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Hi...winter is hard on old ladies and I became ill in October, had life-threatening illness ever since. So - am way behind here. I want to thank Cubby and everyone who sent me emails. I am battling rheumatoid arthritis especially in my hands. Oh, piffle, I have become a coYou mplaining old grump. Please, help me through the things I need to do on this site...for now - best wishes
*Heart* You are in wonderful hands here at WdC! *Hug1**hug**Hug2* Please don't hesitate to ask questions... But most of all,

*Heart* Get Well Soon! *Heart*
As one rheumy to another, you complain about your hands ALL YOU WANT. Never worry about falling behind. Half the time I can't get dressed myself, so honestly, I have no doubt everyone here gets it.

If you don't want to complain publicly, shoot me an email. I'm always happy to make space for another rheummate.

Focus on getting well.

Have we met? I'm Jayne. Nice to meet you.

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I was recently diagnosed with it as well...I was pretty sure my fingers were going to shatter into pieces at my factory job last night. We had a bit of disaster and had to go into hyperdrive. You dont sound grumpy at all, you sound like you enjoy this place and miss it but you have some set backs. And that is very much so ok! Enjoy it however and as often as you can! Well wishes!
It is the witching hour -on Sundays I take and a pill for my bones...must sit up straight for half and Books. I use this time to work. Am finishing a short story called Bumblebee Books. Then I do all those things on the computer that need done.
Good morning all!!
The Sandman doesn't give me enough dream dust to remain in the Realm of Nod.
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