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*Shock2* EEEk Is this for you? *Wink* The Darkness is seeking....

Into The Darkness   (18+)
A short story contest for dark speculative fiction: Dark SciFi, Dark Fantasy and Horror.
#2223577 by A E Willcox: Power, happy 13th

🌑 Darleen
???? YOU?
Totally for me, I just don't have the time with school and working.
*Star*Elle has a 10th anniversary coming up on the 21st. So why not play in her tournament:

CLASH!   (13+)
Authors face off through their characters! Follow along & vote each round.
#1908885 by Elle

It's a curse and I am sure you can create a character to solve it. Put all of your pains of covid quarenteen to good use!
You totally rock the quarenteen! *Heart*
*Laugh* Some fun stuff from another who celebrated an 18th anniversary at WDC this month:
*Starstruck* deemac


or if you are really inventive



HeY , my past fellow Wonderland challengers: remember Looking glass insects and portmanteau? We could rock these games! Who knew??
*BalloonP* *Shock2* Happy Happy lucky number 13th Anniversary to these magical beings: *Cupcakev*


*Star* LdyPhoenix

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Anniversary Reviews  (E)
Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
#1565040 by Sum1

It is very slow over there this month and so many wonderful folks are having summer anniversaries. *Cake*
*Heart*Keep up the good vibes everyone! Light and love. We can transform together. New vibe kids are inspiring.

Even the children
are pleading
Please save our
The message is there
There is no plan B
When are we all going to do OUR part
to make a future

Thank you for your voice Eyestar
((((((( *Earth* )))))))
Guess who is all of 10 years old today!!


Pop in and say hi!

Happy 10th WDC Anniversary to SUM1!  (E)
A special sum1 has a 10th Anniversary on the 16th! Send good wishes, poems, cheers here!
#2087283 by eyestar~Happy 13th POWER crew!
Happy 10th, Jim! *PartyHatR* *BalloonB*
Happy tenth anniversary, Jim!
*Strawberry* Happy National Strawberry Shortcake Day! *Strawberries* *Cupcakep*

If you have any cool recipes or written items about food

"WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group Raiders who pass by the newsfeed
may jump in and review it!

Feel free to link them here! *Laugh*

No promises but ya never know. We have been enjoying some delicious finds! *Strawberry*
"Jessica's Guide to Food and Entertaining"   by Jessica <3 her new ink
"Balade: East Village Lebanese Restaurant"   by Jessica <3 her new ink
"Eating Dragonfly"   by Jessica <3 her new ink

I was diagnosed with Celiac two years ago and reminds me, I want to start writing about gluten-free recipes.
I have a story about food and garden, it is a children's story

Charlie's Garden  (E)
Charlie teaches his best friend,Elroy how to put out a vegetable garden and eat the goods
#1987337 by Lisa Noe Kittyluv um Puppyluv
*Unicorn**Starstruck* I am catching up!!

Congratulations to amazing folks who made it to the Quill lists and... to the finalist list and ....to the Win! *Salute*

What fun! *Balloonp*

Thanks to Elle and her team for all of the effort in pulling off another successful event. *Thumbsup**Heart*

And a big shout out : YAY to my home "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group for Community Quill! You all rock in my heart for sure!
Thanks for all you do to make Power shine! *Starstruck**Fairy2**Wand*

now back to work... Raid weekend is coming up! *Strawberry* Yummy!

*Proud* *Quill* *Heart* *Grasshopper* *Books1* *Quill* *Proud*
Congratulations on your Quill and your two Honourable Mentions! *Bigsmile*
Congrats, Power Peeps!
A huge congratulations to you for your Quill wins! I'm over the *Moon* for you. *Bigsmile*
*Pointright* Best Lyrics: "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling
*Pointright* Second Honorable Mention in Best Medium-Length Poem for "Paddling Dream
*Pointright* 1st Honorable Mention for Reviewing
Way to go!
*Laugh**Shock* Happy National Repeat Day!

"Comedy Newsletter (June 3, 2020)

Let me say it again..
Happy National Repeat Day.

*Facepalm**Rolling**Facepalm**Rolling* *Laugh**Laugh*

Keep a smile and pass it on! Laughter and love raise our heart vibration....and that is beat that is worth a repeat. *Heart* OUR heart beat goes on and on!