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I posted a note on the General Discussion forum yesterday: "Looking for a writing buddy. Is that still a thing?"  
Worth a try. *Smile*
I'm not the person you're looking for, but I hope you find someone that has the same drive as you.
Thanks, Alyssa.
The drive is there, but the skill is wanting. *Smile*
I've just added an item to my portfolio:
 Three Sheets To The Wind - part 5  (13+)
The consequences of love

This wraps up the Norway part of the story, so it's a bit long. The rest takes place in Copenhagen, Portsmouth, Madeira, Freetown, Accra, and St. Croix.
Part 4 of Three Sheets To The Wind posted.
 Three Sheets To The Wind  [13+]
Love, sugar, and slavery. What could possibly go wrong? Set in A.D. 1800
by adrm
Things are picking up now.

(I'll probably stop after this part.)
Chapter 4 is exceptionally well
written, adrm. This story takes place in 1800 on St Croix,
a beautiful island in the Danish West-Indies.
I look forward to reading more.
I've added new items to my portfolio:
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Sooo, I'm almost done with my first manuscript for a historical novel set in 1800, Europe - Africa - West-Indies. Almost done as in: Parts 1 & 2 are ready for others to see, while the 3rd part is still rough and needs more work.
But I managed to finish the story in the end.

I'm at a loss what to do next, though. The chances of finding a publisher must be next to zero for multiple reasons:
         -It's my first book, and although my writing has improved a lot since I started, it's probably still nowhere near 'acceptable'
         -English is not my native language
         -The subject is obscure: Scandinavian participation in the African slave trade
         -There are many accurate, but familiar-sounding names, e.g. Gustav, Einar, etc
         -There's some sex
         -There are some time-appropriate offensive words

With expenses incurred up till this point; paying a cover designer; paying an editor, this is sure to be an economic loss, but it's right there on my 'list of things to do before you die': Write a book.
It's been satisfying, but also very lonely and fatiguing. Totally worth it, though.

Whatever route I choose (try agents/publishers or self-publish) I obviously need feedback before proceeding. Writing.com appears the be the place to find this.
But to be honest, I'm still a bit confused by the site. Sorry.
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