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Happy Birthday
Happy birthday!
Hi there!

I see you're a member of the Angel Army Patrol so I'm dropping by to celebrate The WDC Angel Army 's 10th Anniversary with you!

May your halo shine bright
As you flit round this site
Spreading cheer and delight
To us all, day and night! *Angelic*

I'm proud to announce that I've completed the New Horizon Academy, Reeling in your Readers course. Yeah me! I loved it and plan to take another course when the classes start back up.

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Congratulations! Efforts = rewards. 🎉
yea you! look at you go :)
Thank you everyone,

I'm so excited to have been a part of this. I'm anxiously awaiting for the next classes to begin. I hope all of you are enjoying spring. I'm for everything but the spring cleaning which I'm doing reluctantly, lol!
Hi everyone,

I'm sure most of you have read, The Hunger Games, but I've just bought the trilogy and although I've just read the first book, I've become fascinated by the style in which Suzanne Collin's writes.

Does anyone else feel this way?

What POV do you prefer to write in?
I like to mix it up. It will depend on what I am writing and how I feel about it.
Hi TJ Marie! I also love to mix things up. I'm currently taking classes here at The Horizon's Academy so I've been very busy. I also joined a great helpful novel group here so I can finally get my novel published. I hope you are doing well*Smile*
Hi William,

I love first person and am finding the freedom it gives. Also I feel third person is easier. I've always written in third person and that's where my comfort zone is, but I'm testing the waters of first person to learn it. Maybe we can discuss this in our group. Have a great weekend*Smile*
Hey everyone,

I just learned to make a folder in my portfolio for my poetry and I'm so proud of myself! See, I'm learning things slowly but steady, lol! Angelina
I've added a new item to my portfolio:
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This item number is not valid.

Hi everyone,

I have to laugh because Facebook was a place where I'd spent precious time. But now I find myself here at Writing.com and honestly, I'm happier and I'm writing more and I'm excited and inspired by reviewing the awesome stories and poems I've read here. I'm in awe at all the talent. Each day I discover new things I didn't know and I'm bound and determined to learn to navigate one day like a pro. This site is encouraging me to be a better, more serious writer and it's helped me see what I truly want in my life. I send out a huge thank you to this site and all of you here who help me. Angelina
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Your welcome *Bigsmile*
I'm really loving it here at Writing.com. This site is big with lots of things to offer. The author's site I had been at for about 12 years isn't active anymore and I was very worried I wouldn't find another site to write at and learn. I'm so glad I found my way here and I'm in awe of all the awesome writer's here. This place is full of great talent and it's an honor for me to be writing with all of you, Angelinamay
Welcome to WDC and welcome to "WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group! *Delight*
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Hi Maryann, sorry for my delay in answering you back, but I just discovered this thread. I don't always have time to find out everything about this site and our group, but I'm loving it here. Again thank you for your warm welcome. Angie
Hey Angelina!
Just wanted to wish you a belated welcome to WDC! Looking forward to reading your work!

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Thank you Inkslinger, sorry I didn't answer you sooner, but I just discovered this thread. I am finding it fun here and learning a lot. Angie
I'm sorry to hear about your accident. Wishing you a speedy recovery!
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Thank you, I'm so much better now. And I just noticed this Notebook thread. Still trying to catch on to this site. Angie
struggling inside out
Wishing you all the best in your new path of writing. Glad to have you here with us!! Enjoy the talent. *Cool*
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