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I have been gone for a long while, although very rewarding but I have much to tell. Glad to be back
This journey of ours has many up's and downs but at the end of the day, there is always somebody worse off then you. So be grateful of all the little things for someone less fortunate then you may never get to experience the things you take for granted.
Every now and then you just have to stick it to "THE MAN" and I'm just about to let him have it.I'm a man in the process of change and enlightenment but I just can't help feeling he needs a good ole ass woopin.
Good morning hope all had a great weekend. I have received great feedback on my work over the weekend and I'm very grateful. As many have requested I will be writing a novel on my philosophy's of different subjects in life.
Hello WDC,

It's amazing to me how just one website with such great people can truly encourage a person to push harder and inspire to do more. This web site is a blessing to me. Thank you to all.
Good morning to all. embrace every moment in the day, respect the negatives and admire the positive.
Good morning to all. May this day be a great one. :)
Good morning, hope all has a great day :)
Good morning to all, never forget effort equals success.:)
Good morning to all, hope your day is magical and full of optimism.
The people on this site are simply amazing. I have been a closet writer since I could remember and was extremely nervous to post anything for other to see. I finally gained the courage and was curious to know what others would think of my work. To my surprise every bit of feedback I received was encouraging, many with critiques but yet still encouraging. Thank you all for allowing me to express what I've withheld for so many years. I now have a weight lifted off my shoulders.
Good morning to all, I have begun writing my novel. I am very enthusiastic thus being my first novel ever attempted.
I would like to thank everybody for all their support and advice. This site has greatly improved my writing skills and is only getting better every day. I will be definitely upgrading my membership soon. :)
I'm happy to hear the site has helped you improve your writing skills. *Smile*
I feel I am learning much more everyday about writing and I am exploring many different forms of writing. I would like to start a small mini series as an investigation/ documentary about the realm of reality through dreams and imagination.
Good morning all, I am so grateful to be on this site. Writing is a mere pleasure and to be connected to those who enjoy it all the same is simply amazing. Happy writing :)
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