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@.@ Crazy week, papers due, articles written, jobs found and apartment hunting. Everyone who's reviewed my pieces: THANK YOU SO MUCH. Y'all are the best, and I will both reply and review in kind when I get a chance. Sprucing up of Chapter One (and parts of Prologue) will be done from everyone's comments. I shall miss you, OhButMyLove... *Heart*
Hi, If you like Shakespheare . . have you tried NOVALIS . . :)
No, and I have never heard of him before--what kind of stuff does he do? *wikis him...*
Good luck! Lycka till! Bonne chance! Viel Gl├╝ck! Also, I'm back online now, so I'll start reading Moving Speech and get back to you in a few days *Smile*

lol Thank you--review & luck was much appreciated. I've been offline dealing with future summer stuff, so I'll try to get some response time in this weekend. :)
Career Fair tomorrow! Wish me luck finding an internship in English for the summer. :)
*sigh* Wow. Reviewing everyone who reviewed me took a lot longer than I'd expected--and I still have two to go!--but I'll get to y'all tomorrow, promise. Lots of fabulous feedback, which I'm thrilled about. I'm getting inspired to finish off that first chapter! Writing fiction is a lot more entertaining than writing the required "How-to" article for class, even if I'm spoofing the "How to flirt" advice columns from different magazines. ^^;
This Notebook shall be henceforth known as: Writing.com 'Status' Feed

Argh! Currently taking pain meds that make me sleepy and wearing a neck brace for muscle spasms. Weirdness abounds today... Hopefully I'll get around to those reviews I promised, in addition to working on a chapter I want to post for "Moving Speech" before the end of the weekend.
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