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For our 50th Wedding Anniversary, Natalie and I were going for three weeks to Ireland and the UK. This trip happens to also be our top-priority "Bucket List" item. Over the past 25 years we've repeatedly had our plans frustrated, but finally we are financially able and without any anchor to hold us back. We've carefully done the research and have been planning for the past six months. We even hired a guide/car & driver to make a particularly jam packed portion (Bath to Canterbury) of the trip easier on us. We carefully chose lodgings in historic Inns and buildings five hundred years old. All along our route, we arranged to meet with folk who share my historical interests. We bought smart phones to improve our experience and communications.

The trip was scheduled for May 10th to the end of May, and we were beginning to select our wardrobe for the trip. Natalie has had a bothersome herina for some time, and so she went to have that repaired in advance of our trip. The surgeon opened her up, and found cancer. The pathology report says its a Stage III malignant Overian Cancer that is growing very fast. Chemo therapy will begin on 15May. There are to be six sessions of Chemotherapy, each followed by three weeks to recover from the side-effects.

We've canceled our trip. Canceled our bookings, and we will be applying for refunds as soon as the oncologist gets around to writing a letter showing the reason for our cancellation. Instead of enjoying our trip, Natalie will be fighting nausia, diarrhea, etc. The side-effects of Chemo are scary, and very, very expensive. In the best case scenario she has maybe five years, but we will have been reduced to poverty in our mid-seventies. The dream? The Dream is gone leaving only a wistful "might have been". .
I am very sorry to hear this news, Mr Asher. Please give Mrs Asher our best regards and know we will be thinking of you guys
Natalie and I are planning a two week trip to Ireland and the UK in May 2016. We expect to land at Shannon Airport on the morning of 10MAY. An Irish friend will meet us, and drive us wherever we need to go. We will lodge in Tipperary, before taking the train up to Dublin on, or about the 13th. From Rosslare we take the Ferry to Pembroke Dock on the 15th. Gloucester will be our headquarters for several days. If our visit in Gloucester is short, we'll go on into London for one or two nights. London priorities are the Tower, Westminster, the Tate, and the British Museum. We want to avoid the tourist attractions as much as possible. From London, or Gloucester if we extend our stay, we travel by train to Berwick upon Tweed for two nights. We'll rent a car for a day trip down to Bamburgh Castle and Lindesfane Island. From there we go to Edinburgh for a night, and then to Sterling Castle until we leave from Glasgow on, or about the 25th,

During this trip we hope to meet and visit with as many of you as possible. If there is any chance you might be able to have lunch with us, we would be very pleased. Our time and budget are thin, but meeting internet friends is a priority. Please, circulate this post to anyone you know of who might be interested.
I've posted a new short story. "Time for Memory" is 1237 words, and I think its worth a quick read.:
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A number of folks here have asked to see photos of Corazon de la Osa. For them, and anyone else interested, a series of photos are now available in Flickr. Here is the site address: http://www.flickr.com/photos/93716961@N06/
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Nice crib, great art on the walls.. cheers old friend
I'm reorganizing my portfolio this morning.
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That's something I need to do.
We did not know the man directly, but we knew him. We knew him as a gentle gentleman always willing to help others. We knew him as a tireless worker who knew our business of writing better than most. HoooRooooooo, Stick-Roooooooooooooooo. We shall not forget you, and hope that countless folks will find in your white case echos of your insights.
How true. I hope someone will send his death certificate to SM so that he can be turned into a white case instead of just losing all his work.

This is what comes of long absences. When did this happen? Yet another of the chatties gone!
Write a new update...
Hey there Mr. Asherman,

Your paintings are beautiful, but in that cNote place they said nothing about them: Oils or acrylic? Titles? Where were they painted? I like to read info like this when I look at art.

I'm painting too and at the moment I sell signatures here at WDC, hoping to raise a lot of GP's for a premium membership so I can post my art as well.

I'll pop into your port soon and take a look, and you're welcome to mine.

I absolutely LOVE your art! I am also an artist, though not even 1/2 as talented as you, but I'd love to share my work with you and get your opinions!

Toodles.... :)
What do you think of it so far?

Just trying out this new system.
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