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Happy birthday, Elizabeth! *HeartV*

Thank you!
*Balloonr**Balloonb* Happy birthday!! *Delight*
Thank you!
This weekend was a good, but tiring, one. But, it was all worth it. Why, you ask?


It's been a rough year, leaving my husband. But, he and I know we had a toxic relationship. We're better off as friends. Although he did me wrong, I still will be his friend. Plus, we share Spot. He IS OUR fur-son. It was hard for him to let Spot go, and I understand. He did have a year with him - by himself. But, he knows our fur-baby is in a better place. He met my roommate and we all had a great time together.

The REAL healing begins now. I know it'll be rough, but ... That's normal. I only wish my ex-husband the best. We've made our peace with one another.
I'm so happy for you Elizabeth being reunited with Spot, I know that you missed him tremendously. I'm glad that you are in better relationship with your ex and both of you moving forward. I know this year went slowly without him. Now you'll make up for lost time. 🎊🥳❣❤❣🥳🎊 Hugzzz and love girl. *Hug1**hug**Hug2**Hug1**hug**Hug2*
*Heart**Cat* wow! Super! Great milestone in the healing process too.
I'm enjoying living here in Colorado Springs, CO. My roommates are great. It's a great environment for me.

I'm hoping that next weekend, January 31st and February 1st, my roommate and I will be going to get my fur-baby and belongings. Hopefully, my ex will meet us halfway. Please pray he will. I want to get this done and over with, close this chapter of my life, and move on. I'm ready for the healing to begin.

God Bless You All.
That's some awesome news Elizabeth. I know that Spot is so ready to see his momma. You'll be in my prayers and thoughts. Please be safe and keep us updated. 🙏♥️🙏
I've added a new entry to my book, "I'm Just Me:
         "I'm SO Ready to Move Forward
I know this isn't writing related, but maybe - just maybe - if there are any gamers on here, you could help me out.

I'm a Final Fantasy XV fan. I'm looking for recommendations to places that sell GOOD (and quite a variety of) FFXV merchandise. I came across a website a while back - that IS NOT Etsy, Ebay, or any of those folks - that had everything you could think of FFXV related. I mean, like wall to wall, cases, etc. If you can help me out, that would be fantastic! I don't care if I have to get it from Japan! Once I get settled in, another job, etc. I would like to start collecting FFXV stuff - ESPECIALLY Ignis Scientia stuff! He's my favorite!

God bless you all. I love y'all!
Angelica Weatherby goals on., do you know anything that can help?
redbubble.com doesn't excite me much- quite a few results.

bonanza.com looks promising but I don't think they have wall to wall.

Haven't kept up with this series since 2012 I think. But I love Final Fantasy as well. Especially the large guy. I think bonanza stands a chance of having something but unfortunately I don't know which special site would have it. I have a feeling it'd be a very specific niche. Hope this helps. Still looks really cool. These games I would depend on computer version.

I wanted to start this new year out, by giving ALL of my WdC family a shoutout.

I want to thank ALL of you for being so supportive of me all these years. And, to those who have gifted me memberships over the past year? An EXTRA BIG thank you to y'all. It has meant so much to me, especially with how much I love this community. I promise to pay your kindness forward, the same way, once I am able to.

A special thank you goes out to ~♥~ Krysha ~♥~ : You have been my best friend, and sister, since the first day we met on WdC. You have been through hell and back with me. Even though we've lost contact here and there, you still are there, when our paths cross again. I cannot put into proper words, how much your friendship and sistership has meant to me. I am so glad that you are a part of my life. I love you, Krysha. Beloved sister and best friend forever.

A special thank you goes out to The StoryMaster : Thank you for creating WdC. And, thank you for keeping my items safe and sound, when I have been without membership for a while. I truly appreciate all you do for me, and the WdC community.
What a sweet post! I'm glad you love it here so much! *Heart*
I've added a new entry to my book, "I'm Just Me:
         "The End of 2019
My first blog entry in a long while:

"Time for a Fresh Start
Now that my membership has been renewed - Thanks anonymous gifter! - I'm going to go through the contest I once ran and get all of that caught up. It might take a while, but ... I will get it done. Plus, I'm going to start reviewing again.

I'm SO excited about having my membership back.
Well, I finally found someone to roommate with, who a) has cats, b) loves cats, and c) said that my fur-son is welcome here - once I get him. So, once I get situated, and a second job to supplement my first one, I will renew my membership. As soon as humanly and financially possible.

Getting a fresh start out here, is a breath of fresh air. In time, I will heal and be able to move forward from the pain of my recent past in regards to my marriage.

I love and miss you all.

Congratulations and best of luck! Where did you move to?