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Alright, class, settle down.

It's time now for a new prompt over at:

The One-Line Lyric Challenge  [13+]
A musically-inspired challenge with monthly writing prompts. Prizes included!
by Anni Pon

April's prompt is here: "Rhiannon

I hope you've been paying attention, because there will be a pop quiz.
Click here to take it: "The One-Line Lyric Challenge Pop Quiz!

(Note: This is different than the poll I posted previously, which wasn't set up very well and probably will be deleted shortly.)

This quiz will determine your grade for the semester and also the future of the One-Line Lyric Challenge.
Plus, you'll earn 500 GPs just for taking it. Keep in mind that you can check the box to keep your answers anonymous so I won't know who you are.

(But I will still find you.)
I was going to make a post for April over at "The One-Line Lyric Challenge but no one has entered either prompt for March yet.

In fact, this challenge has really lost steam lately and I rarely get any entries at all anymore. So before I post the prompts for April, I'd like to get people's opinion about the challenge to see if I can make it better. I really want to continue this challenge and not let it die out.

Please take a quick second to answer the poll I just made:

One-Line Lyric Challenge Poll  [E]
A quick poll about the One-Line Lyric Challenge
by Anni Pon

P.S. Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings with your answer. I have a pretty thick skin.
H❀pe of House Lannister - Thanks for the feedback! I could see how it might be a little difficult listening to the lyric in the song and then trying to use the same lyric in a different way or context than the song did. Maybe it would help to look at the prompt first, consider some ideas, and THEN listen to the song. I was thinking this last prompt was pretty open-ended since you could write just about anything relating to dreams and work the prompt in. An actual dream, a made up dream, a character with nightmares, someone with the same dream every night has to figure out what it means, two or more people having the same exact dream.

I guess most contests or challenges would use the music itself as the main inspiration, so maybe one of the issues is that people are trying to do that and not thinking of the prompt as a separate thing. I could change the challenge so the music itself is the prompt and you could write whatever the song inspires. I feel like that's easier but not as unique of a challenge. Would people prefer that?
I've seen your contest and wanted to enter but the blog (?) format confused me in the past so I kind of forgot about it. Looking it over again, I can't see why I was struggling before.

You might get more interest if you can get "The Contest Challenge and/or "WDC Dragon Vale to include your contest in their activities. Especially the Dragon Vale, since part of why GERVIC created it was to get people active in WDC.
Genipher - That's a good suggestion! It's not currently a contest, so it doesn't really quality for "The Contest Challenge" but I can ask if it could be included over at the Dragon Vale. I should also probably advertise it a little bit more.

Mama always told me not to look into the eyes of the sun
But mama, that's where the fun is!

Good call on this.
definite possibility.
As I tried staring at the eclipse, I thought of that very song, :Blinded By the Light", and I was sort of. I had pink spots no matter where I looked for a while. But what I could see was cool despite a heavy cloud cover in my area.
I know I haven't been around that much lately and haven't been writing.

Well, I have been writing.

I finally submitted another first-author scientific manuscript today.
And only 6 months after it was desk rejected from a different journal...

There's a decent chance it will be rejected again.

It's been an extremely rough couple of weeks. I don't remember the other papers I've published being this painful, but maybe it's like childbirth and you forget. Evolution's way of making sure science continues, I suppose.

Well, I remember now and I never want to do this again.
I need a translation for "desk rejected". 1. What does that mean. 2. What are the alternatives? I mean... trash can rejected? Burnt offerings at the Altar of Science?

And why is it failing? Form? Content? Audience?

The child birth analogy is a good one. Since I'm a man perhaps constipation or bowel blockage may be analogous. Anal ogos? Note: ogos = August in Malay... we'll have to ask Elycia Lee ☮ whether that makes any sense. I mean... is August a particularly anal month in Malaysia?
J.R. PETE - Thank you, that did cheer me up!
Kåre Enga in Udon Thani - "Desk rejected" means it was rejected at the desk of the editor and not even sent out for peer review. The standards for scientific papers are really stringent, it's very common to have several rejections and several revisions before a manuscript is actually published. Otherwise, anyone could publish just about anything without a quality check and science would be a mess. A rejection can be for many reasons, anything from the quality of the data and experiments, the novelty or significance to the field, to a bad fit for the particular journal. In a lot of cases, including ours, it's mostly that the results are too preliminary and they wanted us to do more.

I do like the analogy of bowel blockage. Although, that kind of implies that the paper is s***. Lol.
Some writing Advice...

You've probably seen examples of authors writing women characters with absurd and often creepy descriptions. Well, I just came across this video of an artist actually drawing these characters based on their description. As you can imagine, it's pretty entertaining.

The reddit is r/menwritingwomen, but it's definitely not just men that do this.

My advice for writing women characters:
1. Don't be afraid to write women characters.
2. Don't describe them like this.
3. Especially if they are underage.

But really, it isn't that difficult to write a character who's a woman without personifying her breasts, using weird metaphors, or referencing her reproductive organs. In fact, you don't have to describe her body or what she's wearing at all. If her appearance isn't important to the story, leave it out.

On a similar note, the characters you create, especially major characters, should have flaws. And that includes the hero of the story and the hero's love interest. No one is the epitome of beauty or the perfect man or woman.

With the exception of Beyoncé. Of course.

Uhhh.. what do you mean "No one is the epitome..." I was just passing a mirror for the 10th time today and I may have found an exception... *Rolling*

Please Note: The "Uhhh" was added for the benefit of Aennaytte: Free & Wild in GoT *Laugh*
s - A beta reader is always a good idea when writing about a character that’s a gender / race / orientation / religion you aren’t a part of!
Anni Pon - I second this. I have had friends and acquaintances from many segments of society. Never a prince, but... Regardless, a beta reader would help. I've been to Lisbon, but I haven't lived there. I have lived in Montana for many years but I'm not from there. Being XXY is something I can only imagine as I didn't take notes whilst Vaughn talked about himself (and now it's been many years). Thailand... Any attempt on my part to depict young Thai women would need more than one beta reader. Even describing a gay man would be problematic. The traditional Buddhist culture in Isaan informs all types of relationships.
Looking for something to write? Looking to procrastinate on writing something else?
Well, the prompt for March is live over at the Quill nominated:

The One-Line Lyric Challenge  [13+]
A musically-inspired challenge with monthly writing prompts. Prizes included!
by Anni Pon

Prompt here: "Radio Song

No entries yet... will you be the first to take on the challenge prompt?
Wrote a couple more for "EXPRESS IT IN EIGHT

Express it in Eight Collection  [E]
A collection of 8-line poems written for the Express it in Eight activity.
by Anni Pon

Check it out, if you want.
We have a new challenge this month over at:

The One-Line Lyric Challenge  [13+]
A musically-inspired challenge with monthly writing prompts. Prizes included!
by Anni Pon

Check it out: "Radio Song

You'll notice that there are TWO prompts to choose from this time. I added a "challenge prompt" with a little more difficulty, but greater reward. This will also give you an alternative if you aren't inspired by the other prompt.

Up to you to decide whether you want to accept the challenge or not!

If people like this, I'll continue doing a challenge prompt each month.
Why yes, I have been writing the occasional 8-line poem for my collection:

Express it in Eight Collection  [E]
A collection of 8-line poems written for the Express it in Eight activity.
by Anni Pon

Thanks for asking.

I probably won't announce every time I add to it, but I'll post reminders every now and then to check out the latest additions. Otherwise, I don't think anyone will be checking. Especially given how inconsistent it is.

Although, I have to say, this is the most consistently I've been writing since I did "The Micro-Fiction Challenge.

Apparently, the trick is to write things that are really short.
Read them and can say you are doing great. I like the time to take the one hour back wanted with reward of extra hour of sleep one especially.
I would love to see some more prompts over at "The One-Line Lyric Challenge. I am one of the crazy people doing "I Write in 2024, so I am always looking for writing activities to do. I'll help you get the word out about it if you'll be so kind as to humor me *Delight*
GeminiGem of House Lannister - Ask and you shall receive: "Radio Song
Glad to hear that someone is looking forward to the One-Line Lyric Challenge prompts!
Wonderland Going Down The Rabbit Hole 2  (E)
My book for Alice In Wonderland Going Down The Rabbit Hole Again.
#2313422 by Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox
I am one step closer to being White/Red Queen. I have been in Wonderland. Wish me luck. Happy Writing! Always: Megan
I've been lurking, but I finally decided to join in the fun over at "EXPRESS IT IN EIGHT

I created a book item to put my little collection:

Express it in Eight Collection  [E]
A collection of 8-line poems written for the Express it in Eight activity.
by Anni Pon

Don't expect daily posts from me, or anything as polished as the rest of my portfolio...
But now that I have the majority of my weekends back, I'll hopefully be able to write more often.
Welcome to our little community of eightliners. Small but mighty! *BigSmile*
Very good idea. Mine are scattered in entries and items.
Gervic in Wonderland Banner

Wonderland whispers your name! Expect a sprinkle of rhyme, a dose of wonder, and perhaps a heart-shaped riddle or two within "Gervic in Wonderland. I'd be truly honored if you'd paint my pages with your lyrical insights and cheer me towards a magnificent ending.

*Rabbit2* *Crown* *Rabbit2*

Hope you don't mind, but this is part of the task from "Wonderland.
I really do appreciate if you come visit my blog and read my entries. Thank you!

On this fine Saturday, I have a blog update for you.

But probably not the one you wanted.

"End of the Line
I like these ending clips. The end of the show.
Back home now. Got in around 1am this morning, and I'm already back at work.
It may be a holiday for most folks, but not for me.

This might be the most Monday to happen in the history of Mondays...

But I had a great time and I actually feel mentally and spiritually refreshed. Physically, that's another story. The jetlag is real.

The entire trip was a series of fortunate events. Including that I made it out just hours before another big storm hit.
With one exception: I lost one of my AirPods when it fell out my ear and rolled right off the bridge as I was getting off the plane for a layover. It's probably still sitting on the tarmac next to the wheels of a small commuter plane in Charlotte.

Don't worry, they had an Apple retailer in SFO so I already bought a new pair.
A new pair that's several generations newer and can actually hold a charge.

So maybe that was kind of fortunate.

In an unexpected $270 kind of way.

Love the kitty.
Princess Megan Rose GOT Fox - Me too. Looks a lot like my kitty!
If anyone needs me, I'll be in California for the rest of the week. Where I belong. Not working.

In the mean time, if you're looking for something to write...

Click here: "The Feeling

The One-Line Lyric Challenge  [13+]
A musically-inspired challenge with monthly writing prompts. Prizes included!
by Anni Pon
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