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I finally added a new blog entry!
Great! If you give us the entry, we might read it.
I like to add an entry to my own blog every year or two. *Whistle* *Laugh*

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Congrats on creating an entry! I should do that. It's probably been close to a year now. *Think*

*Cake* Happy WDC birthday! *Cake*
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

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Woo hoo! I blogged again - I think it has only taken me a year and 1/2. https://www.writing.com/main/books/entry_id/1033626
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Glad to ssss*Dragon*ssssee you bbblog.

Happy WDC Birthday! Enjoy the day on WDC! *Cake* *Cake*
Congratulations on your 12 year anniversary Audra!
I hope you have many more, and be enjoyed your time here.
Happy Birthday

Wishing you a wonderful day filled with your heart's desires ... everyday! *Laugh*

*Hug* Ken
I posted a new item.
 Teach? Who, me?  (E)
Why I became a teacher
#2145288 by audra_branson
. I could really use some reviews. I have to submit it for my teacher of the year portfolio!
I really enjoyed this. I was 33 when I back to university and did my post-grad teaching certification. It was the best thing I ever did. I loved teaching. It only ever felt like a 'job' when the paperwork grew and grew and the marking built up and up. I still loved it though. Well done, you!
When I started school, I thought it was to become a police officer. Of course, as my first couple of years went by (even though I Loved the criminal justice classes) I realized that I would be doing that for someone else...not myself. I continued on (following my Own dream), and began teaching at the ripe old age of 38!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Hey, life? Are you kidding me?:
         "Seriously, Free?!
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Hey, folks ... want a little "good news" to balance out the headlines? Read this post and then go to the store and leave them a "Thank You." ... Yeah, I know - it's Oklahoma - but they have feelings too. *Rolling*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Hey, life? Are you kidding me?:
         "Call Me A Creeper, But I'm Obsessed with Rube & Rene I love this couple!
You don't have to read the blog - but you really, really need to watch the video posted! "Hey, life? Are you kidding me?:
         "Thank You, Zola! You Made My Day!
I've added a new entry to my book, "Hey, life? Are you kidding me?:
         "It Was A Day - A Pretty Damn Good One
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