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a very Wodehouse challenge  (E)
A blind set of challenges hosted by Writing.com groups/members. Come test your fortitude!
#1280691 by iKïyå§ama
I think this is my favorite activity!
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Hey fellow "I Write in 2019! First week ends tonight *Shock*
so...get on over there and *Quill*

Look forward to reading! *Wink*
If you have entered any poetry contest for "I Write in 2019 during January, you could also enter it in "Open Expression: A Poetry Contest and thus also enter January's round of "The Contest Challenge


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AWESOME!!! *Heart* Thanks for that bit of knowledge, Jellyfish ~Happy New Year WDC!! *Heart*
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*FacePalm* Good thing I read the newsfeed. *Rolling*
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*Star* Star Wars Fans....

"Meet Darth Vader's Wife
*Confettir**Balloonp* Happy New Year! *Balloonp**Confettib*

Peace, love, health, prosperity, laughter and Joy
to all!


LegendaryMasK❤ Wow! How cool! Best wishes! So... turn on the music and dance. that will keep you going! *Cake*
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+1000 for song choice!

I made it barely of to bed in a few. She was attending a big party for her. So it didn't take long. I'll talk to her later today. I watched a movie, read a book, well a couple chapters and talked to other family members. Now, close my contest and go to bed. Durn my brothers calling me now. *Rolling* *Rolling* 💝💖💝
*Bigsmile**Laugh* I did it!

How about you? Up for the challenge next year?

I Write in 2019  (E)
Write and review once a week for all of 2019
#2173943 by Octobersun

Thanks Octobersun for your inspiration and dedication
and awesome incentives! *Heart* Happy New Year!
that is awesome!! good for you !! *Delight*
I'm interested.
*Quill**Fairy* Hey Story Writers....
did you see something new?

Plot Support - Results announced!  (ASR)
Contest. The plot in a supportive role.
#2178046 by Thankful Sonali
Yes... and it's driving me crazy! I want to enter and haven't written in so long my muse is snoring in my ear! I am going to attempt.
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HEY! WOW! Thanks, eyestar~Celebration RAID! for the plug!
Happy WDC Anniversary
Joyful Account Anniversary!
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