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Hey everyone, sorry for missing a few things, the raid being one of them. It's been a little crazy in my life right now lol. Anyway, I really am excited about something I wanted to share...I'm learning Japanese!!*CountryJP* *Proud* *HeartV* *HeartV*
Hey everyone, hope your Friday is going great. Today I get to go get my son for the weekend, so excited!!!!*Delight* Now if we could just actually start Spring, I know it's technically Spring, but I don't think Minnesota got the memo, just got 8 inches Mon and Tue, now we're gonna get more snow this weekend!!*Sob*

Have a good weekend everyone! Now I'm gonna go try and get more sleep, 5 hours is not enough for me*Sleeping*
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Amelia G. Mcneil ! Just wanna say, welcome to WDC and the WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group !

Feeling a little clueless? This here, is a handy resource to help you get started:

What Should I Do First?  [E]
A guide of how to do some basic WDC skills, along with a resource list.
by Tiggy

See ya in the upcoming raid! *Wink*

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