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Hope to see you back soon!!


Happy 11th WDC Anniversary!
I guess it's time to change your handle! *Rolling*

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*Candy4* Happy 10th WDC Anniversary!!! *Candy4*

Hope to see you around
for many, many more years to come

Acme ~ 10 year WdC Anniversary

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Happy Anniversary!

Happy 10th WDC Anniversary, my friend!!!
*Witch* May you celebrate another decade of fun, frolic and creativity!!!


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Congrats on your 10 year anniversary at WdC! *Heart*

HE is Risen!!!

*Rabbit3* Have a Blessed Easter! *Rabbit3*

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*Medalbronze* *Medalsilver* *Medalgold*


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Guess whose blog placed in this year's Quill? It's . . . *drumroll* . . . ACME's!!! *Laugh*

Long time no see! Just dropping in to congratulate you on Invalid Item 's Honourable Mention -- you rock!
Aww, schucks *Blush* Thank you!
T'was a well-deserved honour, Acme! *Thumbsupl*

"Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful day
and a blessed Easter!"

"A day without laughter, is a day wasted." - Charlie Chaplin.
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
 Invalid Item 
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Congratulations to all who entered and those who won ribbons, GPs and kudos *Delight*
Back by request, Acme Writing Company Representatives are proud to announce that round 25 is now OPEN, over at:
 Invalid Item 
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Hey Acme! *Bigsmile*

Just dropping in to wish you and yours a Blessed Time this beautiful season. *Gingerbread*

May you enjoy an abundance of Love, Joy, Peace, Faith, Hope and Health as you usher in the New Year! *Heart*

May you sing like an angel in the Christmas choir -- let the Praises ring!! *Angel*


*Partyhato* *Partyhatb* *Partyhatb* *Partyhato* *Partyhatb* *Partyhatb* *Partyhato* *Partyhatb* *Partyhatb* *Partyhato* *Partyhatb* *Partyhatb* *Partyhato* *Partyhatb* *Partyhatb* *Partyhato* *Partyhatb* *Partyhatb*

Every blessing to you and yours, from me and mine, Jay *BigSmile*

I've had a gargle, so bring on midnight mass!

Merry Christmas *Holly1*
*Santahat* *Laugh* *Santahat*
So the weird and mysterious happenings yesterday with my disappearing emails was not my ineptitude for once *Delight*

"General response to "weird things""  

The thing is, it was the longest day I spent here for years...I sent a lot of emails, reviews and other stuff. So, if you emailed me and didn't get a response (or a thank you for a kind c-Note you delivered), I apologise for what may have seemed like ignorance, when it wasn't!