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*Apple* *Quill* Is anyone interested in becoming involved (as judges and general support ) - for a
Weekly Flash Fiction Contest? I subscribed to one recently - which sadly, has become defunct.

*Apple* *Quill* I believe that, with 3 judges, we could participate in a contest in which we are not part of the judging panel for that week. I'm up for it - and I hope to find some like-minded writers and reviewers! Newbie Stars Welcome *Star* *StarB* *Star*


*BurstR* Keeping the rules simple and easy to follow

*BurstR* 300 word limit

*BurstR* Weekly prompts

*BurstR* A Gift Point Prize for 3 Place Getters

*BurstR* Most Importantly Reliable Judging i.e. On Time!

*BurstR* Suggestions Welcome - please contact me by email if you're interested

Hello everyone - I am concerned about a member who has ...well... disapppeared! *Shock2* somik1 has been a reviewer here at WDC for quite a while and recently he started a 'Weekly Flash Fiction' contest and a Group as well - all THREE ' - have disappeared - Has anyone heard anything? I entered a contest in his Weekly Contest and had just donated 20,000 Gift Points to his Group and the Contest
Regards AJBurchell-DownUnder
When a userlink looks like this somik1, either their account is closed or they've changed their username. This seems to be a closed account. This account was, however, not his first account here. ... If it were a new username, your favorites of their items, or your reviews of their items, or their reviews of your items would show their new username.

Re: the donation -- for future reference, please read the section titled Exercising Common Sense with Donations in Community Activities from Writing.Com 101 .

NaNuNaNo_Mike --

Re: lessons -- Chibithulu (Alyssa)'s paid membership expired so most of her items are locked and not currently visible in her port.
Yes, Northernwrites, I saw that. The Membership Info didn't say, when her account was downgraded, so I don't know when the excess items were locked. I do know, though, that I checked the folder periodically through August and September and it was unchanged from when she was still active.

Please see "Re: Re: missing member and his contest"   by The StoryMaster about your donated GPs.
Thank you for reading and reviewing my writings.
Your words means a lot to me. I never expected it.
Welcome aboard! You're gonna have a great time!
Yes! I am... sorry, still finding my way around *Smile*
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