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My Life of Dreams  (E)
A page written of my life and dreams. You are almost entering my dream world...
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I wonder if it's okay. I hope you'll like it. *Smile*
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All That Time With My Life.  (E)
The memories confuse and drown the narrator. The narrator is lost with his/her life.
#2245374 by Alisha P.
I hope you'll enjoy it. *Smile*
Hey! Just stopping by, one step closer to White/Red Queen/King as I journey through "Wonderland and I saw that you were catching up fast and I wanted to say hi and wish you all the best in your descent to madness. Hope you're having fun on the way!
Thank you! *Bigsmile* I wish you well too .

Hey Alisha... Welcome to WDC...
Thank you for your welcome! 😄
*Rabbit2* Keep hopping young fellow pawn. I am racing by to say hi! Your adventure book is a rare find and your mad creativity will lead to the*Crown* Here is some *Teag* and the best *Dchoco**Cookie4* for the journey. All the best of luck...
*Shamrock*here, see, I have a rabbit's foot and the *Clock*. *Laugh*
See you on the *Crown*square! Go for it. *Heartp*
eyestar from the Looking Glass House still racing!

Hello Alisha! Good luck in Wonderland. Be careful - it is a curious place.
You are cordially invited to my Wonderland adventure, now embarked in "Curiouser and Curiouser. You will see the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit and the Dormouse. Please cheer me on as I attempt poetry and parody, story and recipe, and gradually slip into madness. Because, We're ALL mad here.
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Alisha's world of Dreams.  (E)
A place where all dreams go...
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You should also check out "Note: The river outside my house is in flood right no..." where Robert Edward Baker shows us a family of beautiful swans.
Thank you for the plug, Alisha P. *Heart*
No problem and thank you for adding the Unicorn Shop on "Note: *GiftR* Friendship Friday *GiftB* Co..."! *Smile* *Unicorn*
Welcome to the Mad Hatter's Party!

Good Luck with your own Wonderland adventures and please come visit my adventures here "Adventures in Wonderland as well. *Rabbit2*
Thank you for welcoming me into your Wonderland!
Sure... Best of luck with your activities and writing. *Smile*
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Nothing Gold Can Stay  (E)
A different version I created of Robert Frost's poem.
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Unicorn's cnotes   (E)
Everything that has to do with unicorns.
#2242660 by Alisha P.

Alisha's world of cnotes.  (E)
A store of cnotes from my ideas, life, and dreams.
#2242551 by Alisha P.
Thank you for your kind welcome! *Smile*