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OMG, thank you Schnujo !!

You know what you did. *BigSmile*

You're like the fairy godmother of WdC.


For those who celebrate it, I hope you will be eating and drinking well with loved ones!
Maybe just avoid the topic of politics at dinner...

Even if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, it's a good idea to stop and think about what you're grateful for every now and then. It's so easy to take the good things in life for granted. Personally, I am thankful for the support and friends I have made here on WdC. If you happen to be a fan of mine, expect a token of my appreciation shortly. It's about time for me to give back.

If you're not a fan of mine... why not?

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Happy Thanksgiving!!
Oh, hello there San Diego.

We chased the sun west, which means I got to watch the sunset from above the clouds for almost half of a 5 hour flight. And after that magical dreamscape, I was welcomed by the twinkling constellation of San Diego. Thanks for the warm welcome back, California.
Just had a tornado warning for my area that said to take shelter now.

Fortunately the storm weakened and the warning is expired now, but we're still under tornado watch and flash flood warning. Glad I decided to fly out tomorrow instead of today!

Stay safe!
Stay safe!

We're under a high winds warning, but no tornado warnings yet.
If you live in the US and you are able...


I won't tell you what to vote for, but think long and hard about who / what you support and the long term ripple effects. Think about what happened on January 6th. Think about what might happen in 2024. This is a critical election and it's going to be very close.

And, YES, your vote makes a difference.
I voted before I left, but I always vote by mail.
Does anyone know if there's a way to block an email address on WdC? I've been getting scam emails from a random AOL email address (not a WdC user) to my account here. I could just delete them, but I'd prefer to block and/or report the address so they don't send more.

*FlagR* Reminder to be careful out there!
Don't open messages that are suspicious if you don't know the sender (or even if you do).


Edit to share what I've found out:

1.) There's no way to block an email, but you can block a user if you're ever spammed or harassed by someone on WdC.
(My Account -> Account Information -> Block / Ignore Members)

2.) You can block ALL emails from non-WdC members. I recommend that everyone turn this on:
(Email tab -> options wheel -> turn on "Trash Emails NOT from @Writing.Com")

3.) I would also make sure your basic spam filtering is turned on, which I think it is by default.
(My Account -> Account Settings -> Other Options -> turn on "Basic Spam Filtering")
Check with tech support. Left-hand column, Writing.com tools, scroll down to Help Technical.
Thank you for sharing your info!
WdC has a really good spam blocking system, but I suppose things will slip through. I only use my WdC email for WdC correspondence, so if I see a non-WdC address, I know it is spam. It has happened ONCE in the nine years I've been on here.
Possibilities are few
Be anyone but you
Pretend the worst is over
Enjoy this Mocktober

New blog entry: "Mocktober

Happy All Hallow's Eve to all!

Hard-fought, the dog days
A white flag gently waves
Wildfire but an ember
Eventually, they September

New blog entry up: Eventually, they September
Hey folks! I would like to take a moment's break from the birthday celebrations to show off some of the merit badges I've received over the last few months! I *HeartP* them.

(Sorry, haven't done this in a while and I don't want to miss anyone!)

Merit Badge in Don't Quit!
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I wanted to thank all my fans of  [Link To Item #2109126] . Without your encouragement and support, this challenge wouldn't be the success it is today. Thank you! *^*Bighug*^* Merit Badge in Crime Gangster
[Click For More Info]

For a great performance as Agent Dana Scully in the WDC 22nd Birthday Masquerade. Keep up the excellent detective work! Merit Badge in Think Outside the Box
[Click For More Info]

Just stopping by with a little good advice, compliments of the WDC Anniversary celebration and me. *^*Smile*^* Merit Badge in Creativity
[Click For More Info]

 Given in honor of your wonderful performance as Dana Scully at  [Link To Item #2276446] ! Keep it up! Keep track of those clues and vote for the culprit to win!  Merit Badge in Micro Fiction Challenge
[Click For More Info]

   Congratulations!!! You completed all ten prompts in the second round of  [Link To Item #2265907] ! Your participation is appreciated and I hope you had fun writing your drabbles and reading each others too! *^*Heartv*^* Kindest Regards, Lilli
Merit Badge in Royalty
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I love treating my fans like royalty!  Without you all, getting anything done here would be a royal pain! *^*Laugh*^* Merit Badge in Complexity
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Thanks for reading and commenting in my blog! Merit Badge in History
[Click For More Info]

Timing is everything! Enjoy! *^*Delight*^* Merit Badge in Favorite
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Hello, A second merit badge was promised, and here it is. Thank you for taking part in The Whatever Contest. Merit Badge in Angus Birthday Bash
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A special  [Link To Item #2020439]  treat for you in joining us to celebrate  [Link To User deadzone] 's birthday and  [Link To Item #2269739] . Thank you for being you!
Merit Badge in Reach For The Stars
[Click For More Info]

One universe, nine planets, seven continents, and I have the pleasure of meeting you, one whose writing I admire. Keep creating. *^*Star*^*
This is given as part of the  [Link To Item #whatever] Merit Badge in Get Well Soon!
[Click For More Info]

  So very sorry to hear you are sick, I hope you feel better soon! Merit Badge in Merit Badges
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Hi, and thank you for taking part in the Whatever Contest. One of the fringe benefits of entering is that I send you a free merit badge, and so here it is. Enjoy! Merit Badge in Humorous Poetry Contest
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  Congratulations on the first place win at  [Link To Item #hpc]  for your poem:  [Link To Item #2242009] . Thanks for making me laugh, and keep writing the funny stuff! *^*Bigsmile*^* ~Lornda      A.K.A. The Queen of Comedy *^*Crown*^*    
Merit Badge in Music
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Congratulations on successfully completing at least 21 daily entries for the 2022 round of  [Link To Item #1970896] !

Thank you so much to the following people:

*CoinGold* Arakun the Twisted Raccoon
*CoinGold* Blueyez
*CoinGold* Lilli ☕️ 🧿
*CoinGold* Good luck Nano'ers!
*CoinGold* Schnujo
*CoinGold* Robert Waltz
*CoinGold* Itty Bitty Scaredy Kitti
*CoinGold* Adherennium- Don't Open Before
*CoinGold* NaNo_Mike
*CoinGold* Richard ~ Mending Well!!
*CoinGold* Lornda
*CoinGold* Jeff

I am SO spoiled.
Why yes, yes you are... *Laugh* but I'm sure they're all well deserved.
Aww, doncha know "spoiled" is a dirty word? (*Bigsmile* see what I did there?)

What you say instead is, "I'm so loved and appreciated!" Because you are!
I know there's a lot happening around here this weekend, but I just finished the Micro-Fiction Challenge!

Entry #10: Reveal

And Happy Birthday, WdC!

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Entry #9 for the Micro-Fiction challenge:

Top Pick

One more to go!

Summer starts to fade to black
Sun sets like it's not coming back
Heat rises from nothing
That’s just Augusting

Updated my blog:

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Love the use of 'augusting'. Nice.
Week 8 of the Micro-Fiction Challenge:


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[[Embed over limit (10).]]
Week #7, coming to you from a cabin up in the Colorado mountains.

The Caves

[[Embed over limit (10).]]
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*waving* Hi, neighbor!
Micro-Fiction, Week 6:
"The Dismal Damsel

[[Embed over limit (10).]]

This one was particularly difficult to keep under the word limit...
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