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Is a sequel to a short story also called a sequel? *Laugh*
Aren't you supposed to be asleep at this time?
Aren't you supposed to...eh....be...um....*Sleeping*
Different time zones remember?
Hi everyone! (This is the first time I'm posting on the Newsfeed so I'm slightly excited *Laugh*) I'm just gonna do some shameless promo here. I just posted a new short story that I'm entering for a writing competition, and I would really appreciate it if anyone stopped by to check it out and give some comments and constructive criticism *Laugh* Thank you in advance! *BigSmile*

Here's the link:
 The Sacrifice  (E)
Everyone has a hero. Who's yours?
#2157294 by AME
This is awesome! You are a Malaysian? I've been waiting for a Malaysian to come along.
Yas I'm a Malaysian too! Finally someone from the same time zone! XD
Oh, man! You've been here for a year!
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Hello there, AME! Just wanna say, welcome to WDC -- I hope you've been enjoying yourself!

I'm sorry I couldn't get round to your review request before you deleted the item from your portfolio. Anyway, I dropped by your port and decided to be the first to scribble a little something in your Notebook! *Wink*

Take care, and see ya around!

Thank youuuu!!! Actually my upgraded membership expired so my items got locked, but it's okay. Thanks for this though! Although I have no idea what this notebook thing actually is but I really appreciate it! *BigSmile*

You can always get help with your upgrade from RAOK, AME. Just make sure that you're eligible, then post your request on the forum! Meanwhile, reviewing and joining contests are good ways of "earning" GPs towards your membership.

Here's the link: Request An Upgrade From RAOK  Hope this helps. *Smile*

I was actually thinking of requesting here. But I need to give more reviews and I'm a little bit lazy *Laugh* Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!
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