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Back at it with help from a new friend & my first famous fan. Thanks Dean!!!
Signed my contract with my agent a month ago ... Signed my contract with Random House for a 4 book series. I'm on my way ... no stopping mee now!!!!
UGH!!!! Nearly 3 weeks of daily seizures ... now I have an upper respiratory infection ... I'm exhausted!!! Why do the exes have to pick times like this to be difficult assholes?!?! Yeah ... I said assholes!!! Time to pop an Ativan & see if my muse won't come back.
JUST MARRIED!!! Officially Aimee Clark as of August 11th *SuitHeart*
Congrats, Mrs. Clark I hope you have a long and happy life together. My wife and I are together 32 years the 19th Septembe. I good feat these days. But only made possible by us learning a few secrets of married life. First have two checking accounts. You can be on both, but each only uses one. Second, realize that one of you is always wrong about the decisions you make about the kids. Third, remember that all men are pigs, and we only stop opening the doors for you when you stop expecting it.
Planning a wedding in only 3 weeks ... trying to finish edits for a deadline only 4 weeks away ... maintaining a household with 4 kids, 2 dogs, & 1 man ........ can you say insanity!?!?!?!?!
Ah the familiar irritation of writer's block ... too much on my mind & I cannot seem to pull the threads of creativity together long enough to get anything but crap onto the page. Time to relax for a while & try to address some of the nagging issues at hand so that I can write again.
GRRRRRR .... I hate it when reality interrupts my carefully created fantasy world!!!
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