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Happy 16th Writing.com Anniversary!!

May you have 16 more years!
*Balloonr* Yay!! Happy 15th WDC Anniversary wishes! What a stellar *Starstruck* milestone! *Salute*
It’s been forever since I wrote anything meaningful. Apparently all I needed was to lose a beloved family pet.

 Something Sad  (E)
When life hits you where it hurts, sometimes it helps to hear something sad.
#2140848 by BD Mitchell

This poem will do for now. Eventually I might write some music to go with it.
*Balloonp* Happy birthday wishes! *Wand* *Delight*
Keep shining as the *Star* you are!
So... what's up?

I've had more spam emails in my WDC inbox this month than in the past thirteen years combined!
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 100: "Pliny the Elder

For our final fact, I looked up the world's oldest encyclopedia.
As it turns out -- and purely by accident -- we're going out with a bang.


And here we are! One hundred days and one hundred facts!

I think you'll agree that nothing covered here will have any practical impact in your daily life -- but then, we weren't aiming for practical, were we?

The Catalogue will be on hiatus for the foreseeable future, but hopefully I can start up again later this year. The world is a place of infinite facts, so odds are good that some interesting ones are still out there somewhere.

In the meantime, thanks for following. Now go enjoy this fascinating world of ours!
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 99: "Loofahs

Why am I picturing Cosmo Kramer making a salad?


As a reminder, tomorrow will be our final fact for this initial run.
I tried to pick something substantial --
tune in and tell me how it sounds!
*FacePalm* Kramer? No, something smaller came to mind ... *Music1**Music2*Oompa loofah doompety doo I've got a perfect puzzle for you ... *Music1**Music2* *Rolling*
What do you get when you guzzle down sweets, eating as much as an elephant eats?

Sorry, couldn't resist. *Smirk*
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 98: "Barber Poles

Take a half-inch from the top, a quarter-inch from the sideburns,
and a half-pint from the cephalic vein.
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 97: "Purple Flags

The reason I'm not doing a poem today is 100% because I just did one yesterday.
The fact that nothing rhymes with "purple" is totally beside the point.
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 96: ""Okay"

To promote our new Fact of the Day
I am not too embarrassed to say
I tried writing a rhyme
And ran quite out of time
So this limerick's hardly... um... fine?

Satisfactory? Adequate?
Shoot -- what's a good word that rhymes with "-ay"?


In case I forgot to mention, the Catalogue will go on hiatus after Day 100.
This'll give me time to stock up on new facts, as well as cut back on my daily "Things to Worry About" checklist.
So here we go! Day 96 and counting!
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Fabulous! And I will be away when you reach 100 so I won't see the FANFARE! *Salute* You have done a superb job!

slay, fray, bray, souffle {with the french e accent ay?} array, lay, tray, reggae, ummmm....*Laugh*
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 95: "The First TV Show

Is it "NCIS"? Hasn't that show been airing since the dawn of time?
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 94: "Ball o' Bees

For some animals, "ballin' it up" has a more sinister connotation.
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 93: ""Car"

Looks like the Flintstones were really on to something.
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 92: "The Underwater Waterfall

Because "watersink" doesn't have the same ring, I s'pose.
"A Catalogue of Useless Facts

Day 91: "The World's Best Voice-Actor

Yes, today's fact is a little far-fetched,
and yes, it happens to be April Fool's Day  ,
so please allow Sir David Attenborough to assuage your doubts:

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