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OK boys and girls, and all assundry persons! I made it! Turkey done...dressing done; mac/cheese done. Green bean casserole done; cornbread done...

Oh yeah...NaNoWriMo DONE!!! 50,158 words! *Mindblown*

Woot Woot!!!

Wow! *Smile*
Congratulations, Sis! You’re 2000 words ahead of me. I pray I’ll finish this evening. 😃
*Confettir* *Confettiv* *Confettir* *Confettiv* *Party* Congratulations, AmyJo! *Party* *Confettiv* *Confettir* *Confettiv* *Confettir*
*Confettir* *Confettiv* *Confettir* *Confettiv* Woohoo! *Confettiv* *Confettir* *Confettiv* *Confettir*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Attitude of Gratitude:
         "Almost home
Everybody have a wonderful Turkey Day tomorrow, or at least a great Thursday *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*

At 46,773 and I'm cross-eyed tonight *Yawn*

Will hopefully have this finished on Friday!! *Mindblown*


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Great work, AmyJo! See "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." (Philippians 4:13) We will finish with His Help in short order. *Smile*
OK then! I'm finally 1/2 way there! 25,085 words.


Everybody Keep Up the Great Work...

NaNo's a tough cookie *RollEyes*

I'm almost to 50k, not quite. 4k seems like a long ways to go. I know it isn't. Some stealing is about to take place.
yeah I hit a milestone yesterday but the remaining part is a slog - running out of ideas
I actually just made two batches of gingerbread cookies for no reason so this is very accurate NaNo_Mike
Amy, that’s amazing!! Yay! Keep up the great work
I've added a new entry to my book, "Attitude of Gratitude:
         "A wonderful surprise
36k!! I'm getting really excited...Maybe will have done for Thanksgiving? Guess we shall find out *Think*

Everybody Keep Up The Great Work!!

Woo hoo! *Delight*
Great job, AmyJo! You're doing it with the Lord's help. ONWARD & UPWARD!
I hit 34 yesterday and hope to finish on the 28th then do some light editing before calling it a month on December 1. I gain a day being overseas and the site is based in my hometown of Berkeley, California.

I've added a new entry to my book, "Attitude of Gratitude:
         "Journey of Gratitude Continues
I've added a new entry to my book, "Attitude of Gratitude:
         "Grateful Beginnings
Today was an interesting day. Had a stress test and scans done of my heart today. Chemical Stress test was no fun, for sure *Gag* Had scans done of my kidneys yesterday to see if stints can come out yet. And regular Dr. appt on Tuesday. I'm all doctored out this week, let me tell you *ExclaimP*

Will get results on the 29th and 30th of the month. Good news, though - Foley out and no doctor appts next week! Been busy doing crochet ornaments for the Christmas tree, and getting a grocery list together for Thanksgiving. Over 31k words...so gonna work extra hard this coming weekend. Will try to get some more reviews in as well. Appreciate everyone's words of encouragement, and prayers. Y'all ROCK!

Gonna say goodnight for tonight...catch y'all tomorrow! *HeartP* *Hug1**Smile**Hug2* *Smile* *HeartP*
*Heart* You can do it! I know you can. Just don't give up!
You are amazing in the face of Life's hurricanes. Keep going, we have your back.
Alexi Going through health stuff. *Whistle*
I've added a new entry to my book, "Jots and Tittles and other Random Things:
         "Express It In 8 - Long Live the King
Hey guys! Sorry I've been a little quiet. Lots of stuff going on, and I'm a little nervous about dr. visits this week, even if I don't need to be *FacePalm*

Just watched a movie on Amazon Prime called Break Every Chain...talk about hitting you in the "feels". Ugh! still sappy eyed!

I'm at 26,520 words, so a little over 1/2 way. Will hit it hard and heavy tomorrow afternoon after doctor visit. Gotta hit the sack, since taking kids to work in the morning.

Say a prayer, if you get a chance. Much appreciated *HeartP*

Keep Up the Great Job NaNo'ers! We GOT THIS!
Blessings, AmyJo. You’re on track.

The Lord can help us finish well. 😃

I just had a good NaNo day, too.

Be blessed at the doctor’s office. 😀
I just saw this, 17 hours after you posted it, so I don’t know if you’ve already gone to your doctor appointment or not, but I’ve been lifting up prayers for you anyways- in addition to the ones that I already pray over you and for you, on the daily! *HeartV* Big hugs, AmyJo! Never forget that you are loved, lovable, and lovely. *Hug1**Smile**Hug2*
keep going. I took yesterday off as I had some dental issues. Which were resolved. but needed a break will resume today. I have a rough outline going just need to finish each chapter.

Now, I'm gonna chill out with some Holiday Decorating Ideas...

20781 words. 16 Reviews. Take Up Your Cross, Express it in 8...Time for bed *Yawn* *Sleeping*

Night All *HeartP*

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congratulations. I hit 20,252 words and feel I am half way there. I have at least outlined the chapters so should finish it then well it will be a lot of work to edit it. The Life and Times of Big Daddy. = sort of a CIA spy satire.
Back to the grindstone...Got some PowerReviewer's Raiding done this morning. I see that a couple of people have already done 50K words...*Mindblown* Congrats!

LOL...truding away time...but still, not too bad for 1st time out...glutton for punishment that I am...LOL *Rolling*
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You're doing great!!! *Smile*
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