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Never have I been this happy for a day to be over.
My school is known for never cancelling, no matter what the weather, and I live in Colorado so that includes up to three feet of snow. Then we get these flash flood warnings today, and we still had school. I doubted that we'd get a cancellation tomorrow, but they finally got some sense knocked into them!
What's crazy is that we have one of the largest campuses in the nation, a lot of it being outdoor campus between the four buildings. It was ridiculous walking through all the water today, but at least there won't be a repeat tomorrow! :)
I am very sorry if I haven't been able to add to any campfires or reply to messages lately... My year just started and I find that most of my time is consumed by the (one too many) college level AP courses I am taking this year. I'll definitely be able to get online once in a while though, and I will try my best to stay up to date with campfires and anything else.
We'll be here when you Grad*Smile*
I probably won't be able to post on any campfires for a couple days as I am visiting a family member in the hospital. Nothing serious, don't worry. :) Sorry! I'll try my best to get online after everything gets sorted out.
Hope they get well soon!
Hello everyone! Or rather the few people who actually look at my updates. I... Am officially... Bored. Really bored. I know I'll envy this moment when I am once again busy with who knows what, but right now it's just... Boring. So yup. I made an update to waste time. There's my update.
Oh really? You sure seem like it haha. Phones are pretty useful in that way... *Pthb* OH MY GOSH THIS BOREDOM IS KILLING ME. To add to it, I don't have any swim meets until August either. Hmm... Be right back, this situation just got serious. I'm gonna need some ice cream.
Ice cream sounds great about now. What do you usually do when you're bored? When I'm bored I just watch televison or write. Well, I'm writing right now for a campfire I started awhile back.
Only now?????!!!!!! Ice cream always sounds great! When I'm bored I write (of course), talk to friends (if they're available or if my neighbors aren't sick of me yet XD), play music (mostly piano, but some guitar), work on my next case (I'm a competitive debater), swim (like I don't do enough of that already), or annoy people with posts about what I do when I'm bored. I've already done all these things really, and am in the process of doing the last one. *BigSmile*
That's exactly why I sit here crying now. Because people can't learn to accept. And I'm just so done with it.
What about email? You still have that at least, right?
I asked about that. She's not allowed on the computer. Why are they being so serious about this? I'm truly worried about her safety, and I don't know what to do. I feel so helpless.
The only thing you can do is hope things change. Remember the good times, and try not to forget her. Some time down the road of life you two may be able to rekindle your friendship.
This year, I met a beautiful person. The last time I saw her was on Monday, when she left history class crying at the end of the day. She was sitting in a corner, alone. It turns out that she told her parents she was bisexual. Her parents kicked her out of the house to go live with her brother. I haven't seen her since then, and she never answered my calls. Today her mother picked up her phone. I found out that her parents had withdrawn her from school. She didnt want me speaking to her.
Lost a relative today to old age, which makes me realize more about regretting the time we DON'T spend with people. Time to write more poetry. -_-
I know the feeling. Just last year I lost three-four within the first six months. Of course, they all died of something other than old age. Morphine overdose, cancer, and the lot. So I can understand what you're going through right about now.
Thanks. :) It's frustrating, but he lived a long life as well.
Yeah, I agree. I'll be okay, there are a lot of other crazy things happening in my life right now which keep me busy. Sometimes I'm almost thankful for them. :)
Snow in April?! That's just Colorado for ya... SO different than the never-ending summer I was used to. *Snow5*
Haha I know right? I moved here from Singapore. :) Hot and humid there, so it was quite a change!
Why am I procrastinating so much? I've never been known to be a procrastinator. This is terrible! :O
Haha at least I'm not the only one! I have three really big papers due tomorrow, but instead of writing those I keep writing other stuff... I only have one of them done. :(
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