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What a fun day, a root canal and a crown... as if the root canal wasn't enough.
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 10TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, AMAY! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*

Sorry this is late! *Blush*

*BurstG* Happy Anniversary *BurstG*
*Music2* Happy 10th WDC Birthday Amay. *Music1*

I hope you have a special day.

*Grasshopper* Alexi *Heart*

*Starv**Confettiv* Congratulations on your
10th WdC Anniversary! *Starv**Confettiv*
Keep celebrating with more cake:


*ConfettiB* Happy 10th WDC Anniversary! *ConfettiB*
Happy anniversary! Here's to 10 years and many more!
It's been a busy day sewing scrub caps for ER nurses.
Thank you to my Secret Admirer... the gift point were a total surprise! Big Thanksgiving hugs!
Thank you all for so many kind and wonderful anniversary wishes. What a great way to spend the afternoon after a rough PT. Thank you all, especially, Sum1
So glad you had a nice Anniversary! Wish we could get this done for everyone. Imagine that! *BigSmile*

*Glass5* *Glass5* *Glass5* *Glass5* *Glass5*

Here's to 9 years and more, Amay.

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*Glass5* *Glass5* *Glass5* *Glass5* *Glass5*

*Balloonp* Happy Happy Anniversary Wishes! *Genielamp* Wow! 9 years is amazing! Thanks for all of your contributions! *Salute*

I hope you will come out and join our POWER Hoop-La this week to add to your celebratory vibes.
"Super Power Mini HOOP LA Challenge *Wink*
*Confettir* *Balloong* *Confettib* *Cake2* HAPPY 9TH WDC ANNIVERSARY, AMAY! *Cakep* *Confettio* *Balloonr* *Confettiv*