJean II is in her castle, *Castle* awaiting final results from the kingdom of Alice.
Next year I will keep up. I had too much to handle and I couldn't do it. Hopefully I will do it again.
Hey! Just stopping by, one step closer to White/Red Queen/King as I journey through "Wonderland and I saw that you'd passed me up and I wanted to say hi. We're nearly there! Hope you're having a great time navigating the madness (as I read your responses, I think you are). Rhyssa
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*Rabbit2* YeP! and we are on the same square now. *Wink* It has been fun playing chess. *Laugh*
*Delight**Starstruck**Cake2**Balloonp* Yippeee!

*Tiara**Heel* Happy Happy 14th WDC Anniversary

*Star*Lornda *Star*

Celebrating 14 Years At Writing.Com  (E)
A place to post an anniversary greeting
#1849994 by Lornda
Happy Anniversary!
Happy 14th WDC Anniversary, Lornda! *Cupcakep*
Happy Anniversary! *Heart*
*SuitSpade*You are Invited to "A Trip to Wonderland*SuitSpade*

You are welcome to join the rabbit hole for a cup of tea whenever you wish.*Smile* *TeaGr*
Hey, thanks for all your support reading my wonderland blog... I'm going to sneak just a touch more help out of you. You are about to bring me one step closer to red queen in
Wonderland  (13+)
a "nonsensical" writing activity.
#2212324 by iKïyå§amaCabre
*Rabbit2* The adventure has begun! The race for the *Crown*

16 white pawns have fallen down the rabbit hole and now are walking upside down!*Shock2*

Aren't you sorry you missed it? *Cheshire*

Oh wait, you can tune in by checking out our adventure books along the way
and cheer us on! It will be a loooooong trip.

Wonderland  (13+)
a "nonsensical" writing activity.
#2212324 by iKïyå§amaCabre

Good luck to me and my brave fellow pawns! *Shamrock**Mushroomb*

Kate - Writing & Reading ,Annette ,hullabaloo22 ,Choco’s gone nuts -Mwaahaha! , GeminiGem💎 Bones, beasts, midnight feasts , Alisha P. QueenNormaJean livs inOctoPrep , Miranda_EatingCookies Haunted Sox , Showering Dutchessbarbie. KingsSideCastle
Beacon - Pumpkin Dream ~★~ Justly Rhyssa MoonRaven

I'm with all of you pawns, so we can cheer each other on and keep going. Good Luck to each of us. See you down in the rabbit hole we go.
The pawns are moving along the board very fast and with each successful adventure we complete... we get one step closer to the Red Queen. *Bigsmile*

Normally I attach a Chess themed trinket to these capture messages but since you already have that one let me attach a new one instead.

Good Luck on the rest of your adventures!

Oh, I love this! Thank you!
Image used in Wonderland activity.

From pastor’s mind,
My world was made,
A place of rhymes and fun,
There even is a place where you
Can eat a sticky bun,
On my lawn, the croquet set
Flamingos, hedgehogs thrive
But just beware the Jabberwock
For it eats folks alive

If you want to check out more of my Wonderland writing, you can find it here:
Wonderland Writing  (13+)
A book to hold all my items written for Wonderland.
#2242651 by Choco’s gone nuts -Mwaahaha!

You are cordially invited to share my Wonderland adventure, now embarked in "Curiouser and Curiouser. You will see the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the Dormouse. Please cheer me on as I attempt poetry and parody, story and recipe, and gradually slip into madness. Because, We're ALL mad here.
*Balloonp*Wowsers! Another 10 year old! *Salute*

*Fairy2* Happy Happy 10th anniversary wishes to

Hocus-Pocus-Jeannie 🦇 !

Your ten years on WDC Jeannie.
Congratulations. *Balloonb*
Happy 10th WDC Anniversary, Hocus-Pocus-Jeannie 🦇

Ken, Alexi, and Cubby!
*Laugh* I know you want to create laughter so.... go for it

"Note: Comedy Announcement *Mic2* The nex..."
A Mad Tea Party is Happening and You are on the Guest List!

Good Luck with your own Wonderland adventures and please come visit my adventures here "Adventures in Wonderland as well. *Rabbit2*
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