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"The Deciders...
I've just edited an item in my portfolio:
River Stones  (GC)
For my Dad.

Thinking of my Dad this Father's Day. Putting his story together is an ongoing process.
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Katrina! How the heck are you, Lovely?!
So... if you usually drink mint tea for a nervous tummy, but you forgot you were out during your weekly shop, would peppermint schnapps be a reasonable substitute? Asking for a friend.
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It's worth a try!
see above.

Woohoo! Happy 17th, Anna!
This calls for a celebration!!!
Hugs, Lilli

Hi All!

Does anyone know Dennis-from-Zoomies' (Nielson? Nilson?) WDC name? I said I'd read his award-winning story.

Hi All! I don't know if this is appropriate, but I wanted to give a COVID update. It seems that cloth masks are not as effective against the new, more infectious strains of COVID. My European counterparts might already know this, but people may soon be encouraged to wear KN95 or KF94 masks. We don't have the PPE shortage from the beginning of the pandemic so these are available on Amazon. They are more expensive than the disposable, paper masks, but I plan to reuse mine by continuing to wear a cloth mask over it.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Epi
Thanks for the info!
I think I got ahead of myself. These aren't the CDC recommendations, yet. They are recommendations from fellow epidemiologists who appealing to the CDC to make it an official recommendation. So sorry.
As long as I can double it up with my cat-face mask, I'm good.

Or the horse mask. Horse masks are always funny, but completely ineffective against Trump Mumps (except insofar as it's automatic social distancing because no one wants to be near you)
Not even fully sober, but it seems like a good time to start drinking liver-cleanse tea.
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Just another day in the life… *Wink*
I want to be Amanda Gorman when I grow up. That is all.
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She was amazing...
Hey just chatted to on zoom, saying hello! *Smile*
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It was a pleasure to meet you. 😊
Hello All!

I hope this isn't inappropriate, but I just wanted to share the great work of one of my favorite non-profits, Pizza to the Polls!


These folks have been delivering hot meals and drinks to people waiting in extremely long lines to vote since 2016. That's it. A super simple, non-partisan way to support our fellow voters. This year, the year they are partnering with Uber Eats to further expand their reach.

Obviously, donating is great, but there are other ways you can support them, such as reporting long voting line. The longest I've heard a voter waiting in line is 11 hours, in Georgia. Texas is pushing double digits in a lot of places, too!

Thus ends my TED Talk.
I remember being on WDC watching videos of tiny, newborn Jack holding his head up and drinking milk from a little cup. I kept my membership, but haven't been around much ( grad school, career building. Ack!). Now that wee baby is all grown up and watching his little sister endure excruciating treatments for leukemia. My heart breaks with every Facebook post. Even though I Facebook with most of my writing buddies, I felt the need to stop by. This site helped me through some of my darkest days. It feels good to be back.
Good to have you back! *Heart*
Great to see you!!
I don't know if you remember me, but its good to see you back!
*ConfettiR* *ConfettiO* *ConfettiY* Happy New Year *ConfettiBL* *ConfettiB* *ConfettiV*
*peeks in* hey lady! Hope you guys got home all right! Did you end up seeing the Cloisters on Monday before you took off?
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