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Merry Christmas. Enjoy a walkabout on me!

Merry Christmas you Australian Snuffleupagus!!!
Alright, so I've conquered the unproductive 'Rav, at least for now. Now the good 'Rav is functioning well. I'm trying to stay as upbeat as possible. Yeah. That's about it. Pretty boring, but still good.
Go on an adventure! Go to downtown somewhere with a friend and pretend you're tourists. I mean full on, big camera and stupid coat foolishness. Then write about it. It's one of my dreams to do that.
I....Can....Do...This!!! Right? Sure. I talk to myself a lot. And me gets very angry with me sometimes, which leads to badness. And unproductiveness. Like my portfolio. I've meant to add a short story to it, but I haven't yet. Yay for distractions and de-motivation! *Sick* Arg!!!
At least you're only trying to scribble out a short story. It's so much harder when you're trying to convince yourself to study for finals.

Physics is not fun to study.
I am flying to a place where it is 84 degrees outside, midday, and will drop to 70 degrees by ten o'clock...maybe.

Have fun in Chicago! ;P
Hai! I figured I should stop by and say hello, considering you have returned to several I/Os that I tend to frequent. It sucks when everyone else already knows each other. =P

Anyways, I seem to be meeting Australians everywhere, and I've yet to meet a bad one, so that's to your credit. I semi/really want to be a teacher, so that also helps your case. And, even though I live in America, I agree with the rest of the world about calling the sport football. It looks as though we can be friends!
Haha. I just realized that I commented on you blog approximately six thousand years ago! I've been wondering where you went. Well, welcome back!
Haha! Wonderful news on all fronts! I look forward to seeing you around.
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