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I am like for real losing my faith in writing, my only escapade.
It is very sad to have no appreciation or recognized in this platform. Sad to be me right now.
I'm sorry you feel that way. Why do you feel that way?

Writing doesn't have to be about the recognition you get for it. Not everyone will make money off their writing, but loving it is a key part to being a writer, "successful" or not. *Wink*

As for being on here, if you want more people to interact with you or your writing, there are several things you can do. If you are on a computer (not sure where the tab is on a phone), on the left side, you'll see "Community." Click that and a popup will appear. You can click "The Plug Page" to post items you want people to see, but that doesn't necessarily mean they will review it or interact with you. I'm not sure if you want people to review your items, interact with you, or just read your items.

Also under the "Community" tab there is "Please Review" where you post an item you want people to review. To post your item, in case you don't know how yet, use braces (just above the brackets on the keyboard). You need the item number which either you can find below the description of your item, or once you put a colon, the last several items you've written or edited will pop up so you can pick from the list and the last brace will appear. The 2 most commonly used tags are item and bitem (for big item). Here are what my challenge (feel free to check it out) look like in both.
{item:2109126} *Right* "The Contest Challenge
{bitem:2109126} *Down*
The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo

You'll likely need to know how to post your items in order to request reviews. On the same tab is "Request a Review" where you can choose the person to review you based on their reviewing strategy/method.

You can see how many people are looking at your items by going to the gear in the upper right corner and clicking "Statistics."

DOH! I forgot I have a max that I can post. lol
But keep in mind that you are a newbie, so you probably don't have any fans yet. To make fans, you have to reach out, just like a professional author does meet and greets and socializes, so must folks on this site, if they want to be noticed. You can start with 2 pages on here, "Noticing Newbies and "Newbie Welcome Wagon. Post, comment on other people's posts, and get to meeting folks. *Smile* In addition, start getting to know people by entering contests, reading and commenting on blogs, and going to the COMMUNITY Newsfeed (not just your Personal Newsfeed, the default when you click Newsfeed).

Most folks never go to the Community Newsfeed, so if you don't have people who have clicked your Plus button to keep track of you, they'll likely never find you if you don't put yourself out there. (I found you on the Community Newsfeed because I check it out sometimes and recommend you do as well, even after you've made lots of friends and become fully established here.) To get to the Community Newsfeed, along the top-ish part of your Personal Newsfeed (after you click Newsfeed), you'll see "View the Community Newsfeed." Click that and the whole world will open up. Instead of just seeing the Notebook posts of people whose Plus sign you have clicked, you'll see the Notebook post of everyone. *Smile* Once there, Like and comment on people's posts and once you've been making regular contact with people, you'll start developing relationships, the beginning of Fans. *Wink* Because, as you can see on your own Newsfeed, if you haven't fanned anyone (or many people), you won't see their items, thus if you haven't made fans, no one will see yours.


Oh my, I am sorry you feel this way. Writing.com is a friendly site. But everyone now is so busy with the preparing for the big writing event in November called NaNoWriMo. Perhaps that is why?

But don't worry, it takes time to get your name out. And you have to be proactive. Get involved with the newsletter, the little contests that are always popping up. Soon you'll feel like one of the gang.

Write on!

Welcome to WDC! *Delight* Thanks for posting your first item and your bio.

Did you know if you go to the side bar, click on MY ACCOUNT and then on My Achievements, magic can show up in your Community Tab! *Wand*

Have fun!

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Hallo Akanksha
Welcome to Writing Dot Com!
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