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Hey! I hope all is well! I saw you say you were back, but then I haven't seen you around much. Stay safe and be sure to check in with us from time to time. *Smile*
I have been away from WDC for quite a while. First there was the cold/virus whatever it was that my husband and I both had that took forever to get over. He ended up with pneumonia. Shortly after that I began having chest pains on any activity. Finally got in to see a cardiologist and had a stress test which was abnormal. During a heart cath they found out I had several blockages in my heart. I had two blockages in the LAD (widowmaker) artery, one at 95% and another at 30%. A stent was placed at the 95% blockage. I had two 40% blockages one in the RCA artery and one on the LCX artery, and a 20% blockage in the D1 artery. They hope the other blockages can be treated with medication, diet, and exercise.

I'm looking forward to getting back in the swing of things here and writing regularly again.
Oh, how awful for you both. I hope you both well now and it's nice to have you back into the family. *Heart*
Welcome back
Haven't been around much recently. I have been sick off and on since the end of September, my husband has been sick off and on since Thanksgiving. We finally were prescribed antibiotics and other medications today. He possibly has pneumonia and I have bronchitis.
I'm so sorry you've been sick and your husband as well! I hope both of you now have a speedy recovery! *Hug*
Get Well Soon
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year! *Smile*
Same to you!
I am trying to get back in to full participation here at WDC. I enjoy writing for contests and also reading the works of others. I am considering running a contest for a month a month or so to see how it goes. I would love to be able to run regular contests for Poetry and Flash Fiction, with various prompts/topics and awards given once a month. Any advice would be appreciated on running contests and gaining support for funding for awards.
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I don't run a contest, but I run a challenge and have judged several contests. Here are some of my suggestions. It can be a lot more work than you might expect so be sure you have the time/motivation. You have to advertise, answer questions, secure funding, and then there is the judging. Be available around that time every month. Folks won't want to enter if you take a week or more to judge. *Wink*

Getting contestants can be hard. I often see on the newsfeed or have folks contact me because they have 0 entries on their contest. Also, I'll contact a contest owner about highlighting their contest in "The Contest Challenge and they'll often tell me they shut it down for now (or forever) because they weren't getting entries, though they are often willing to open it for a month for my challenge. But the main point is people often have trouble getting entries. The one that did the best was the Pink Fluffy Unicorn Contest. The prizes were HUGE! Like a 500k awardicon for the winner. We had several places/prizes and I think every entrant got an exclusive MB, if I recall. It was only run 3x a year, but it was a huge event when we ran it. lol It was a fun and silly contest but we did get a lot of entrants. But if we'd just run it as a regular contest, we probably wouldn't have gotten so many entrants. lol

Something I just learned like a month ago is that you can change your rating on your newsfeed posts. (The original post, not the comments.) Mine was originally set to 18+, so no matter what I wrote, people like you who have a rating set to ASR wouldn't see it unless you looked specifically for it. I now try to remember to change my post rating to E when posting for my challenge so I can get maximum newsfeed views.

Make the rules clear and simple. Most folks don't want to wade through long paragraphs to learn now to enter a contest.

I'm sure I have other suggestions/comments, but these are some. *Bigsmile*
I had plans to do quite a bit of writing today. My mood hasn't been in it that much. I was adopted at birth, but found my bio family seven years ago. I had never met my youngest sister and got the call yesterday that she has passed away.
You are in my thoughts and prayers. I found out I had a sister 10 years ago and we have seen each other a few times but I live in Indiana and she lives in Florida. I understand. Bless you.
I'm so sorry! I can't imagine what you are going through right now! *Heart*
Finished this years NaNoWriMo, ahead of the 60,000 word goal I had set for myself. With an ending count of 65.520 words.

Congrats to all who reached their goals this year!
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Happy Thanksgiving!
I added a new poem yesterday and think I finally have it how I want it. I wrote it about my Dad's old tractor as if it had feelings and missed him.

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Congrats on reaching 50k on NaNo. Awesome job!
*Thumbsup* Hey NaNomite! You rock! Congratulations on completing NanoWriMo! *Star*
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