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Prince Challenge Writing Contest 2018   (ASR)
In honor of Prince who died 2 years ago, I am having a Prince Challenge Writing Contest.
#2154498 by Princess Megan Rose
*Balloonb**Cakeb* THANKS for a SPECTACULAR PARTY everyone *Heartv*

and Congrats The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress on making cyberspace hisotry yet again. Thanks for all you be and do. *Starstruck**Genielamp**Wand**Fairy2*

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Hey! Have you seen this?? Yummy!
Who knew?*Think*

The WDC Cookbook  (E)
A place for all WDC members to share recipes
#2154434 by Dragon 老師

Well I am sure some of you did. *Laugh* There are entries... Lucky I won the
"Angel Roulette Wings

or I would still not know about it. *Fairy*

Last day to spin the wheel. Hop to it! *Rabbit2*
Alice In The Wonderland ☮ Only the creator knows for sure. but it is a great way to introduce how interactives work...and organizes foods in categories easily as if you put in a dessert, you set desserts as your key topics for next authors. Easy reference I think. And as interactive, it is easy to do. *Smile* so why NOT interactive. LOL
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Alice In The Wonderland ☮ I thought it’s the easiest way to have everything organized in one place AND have anyone submit a recipe if they want to! *Bigsmile*
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Yes, if it was a regular item, others couldn't add. If it was a forum, there would be no organization to it. I think an interactive was the best choice. So glad I was reminded of this! *Bigsmile*
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*Delight* This is Awesome. Pass it on to your gray and black case friends!

*Shock2* 9 more tickets by midnight so Lornda can draw for one last exclusive MB! *Delight*

WdC's 18th MB Bash  (E)
Every 18th person wins an exclusive MB ~Closed
#2164386 by Lornda

*Genielamp*who is feeling lucky at the last hours of WDC 18th Party Bash?*Wand*
Thanks for the *Plug* *Bigsmile* You brought in a billion people, and we were able to run two more rounds. It begs the question: Does anyone sleep around here? *Rolling* Seriously though, thanks for the advertising. It was a wonderful success for the group!

Still time to play over here, you know. *Bigsmile* *Right* "Angel Roulette Wings
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A tribute to one of our lovely authors.
"Note: This Trinket is one I should ha..."
So kind of you to honor your friend
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Angel Roulette Wings  (13+)
Play Easy! Win Big! Join us for awesome daily prizes as we celebrate WDC's 18th Birthday!
#1387218 by iKïyå§ama

*Genielamp**Lightning* And treat a friend or yourself! Exclusive MB's up for grabs! Round eight: *Shock* Queen of Comedy Badge,*Crown* is a must have!! Simply buy a ticket. *Fairy2*

WdC's 18th MB Bash  (E)
Every 18th person wins an exclusive MB ~Closed
#2164386 by Lornda

BlackAdder just won the magnificent one and Only very yummy and exclusive Chocolate Emporium MB by choconut! *Shock2**Delight* And I bought him the ticket!! YYYAAAYYYYY!

And treat your friends

The Birthday Gift Shop  (E)
The Birthday Gift Shop is open again September 1st 2019 for WDC's 19th Birthday Week!
#2092904 by Sally

3 More days of magic! *Balloonp**Genielamp**Wand*
*Fairy* Keep on partying......

Look: A first contest by RimaD~Sweet 18 WDC!! ! Drop by and support if you have a....er....well....choice! *Wink*

18th B'day Celebration...
#2163221 by RimaD~Sweet 18 WDC!!

First Prompt is sci-fi genre and ....look: poem or story!! til the 14th!

"I don't believe this is happening on my birthday You can get inspired by it or use it in the story / poem
Genre: Science Fiction, Birthday"
Thanks for the promotion Mona....
*Laugh**Bigsmile**Crazy* OH my GOSH!! Do you want to laugh???

The Queen of Comedy has done it again!

If you like movies and laughing...

Movie Quotes Gone Wrong cNotes  (13+)
Funny cNotes to send when someone needs a laugh
#2167275 by Lornda

Or if you are an appreciator of cuteness and cuddly:

Plushie Post  (E)
Plushie C-Notes for multiple occasions
#2166950 by Dragon 老師

*Dragon* Or maybe dragon fire is your thing: *Fire*

Dino-Mite cNotes  (E)
C-Notes you simply can't resist. Various friendly messages to foster community spirit.
#1878437 by Nixie

All make great gifties! *Delight*
Thank you for the *Plug*!
*Delight*SM released New covers!! It will take a while to look at them all! Even two with record players ..turntables!! *Shock2*

You rock and roll The StoryMaster . *Music2*

Cool dress looks nice
*Heart* Party Time to Chillax with a time honoured activity. Won't take long and..... you get a raffle ticket if you do it this week!! If ten people finish.... a chance at an MB!

What are you waiting for?

WdC's 18th Birthday Word Search  (E)
A word search to celebrate Writing.Com's 18th birthday
#2167736 by Tiggy
Done! Fun! Thanks!
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Done! Thank you!!!
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I'm taking the word from the wise. Sincerely, Jayne, I thank you. (*gagging*turning*RUNNING*)
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*Fairy* Who LIkes Chocolate?????
WE have one of Choconut 's exclusive yoummy Chocolat Emporium badge to gift in ROUND 7 of

WdC's 18th MB Bash  (E)
Every 18th person wins an exclusive MB ~Closed
#2164386 by Lornda