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Well done on your first 12 months with WDC. Hopefully it becomes 12 years. *AwarenessRB*
Welcoming you as a newbie to WDC Addicts...even though I am a newer addict than you! *Wink*
Hey alf! I'm back again; you're gonna think I'm stalking you before long, lol. Just another quick note to welcome you to WDC. I see we are in a lot of the same contests, so best of luck to you! Take care, & God bless!
Hi, yes and I wish you good luck as well. I'm not too good with the techo stuff but am finding my way around very slowly. Thank you so much for your notes, I've to learn how to send them, but at least I can now reply (big laugh), alf
Hi alf! Fellow newbie here, welcoming you to WDC! Things have sure changed around here since I was a newbie the first time, 10 years ago. But I think I'm gonna stick around this time - hope you'll do the same. Take care and best wishes to you! ~ April aka W.W.
*Partyhatr* Hi there! *Partyhatr*

I wanted to stop by and drop off a welcome to WdC on behalf of "WDC Addicts Anonymous

WdC and our group have awesome opportunities to have fun, make friends, and learn. Enjoy!

Hi Alf! Welcome to WDC. I myself joined in April of 2014 and I really like it here. The writing contests and the snail mail forum keep me engaged. I hope you find all you're seeking here and you continue to write. sandralynn
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