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*Balloonp* Yipeee! *Unicorn* Guess who is 8 years old today?

*Wand* Happy Happy Anniversary wishes {suser{uncommonspirit}! *Starstruck*
Happy Anniversary Uncommonspirit !
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Thanks, Eyestar. Wow, time flies. :)

*Sun**Quill* Happy Summer Solstice

Celebrating Canada's Indigenous People's Day in honour of the contributions and gifts of our First Nations people. *Delight*

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*Delight*It's JUNE!!! and new rounds of contest are popping up like Dandelions! *Laugh*

"Note: For the first time in 44 roun..." Let's make sure it doesn't happen a second time! *Quill*

"Note: The Conte..." Magic is afoot as you near the dark castle....

"Note: Clash of cymbals, bang of dr..." under new leadership! Thanks for taking it on Choconut . Now Taboo has royal purple tinge! *Wink*

Trek is back! "Note: Prompts have been revea..." Go where no one dares! Only at WDC do we dare!
*Delight**Quill* Fellow Poets! Do you write mystery?
"Mystery Newsletter (May 15, 2019) *Wink*
*Dragon**Fire* Come breathe fire at

DreamTime Dragon's Poem Contest  (E)
A Poetry contest with a dragon prompt. Teens welcome! Round 13.
#1768488 by eyestar~Hoop La Raid!

Remember your entry can count in
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join our challenge by entering a contest at least 12 out of 13 months. Win Badges!
#2109126 by Schnujo
Thank you for the tag! Yes, definitely everyone should enter your contest...and then my challenge. *Bigsmile* Good luck, everyone!
*Balloonp* The Magical *Wand* Thankful Sonali WDC POWER!
is celebrating 12 years at WDC! So Powerful! *Wand*

Happy happy day Sonali! Thanks for all of your *Starstruck* contributions and enthusiasm to make this space shine even brighter! *Star*
Thanks for reminding me!
I would have had to self-inflict several kicks to my posterior if I'd forgotten!

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Happy 12 years at WDC, Sonali!
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Thank you 🌜 Huntersmoon , Sand Castles Shopgirl 739 , Angus , Sharmelle Expressions !

Angus -- you're a newbie Potterhead.
You don't kick yourself anywhere. You go soak yourself in the Potterworld and us Pottermaniacs watch fondly.
*Balloonp* Happy Happy 17th WDC Anniversary

*Starstruck*Maryann *Wand**Starstruck*

What a fabulous milestone! *Heart**Cake*
Happy 17th, Maryann

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Wow! 17 years! That's amazing, happy anniversary and write on!
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Happy Happy 17th WDC Anniversary, Maryann
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*Smile* Hey Newbie friends,

You CAN do this!!

"Note: I'm wanting to show some..."
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It is SPRING!! DreamTime Dragon is BACK! *Dragon*

*Dragon*You have from April 1 til April 30th to muse about dragons
and compose a fiery poem! *Fire*

*Delight* Have fun!

CSFS sig with dragon theme
And it's being highlighted in "The Contest Challenge this month. *Bigsmile* I hope there are dozens of entries! *Smile*
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I think I'll have to see I can fit a dragon into my poems this month!
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I still remember this being one of the very first contests I entered all those years ago. I’ll definitely see if I can get a dragon into a poem. *Heart*
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*Flowerp* Did someone say April's coming? Napowrimo!

"Note: April's coming! ..."
Don't forget that the UNICORNS lurve poetry!

The Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest  (E)
The greatest writing challenge on WDC! PINK FLUFFY RESULTS NOW OUT!!! :)
#2113126 by Robert Edward Baker


*Dragon* LOL So do Dragons!

DreamTime Dragon's Poem Contest  (E)
A Poetry contest with a dragon prompt. Teens welcome! Round 13.
#1768488 by eyestar~Hoop La Raid!

yep, He's back! After all Robert Edward Baker you will have to play somewhere while others are visiting Unicorn land! *Unicorn* My muse is already dreaming of easter bunnies. *Wink*
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*Wand**Alien* Come on Trekkies and sci fi folks! There is still time. Live Long and prosper there.

The Bard's Hall Contest  (13+)
JUNE: Annual Blog/Journal Month!
#981150 by StephB