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I've added a new entry to my book, "Well, That Didn't Go as Planned:
         "Ice Cream Man AKA Wanker McPervert
I've added a new entry to my book, "Well, That Didn't Go as Planned:
         "If I had a box just for wishes
Winter. Yayyyyy! "Well, That Didn't Go as Planned:
         "I love paint.
Not sure whether I'm thinking about writing or writing about thinking. "Well, That Didn't Go as Planned:
         "And then everybody died. The end.
Some random, kind person upgraded me and I started a new blog. "Well, That Didn't Go as Planned:
         "Well, that didn't go as planned.
Haven't seen you around in awhile so this is good news. *Smile*
Congratulations, you're a great survivor!
Happy happy happy 10th anniversary!!!!
To anyone who ever read Complexity: I hope you enjoyed it, because it's gone. I can't find the manuscript anywhere. Pfft. Drawn in pretty colored sand that just blew away.
You know, I just combed my review archives, just in case I had a chapter or three saved. (Hey, it was possible.) Nope, I got nothing. And it was only then that the reality of this loss sank in. Damn it, the world cannot lose Complexity!
I do have parts of it. I've got the first maybe 5 chapters in a document put together for submissions, and I've got some of the 30-something numbered chapters. It's possible the rest is someplace, but I've pretty much looked everywhere it could be.
Has anybody out there ever written a press release? If so, any advice? I'm feeling kinda lost. As far as I can figure out, I should write it to look like a news story, right? I'm also wondering if I should make it on the long side and let editors trim it, or keep it short.
If I were doing it I would stick to the facts and let the editors tell you if they want more included.
Hi Cathy,

I have a friend who is the publicity person for the Friends of the Library and here is one of her press releases to our local newspaper (The Gainesville Sun). Hope it helps.


430 North Main Street, Gainesville

DR. OWEN ROBERTS, Alachua County Superintendent of Schools

To Tour the Bookhouse, 430 N. Main St.

April 23rd at 10:30 am.

As FOL prepares for our big Spring Sale, Dr. Owen Roberts will visit the FOL

Bookhouse as part of his “getting to know people and organizations.” He

believes that it is not just education alone – everything in the community

goes together – that to address any problem we must, also, address the

underlying causes. Dr. Roberts is working on his goal to inter-connect this

community in an effort to educate every child in Alachua County.

FOL with their delight in making reading and learning available through

ownership, or gift, to all ages in our community wants Dr. Roberts to

understand the ways that we can help.

Alachua County has, in FOL, a special community partnership where

people donate all kinds of books, DVDs, puzzles & games, CDs, art work,

and music for each spring and fall sale. Every sale consists of hundreds of

thousands of books and items that our community has given. The

resultant flow of money goes from the all-volunteer FOL into the county

library system, literacy programs, and the FOL Mini-grant programs - most

of them focused on our children.

The Press is welcome to tour the FOL Bookhouse with Dr. Roberts.
Thanks, guys! I've got to draft it this morning, and I'm very thankful for the advice and examples!
Need a blog update...missing you.
And a big congrats on the Quill nomination!
Thanks, Connie. Yeah, gotta get back into the journal pretty soon. I always have things to write about but no time to do it.
Thank you to whoever nominated me for a Quill Award. I'm not really sure how Quills work, and have no idea how I got a nomination, but... Well, dang, thank you!
I really need help with this, if any of you have a chance to take a look:

         "Invalid Entry
Kaltes Cloud-Shaper   is up at NewMyths!
That was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Awww....we are soooo.......human!
OMG!! The cutest little guys ever! I was crying and clapping by the end. Thanks! *Bigsmile*
I was just putting away some ads I need to look through for work, and saw a meditation CD title that I misread as "Murder for Stress Relief." I'm going to have to use that title for something!
OMG, lol, I do that a LOT!!! Glad to hear I'm not the only one. *Bigsmile*
I bet a lot of people would buy the book just for the sake of the title, lol!!! *Bigsmile*
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