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I just started living with my biological family after 6 and a half years of living in hell. Everyone told me that it has to get worse before it gets better, and I never believed it and now it's better. all those days, weeks, months and years have finally changed and are now spent with my biological family. if I would have killed myself a year ago none of this would have ever happened so I encourage everyone to live and fight for their beliefs and what they want for their future, I want every single one of you to know it will get better, it may take a while but if you have faith and believe in God and stay faithful everything will get better. if you agree or support me and others, please post comments or emoji's so they know how many care. how many people there are here for them. As someone told me once it;s not fair for your family, your friends, your future friends and people you could help and it's not fair for your future loved one, so do not leave for others and yourself. i love all of you guys, if you read this thank you.

p.s please check out my cousin's tiktok, bobbie younce.
support her, again thx.
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Congratulations on being reunited.
I am back!
I hope to stay for a while and i'm very glad to be writing on here again, i'm very excited.

What are 3 wishes you want to come true?
If you have remembered your dreams what is the craziest one you have had?
What music do you listen to?
and who is your favorite singer?
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1. Doing the wish thing only deppresses me
2. I was walking through my home town when I noticed a rocky mountain had appeared in the middle of one of the main roads leading into the CBD and it was covered in snow (we do not have snow here, like, ever - I think snow is a myth). I went to investigate it with a young lady I knew at the time, and we found it swarming with crocodiles covered in fur. We use swords to kill a few and then run away to the local parliament house where a giant man is guarding the door... and that was when I woke up.
3. Classic rock, pub rock, rock, alternative, indy rock, classical, opera, country, some pop, 80s, jazz... In fact, except modern R&B, hip-hop, rap and a lot of US pop music, I listen to nearly everything.
4. Tough... Freddie Mercury, Meat Loaf, Luciano Pavarotti, Ella Fitzgerald, Nine Simone, Edith Piaf, Bonnie Tyler, Taylor Swift, Jimmy Barnes... there's a lot.

Thanks for asking!

Sorry I'm late.
*Party* Happy Writing.Com account anniversary. *Party*

I'm not sure when I will write again, It may be a while and just know now that I like ALL of your stories. I'm so glad that I got to read them for the time I was able too. Some of you could work on them but hey I do too, like badly.

I'm in a situation right now, so just be mindful and I hope In every way possible that you guys are doing okay.

I really, really do hope for the best for all of you, best of luck.


P.s Don't worry and always try your best. In the end positivity wins every time.
Good Morning hope your day goes well, i woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning so good luck, I better do my homework, later guys!♥
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I had to go fix a fence.
Good morning to all those that are awake " Be dressed and ready for the day and keep your lamps burning"
-Luke 11:47
What are your favorite animals?
Mine:Cheetahs, Tigers, Leopards and dogs.
What are your favorite type of movies?
Mine: Romance, Sad and horror
Hey, Ash! Good to see you back! *Bigsmile*

Animals: Dragons, Griffins, Unicorns (lame, I know *Think* *Wink*)
Movies: Comedic adventures and Pride & Prejudice *Laugh*

Hmmm --Cats, Polar Bears, Seagulls

Disaster movies, dystopian fiction, Drama, Old Tom Cruise movies *Smile*

I love dogs and cats, the big ones too. Cats have the edge better than dogs as they are better at being self sufficient. And they don't bark all the time!
My favorite movies are; Brave Hart, Gettysburg, Goonies, Dances with Wolves, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, Harry Potter (All), The Chronicles of Narnia, and many more!

Today is the DAY (According to google) Do not Quote me I'm not as smart i'm only in 8th grade.

On December 6th, Saint Nicholas Day recognizes the third-century saint who became an inspiration for the modern-day Santa Claus.
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I not only know, I went to a mass this morning to celebrate said Saint's Day.

Did you know he is the patron Saint of Pawnbrokers?
Today I officially found out that my grades are well, well better then last year and the year before that and good enough to pass, mostly A's and B's and I guess somewhat C's. I'm very excited for what my first year in high school will bring.
What is your favorite state and why?
What is your favorite thing to do during your free time and what are your hobbies?

My favorite state would be Alabama because it holds so many of my memories and it's a place that brought my family together, before an incident.

I love to draw. Write. Play video games. And do gymnastics during my free time.

My hobbies are eating junk food, talking to people, and gymnastics.
Alabama as well, cause it's where most if my family lives.

Writing and designing.

Softball, the things above, video games.
My favourite state is asleep and dreaming. I have some fascinating dreams, but better yet my experiments with lucid dreaming are showing some results.

Listening to music is probably the activity I enjoy most, really listening to it - in the dark with headphones on and no distractions. Hobbies include cooking, photography and 'acts of gentle silliness'.
My favorite state is a tough call. I enjoyed Hawaii for the weather. I enjoy California for the things to do. I enjoyed Alabama (where I grew up--War Eagle!) for the friendliness of the people and because I just consider it home. *Heart*

In my free time I love to eat, sleep, watch Hulu, sightsee, and hang out with friends. *Bigsmile*

My hobbies tend to change every 3-12 months. I'm currently into glass etching. I've had a good bout with soap and bath bomb making. But, of course, I enjoy writing. *Bigsmile*
What is the scariest thing that's happened to you?
What is the best thing that has happened to you?
The same answer for both: had a baby.
The best thing that ever happened to me is hard to pin down. I think I would say having my family, husband, and three children.

The scariest thing to happen is easy. It was the day my husband's blood pressure dropped very low and I had to drive him to the hospital twenty-five miles away. We didn't have cell phones then and no house phone. We made it, but just in time before he bottomed out.
I want to leave a special thx to the following.
Showering DutchessBarbie
Dog pack: Saving4 premium Renew

Did I do something right or wrong?
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I hope it helps *Wink*
I have been working on a story where a girl wakes up in the hospital from a coma at age 5, where she claims that she met God and was in heaven for the time that she was in a coma, says that God gave her a list that she has a month to figure out and in the time she makes new friends and meets new people. At one point in time, she realizes that it's not just the list that God wants her to finish, it's the mistakes he wants her to apologize about.

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