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Happy wdc anniversary

Thank you for the sacrifices you made and your service!!
I've added a new entry to my book, "The Addison Daily:
         "Patriotism is an Action
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Let me gone and read that...
Welcome to Writing.com *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
I am sure you are going to love this site. There are many helpful people here including our generosity queen Schnujo You have just click on the plus sign twice. At first, it will turn to a finger and at second time, it will become a megaphone.

If you want to know anything about this site or how it works you can mail me or post it in the newsfeed. There are many helpful people around.
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Hi, Addison! Welcome! Vaishali is another person whose Plus Sign you should click twice. She's super sweet, smart, and helpful!

Clicking a person's Plus Sign helps you find them again. When you click Newsfeed, their posts on there (officially called notes) will appear. They will appear there whether you click their Plus Sign once (to set them as a favorite) or twice (to become their fan). The difference is that if you do it twice, they are notified. Once is private. I reward my new fans and after that, reward my fans from time to time anyway. So to get rewards, you need to actually be on my fan list.

To start making friends here, go to the Newsfeed. You will be on your Personal Newsfeed, the default. This is where you will see your own notes, official WdC notes, notes written by people who came to visit your Notebook (such as lurie here), and notes by anyone whose Plus Sign you've clicked. Along the top of your Personal Newsfeed you will see the words View the Community Newsfeed. Click those words and then you will see what EVERYONE has written. Scroll. Like. Comment. Find activities to participate in. And start making friends. Soon, you'll find Plus buttons you will want to press and you find others pressing yours. *Smile*

Welcome! Let us know if you have questions. *Smile*
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