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A sees candy store opened across the street. I walked over and bought a bag and walked back home I made tea. I opened my new book called "Lonely" and i ate sees candy and drank black tea with a spoonful of honey in the bottom of the cup. I underlined this paragraph that resonated with me and i cringed. :What lonely people find themselves drowning in is absence. They have to struggle with the unnerving sense of being too much on their own, and having to rely on themselves in an effort to meet their own needs. Once the self has been searched and patted down for a sense of companionship which is something it can't provide----- what the lonely person is left with is a worn-out, edgy sense of insufficiency. There can be a good emptiness in which you feel harmonious, and your content. But this, says john who spends nights entirely alone , " this is shameful. it makes me to not want to do anything" Wow that's good i thought and i kept reading.
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Printed from http://www.writing.com/main/profile/notebook/ballyduff