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Flying into LockDown - Covid City of Sydney from Melbourne - Victoria - for work next Tuesday... and I'll then have to stay there until they get numbers down and Melbourne VIC - Australia allows me back!! *Shock2*

At least I'll get to see my youngest son - who is also a great cook! *Wink* ... yeah... there's some benefits... hee hee (Yes, I'll be careful & I've had my first shot of Astra Zeneca).

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Be careful!
June 3rd 2021 & We're still in Lockdown (Week 2) and my eldest son turned 40 today! Whaddidwedo?

We ate 2.8 kilos of Lobster and Cake!

Nero Fiddled... Marie Antoinette said "let them eat cake' ... and we did!
I love Lobster, they are so good. Happy Birthday to your son.
Happy birthday to your son🎊
Sounds like a lovely birthday, all things considered! Tell him we all said, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" (Be sure to yell that at him. *Rolling*)
... I call him The Cookie Bro' ... he sent his older brother a box of hand crafted cookies and chocolate for his 40th Birthday.... while he plays 'American Psycho (The Musical) at The Sydney Opera House tonight - 3rd June!(Sydney Australia) ... Looking like James Dean but playing the Evil Patrick Bateman - I present to you the Sydney Theatre Award-Winning Actor - Ben Gerrard! (My youngest son)... Nero Fiddles... Marie Antionette says 'Let Them Eat Cake' ... but a mother with two sons .. one turning 40 today and one playing a lead role must bake the cake and answer the phone at midnight to discuss the play... *RollEyes* A woman's work is never done! *Blush**BigSmile*
Victoria - Australia is in Lockdown Again! Most' try to flee and "Get Me The Hell Outta Here!" is a Chorus heard from here to ANYWHERE!
Just had a delicious Lamb Korma and Naan bread with my eldest son - we've both got the night off *Delight*
Bread & Butter Pudding - my sons’ love it! ... It’s Mother’s Day here, in Australia!
Happy Mother’s Day! *Heart*
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I love bread and butter pudding too!
Happy Anniversary!
I'm happy to share some good news! It's my 1st Year Anniversary today at WDC! *Music2**CupcakeY* *BalloonG* *CupV**IceCreamB* *ConfettiR* *ThumbsUpL* *Delight*
see above.
Happy Anniversary 🎉🥳🥳🥳
Happy Anniversary!
Thankyou WDC for my 1st Year Anniversary gift and message which came by post to Australia!
I found a really good website for understanding and analysing poetry! *Delight*


As I struggle with the concepts and would review more poetry if I understood the technicalities better. We are all beginners at some point...
In Memory The Duke of Edinburgh - Longest Living Consort to a Monarch (Britain) - RIP 1921 -2021 RIP HRH Prince Philip-The Duke of Edinburgh - Longest Living Consort to a Reigning Monarch, HM Queen Elizabeth 2. He was born on 10th June 1921 (in the sign of Gemini) He WAS a real Gemini (a sweet and sour dish) ... there is a saying about him which goes: "He could be blunt and outspoken, to the point of offensiveness.." - BUT he was devoted to his family and gave many years of active service to the British Navy and was the originator of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award - and gave his services to Queen and Country unstintingly . RIP - to one of the most enduringly handsome men ever! *Heart*
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Thank you for sharing. I like the royals.
Leaving the house for the first time in a couple of days... be back soon.... gotta bring up my review average!
Happy Tuesday to you and thank you from my heart for the Season Tickets prize! *Smile*
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You're VERY Welcome! xx
Christmas is Cancelled in Australia... Borders slammed shut with a few cases having popped up in NSW

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*Holly2* We are home alone this year but being safe. I wish you happy holidays and winter blessings. *Starr*
*Apple* *Quill* Is anyone interested in becoming involved (as judges and general support ) - for a
Weekly Flash Fiction Contest? I subscribed to one recently - which sadly, has become defunct.

*Apple* *Quill* I believe that, with 3 judges, we could participate in a contest in which we are not part of the judging panel for that week. I'm up for it - and I hope to find some like-minded writers and reviewers! Newbie Stars Welcome *Star* *StarB* *Star*


*BurstR* Keeping the rules simple and easy to follow

*BurstR* 300 word limit

*BurstR* Weekly prompts

*BurstR* A Gift Point Prize for 3 Place Getters

*BurstR* Most Importantly Reliable Judging i.e. On Time!

*BurstR* Suggestions Welcome - please contact me by email if you're interested

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