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Hi and Happy Hump of the Week on Wednesday!

I got a Newsletter and wanted to enter my first POETRY contest, but the deadlines are so confusing, I gave up the idea. Could WdC not have a ICON that lists all unfinished contests only, with the due dates? (Like the Left Side Bar where we see Create New Item, Browse by Type, etc ? Thanks/Shalom/Blessings
Probably not. The site doesn't sponsor most contests, so the site doesn't automatically promote them either.

And that wouldn't be very practical. Contests can be held in several item types - which are also used for other things. A lot of contests are ongoing with multiple rounds. Sometimes contests get put on hold. Plus everybody has their own preferences for what contests they are interested in.

The site does have the Community/Contests page for finding contests. And there are at least 3 methods of creating your own custom contest reminders:

You can use your Favorites to keep track of the contests you're interested in. Favorites can have folders for organizing however you want -- by daily, weekly, monthly, intermittent, etc. or by which week or day of the month.

With an Upgraded membership, you can create a private Group item, which has a calendar feature (turn it on in the create/edit page), where you can post contest information you're interested in by the deadline dates.

Or you could create a list of days of the month in one of your Notepad pages and add links to contests by their deadlines, along with notes or whatever.

Contest deadlines are generally given in site time, which you can keep track of relative to your own time zone, at the bottom of the left menu area, or the top of the right column.
I decided to change most of my pictures on POSTS to Church Bloopers, in the interest of peace, health, and hostility. shalom, & Thanx for laughing- it'll do the kids some good! SOOKDEO
Anyone interested in a two-line meditation?

Perfect for busy folks who enjoy two baby aspirin worth of inspiration

Shalom,shalom. SOOKDEO
Real Story today's post: 7/17/17

A 2 Grand Wizard, a Reverend Watts who Loved like Jesus, and a Bi-Racial Baby star in this unlikely bit real story from Oklahoma (2014).
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
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Praise the LORD Jesus, I did Communion this morning, wrote a poem, posted it, and now off to Bible Study/Sunday School and worship service - this first Sunday of July, and the July 4th great anniversary for USA, weekend. shalom,shalom and amen/amein
Be safe. God Bless!
Hi there

I do have two kids and they do keep me busy all the time. If I'm not busy with them, I do my writing.

I do trust in god and I have given Jesus Christ my life 17 years ago so I'm always thankful about something and I do deal with negativity but I try to not let that get to me.

Another, I like lighthouses so that's why I have my username so I can shine the light.

I will talk to you soon
Beacon43 - Shining The Light
hi FOLKS, God loves me and adores you.

U better believe it; that's the essence of the GOSPEL/Good News. The details are well known - what Jesus suffered to prove the above points I claim. Shalom, shalom in Yeshua ha Meshiach: in Jesus' Name. amen
Father's Day 2017
why celebrate already? have i done my duty for the next generation? And U?
Shalom! I am believing in God's GOODness. Expecting Yeshua-Jesus to keep showing Himself as He is doing to hundreds of non-believers around the Middle East. Waiting to see the defeat of spirits of disease and of darkness, and of evil, daily ... in the power of God's Holy Spirit, the Ru'ach Kodesh. Amein and amein
Resting in Him, only through faith. Shabbat Shalom to all who honor it. If you are wondering what I said, it is the most divine of gifts and mysteries from God: who set an example to REST on the seventh day, though He was not tired. There is a mystery of power and healing in the Sabbath Rest. Blessings to you, if you will receive ... all the agape love, I can gift through the Holy Spirit, I yield ...
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