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Hi Arglebarge , Just a scribble to welcome you to WdC. As far as I'm concerned this is the best writing site on the internet. I”m positive you will enjoy your time here. I've noticed that you're primarily a poet so you probably won't see any reviews from me. I love poetry and I know what I like or what moves me. However, I don't feel qualified to give a really helpful review. I'm working on improving my knowledge in this area, but rhyme schemes, symbolism, meters, etc.confuse me.

Please Write On *PenG* and enjoy the journey.

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Welcome to WdC! Glad to see you are building your portfolio with a variety of works. I think you will enjoy this community. Here are a couple of contests I think you might be interested in- "The Weekly Quickie Challenge"   by Dawn Embers and "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest"   by Angels in my Ear . Keep up the great writing!
*Smile* Weclome to WDC ! You are looking great!*Star*
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