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I saw this in my favourite blog today, and it seemed entirely correct, so I decided to share it:

"By replacing your morning coffee with green tea you can lose up to 87% of what little joy you have left in life."
That quote is 100% true, Adherennium !

Angelific Frankenstein - YES! *Heartp* I start each morning with a double espresso, followed by a cappuccino with breakfast. *Coffeev*
Adherennium, I totally agree!

Angel Wolf, me too! No sugar, no drinking.
I like water straight, mixed, or stirred, but whatever falls into the cup is tasty. Beverage anyone?
If perchance you need cheering up, then this might give you a smile:

I imagine that's like asking an opera singer to sing off-key! *Delight* Impressive!
Thanks for sharing this! *Smile*
You were right. It did leave me smiling. Thanks.
My eldest son has installed some software called 'Stable Diffusion', which is an AI that creates pictures from prompts. Sadly, I doubt my elderly PC can run it, but he was amicable to creating a picture for me to use here:

A Symphony in Flat B  (E)
Ballet Purrfection. Bravissimeow.
#2262709 by Adherennium

A picture of a ballet dancing cat on a Welsh dresser is not something I think I'd find ordinarily.

I'm mentioning it here in case anyone who's computer is a little more robust than mine wants to try and create their own AI generated pictures to use in their portfolio.

Another cool alternative is Starryai! :)
All of these programs to enhance writing...I am soooo tech retarded *FacePalm*
To be truthful, I didn't actually use the software AmyJo - pumpkin eater , I just told my son what I wanted and let him do the work, perhaps you know some tech savvy individual that you could similarly prevail upon?
Yesterday, whilst walking the dog, I thought I'd finally decided which project I was going to work on for the October Prep and NaNoWriMo. Then last night, whilst I was baking behind closed doors for today, I had another idea for the Indelible Maurice, now I'm back into indecision. *Sob*

On the positive side, I am now down to a choice of two from previously having six possibles.

So my choices now are between:

'The Orrityga', a story that I already have a 12K words outline for, a reasonable idea of the plot and where it is heading, and clear ideas of characters and settings,


'The Indelible Maurice and Philomena the Unacceptable', an idea to combine elements of Steppenwolf, The Master and Margarita, Alice in Wonderland and The 60's TV series The Prisoner.

Opinions to help me decide will be gratefully received, and likely rewarded with GPs.
I agree with Schnujo . Prep both stories, or at least start prepping both stories and see which one is speaking to you more. You can abandon the second prep as soon as you are confident in your decision.
Prep BOTH stories ... *Ha* *Hysterical* *HappyCry*.. where's the emoticon for craziness ensuing....?

Thank you both, for a very intriguing suggestion. I can tell Schnujo wants to get rid of me, to paraphrase: 'a very real possibility that you won't survive.' And a nice suggestion of craziness in the old adherennium camp. *Think* *Crazy* ahh! There it is.
I highly recommend "October Novel Prep Challenge and for that reason, I agree with Jody and Michelle. Motion carried. *Pthb*
I've read a lot about people making bucket lists, and being curious I decided to give it a try:

Plastic Bucket.
Galvanized Bucket.
Plastic Bucket with Lid.
Mop bucket, (Galvanized).
Plastic Seaside Bucket (With Spade).

Quite frankly I can't see what all the fuss is about.

On an entirely unrelated note, some kind things were recently said about my humorous contributions to the Newsfeed. (Thank you Buddhangela's NaNo Prepping! the cheque is in the post). I have sometimes thought that I could have been a comedian, obviously not a stand up comedian, that sounds as though it could get tiring, no I was thinking more of a sitting in a comfy chair with a nice cup of tea comedian. Naturally I'd combine my comedy with my love of history and only tell the very oldest jokes. (Shocking fact - I have more than once actually written new jokes, the first of these I sent to a porn magazine when I was 19, and it was never seen again! If you would like me to tell it you send a plain brown envelope to 'Inconspicuous Anecdotes' No. 21 Tickled Street, Little Chuckle in the Bath, Wells.)

On yet another unrelated note, (possibly G Major, though this is yet to be confirmed), are you aware that there is an annual competition for the longest comment in parentheses used in any body of English. (Last year's winner was originally Augustus Schlockbinder, who crammed three encyclopedias worth of additional information in a comment appended to his short note to the milkman, he was later disqualified when it was realised that he bought his milk at the local supermarket like everyone else. Subsequently the award was conferred on Mrs Ethel Vermin of Stroud, whose lengthy description of her husband's symptoms and his curiously shaped toenails were bracketed into a letter she sent to her local council about the flower arranging course, in a misguided attempt to get her rates reduced.)
Not without sturdy shoes on their feet, anyway.
My bucket list:

Sometimes a good kick in the bucket is just what you need!
Thank you everyone who helped send such a clear message to Schnujo about how much we value her and her amazing input to WDC, and huge generosity of spirit.
You're welcome, many thanks.
MB sent.

I have sent Schnujo a few Merit Badges. Does this count?
I don't know about you, but I for one am SICK and TIRED of Schnujo being so generous and altogether wonderful. I vote we give her a taste of her OWN MEDICINE.

To this end, I have 150,000 Gift Points, ready to split between the first TEN people who send Schnujo a merit badge THAT COUNTS FOR COMMUNITY RECOGNITION!

To get your GP's comment on this note and let me know you've sent a badge please.

Thank you for the GPs, Adherennium *Smile*
sent one... but no worries if I'm late to the party. She's worth much much, more than an MB to me. Going to send an awardicon too.
I have sent her a few Merit Badges.
"ils peuvent le chercher"

"Hey, that's not cool, not nice at all. What about all those that don't speak French?"

"They can look it up."
Schnujo , yep. It's a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and you have to have seen the movie to fully appreciate the context. I just saw it for like the 98th time this week.
Ah. Thanks. I saw it, but it was more like 98 years ago, so I won't get it. *Laugh* But if I ever want to watch it, I definitely know who to watch it with! *Delight*
Still have 30K Gift Points to split between two people sending Schnujo a merit badge that counts for CR, just sayin'.

Send Schnujo an MB, let me know, and I'll send you 15,000 GPs.
MB sent!
THANK YOU, ALL!!! Especially you, 🌕 HuntersMoon for sending me one just because you are so fabulous and to you, Adherennium for this amazing event! I LOVE IT! *Heart*
Two years ago I planted a blackberry bush in the garden. Last year it made strenuous efforts to absorb the lawn, and I fought a pitched battle with it's tendrils. This year it has remained somewhat better behaved. Today I have made and am baking an Apple & Blackberry Pie, the smell is mouthwatering!

On a slightly related note, my copy of Mrs Beeton's has revealed that Royal Anchovy Biscuits exist, at least as a possibility. As I love anchovies I am now planning to make some of the biscuits. Depending upon the success or otherwise of these culinary excursions I may report back.
That pie looks AMAZING! Do you have coffee or should I pick some up on my way?
I always have coffee, I even have an espresso stash.
A very impressive pie!
Queen Elizabeth II is dead.*Cry**Cry**Cry*
Thanks for telling us *Heart*
Anyone born after February 6, 1952 has only known one British monarch. The queen met 13 US presidents. Truman was president in 1952, followed by Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush1, Clinton, Bush2, Obama, Trump and Biden.
Okay, so there's this thing called 'Naked Running', and naturally I thought I'd give it a try.

APPARENTLY, it simply means running without headphones, GPS, pulse counters, that sort of thing.

Wish I'd known that before I started.

Unrelated question, does anyone know if you can post bail with WDC Gift Points?
Officer Xyz at your friendly neighbourhood police station has a niece who writes poetry. He gives her the GPs. If that's where you're locked up, I'll see about paying your way out with GPs. *Wink*
Sorry, only legal tender on the site. Is it WDC jail? *Blush* *Rolling*
I've been let off with a caution. They said they could see I was a little short (of change), and that it was such a little thing to worry about. Furthermore I was very silly to show my... self up as such an idiot.
When dealing with penguins, be careful to never trigger their fight or flight instincts.
I promise never to kiss an emu,
even if it means going emu-aah.
*Crazy* *Golucky*
If geese don't trigger your fight or flight response, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise.
Penguins are the most evil of birds. They make people think they are so cool, with dads looking after the young, waddling like anything, bribing George Miller to make Happy Feet (and Miller also made Mad Max - coincidence? I think not)... but they are also adept at killing humans.

In Australia, we have the fairy penguins which waddle under your car and cut your brake lines. On the Falkland Islands they have penguins which conquered the Argentinians before the British got there during the 1980s Falklands War... but the British took full responsibiity for the win only annoying the penguins further.

Yes, those ratite entities, the emus are really bad; and the cassowaries, those toothless dinosaurs, are so unpredictable yiu'd best beware. But the penguins?

Evil incarnate!
I've had 12 hours sleep this weekend. Unfortunately it has been in three four hour (ish) stretches Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. Between this time I have been working from before 6 am till about 10 pm. Needless to say my brain is a little woolly at the moment, so if I make any remarks that require a subsequent sheepish apology, I hope that you'll understand. (I hate embaaaressing myself. ewe know what I mean?)
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Adherennium, sometimes that is exactly what it takes to get something you want to be done, DONE!

I have had a few of those, and most times, I get exhilarated by the pressure and just plain forget to go to sleep.

Have a great next week, and get some sleep. LOL
My eldest son told me a joke today that required me to disown him on the spot, promote my younger son, and adopt the young woman who works with us.

"I have a ham. It would be a shame if I added an 's' before it and an 'e' afterwards."

I feel sure you will agree my actions were entirely justified.
You mean that he's a chip off the old block?

(Brought to you by the Society for the cultivation and Preservation of Traditional Tuber Humour)

And . . .

If we had some ham, we could have ham & eggs, if we had any eggs.

(from my dad)
As we say in these here parts, he comes by it honestly! *Laugh*
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