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It will be December soon. I have not visited my favorite bookstore for more than 2 years which is about a hundred kilometers from the place where we are residing.
I have a difficulty traveling these days as I have a difficulty moving or walking due to Neuralgia Nerve Damage Pain at my left side lowest rib which is an after effect of Shingles which I had last January 16 this year. My three doctors shared the same opinion that I will have this pain in a year or more.
I love to read as you may noticed in the numbers of reviews that I have given for the past one month and 8 days for being a member here in this awesome WDC..all because. some things that I used to do like gardening and weaving happy baskets and even swimming in the beach daily were all being stopped due to this excruciating pain.

Reading and writing keeps my mind busy and not to think of the pain and it gives me comfort...not that much but at least it lessen the suffering.

In this connection I wish to read books and more books in this Wonderful Site...I do not know where to find it.
For me to read, to review and to enjoy making my time worthwhile.
Anyone who is kind enough to give me instruction on where to find it .
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Whata you like to read? Memoirs, fiction, essays...poetry...

Nerve pain sucks. I have a new pinched nerve causing constant sciatica and it stinks. It's the real pits. Empathy.
I need a lot to learn on :
How to put an image in my Portfolio.
How to put an image in every Item that I wrote.
How to...
So many How To...
My weakest point is the technical know how...but then, one day at a time, I will learn them one by one.
Yes..Learning is a continious process. I Thank You LEDGER for a quick reply when I posted on how to delete an ITEM. As you gave me the quick and easiest instruction I did it right away wherein before that it took me hours on figuring out how to do it.
This is a community of Awesome People who write intelligently and help willingly.
I am most grateful.
Thank You Writing. Com.
Thank You LORD for
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Hey, Naomi! Images for your Portfolio and items? Easy! I'll send you a little info.
I am so glad to be here.
Being here gives me more reason
to live with much joy in my heart.
With all the writings for me to read 24 hours in a day is truly not enough.

This AWESOME WDC is an answer
for my love to read and to write.
As in, what else can I ask for ?
Everything that quench my thirst for more knowledge, they are all here and what I need to do is to explore, to reach out and to enjoy my stay here to the fullest capacity.
Thank You Writing.Com.
Thank You LORD for Everything.
FIAT ...
welcome to Writing.com Naomi!
This is a great site for posting writing you've done, reading others work, reviewing others' work and joining contests and courses about writing.
So much to do!
Thank You Very Much
God Bless
Good morning Everyone...
I am still trying to figure out all the instructions and functions of this awesome community for me to reach out, to share and to enjoy.
Life is great.
Thank You LORD..
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Welcome! There's definitely a lot here to discover. Good luck! *Laugh* Be sure to reach out if you need anything. *Smile* There's also lots of info in the newbie areas. *Bigsmile*
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